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Project report


a project on human resource management of zong

a project on human resource management of zong

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  • 3. “In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and merciful”3|Page
  • 4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSI would like to acknowledge and thank the following people with the help of whomthis project was completed:  Our parents  Mr. Muhammad Abbas  All the group members who worked really hard in Accomplishment of this report  Our Friends those helped and gave their valuable time for crafting this report.4|Page
  • 5. TABLE OF CONTENTSINDEX Topic Name Page#1 Executive Summary 62 Introduction 93 Mission Statement 104 Vision Statement 115 SWOT Analysis 126 Hierarchy 137 Recruitment and Selection Process 158 ZONG Policies on Recruitment and Selection9 General Conditions for Recruitment10 Conditions for Selection11 Practices at ZONG regarding Recruitment and Selection12 Critical Review on Recruitment and Selection Process13 Training14 Training Needs Assessment Policy15 Developing a Company-Wide Management Training Policy16 Training Practices at ZONG17 Types of Training at ZONG18 Critical Review on Training at ZONG19 Adoption Towards Organizational Change20 Performance Appraisal System21 Policies at ZONG for Performance Appraisal22 Practices at ZONG for Performance Appraisal23 Critical Review on Performance Appraisal System24 Career Planning and Development25 Critical Review on Career Planning and Development26 Motivation27 Motivation by Design28 Reward System29 Policies on Reward Systems30 Practices Regarding Reward Systems at ZONG31 Critical Review on Reward Systems32 Health and Safety Measures33 Recommendations34 Conclusion35 Bibliography 5|Page
  • 6. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Telecom sector have undergone a radical change in the recent years. Onceoperating in a non-competitive environment similar to utilities, it is now facing truecompetition not only from domestic but also from international competitors. Inorder to keep themselves up-to-date, telecom sector members have improved andstrengthened their internal as well as external policies. As a result, they arespending more on advertising and branding concepts and at the same timecontinuously improving their workforce. A very important factor of skilledworkforce in an organization is that it reduces the cost and also helps to maintainan unbreakable and long lasting relationship with the various facets of consumerbehavior. Now the companies have realized that by concentrating more on theirworkforce, they can achieve better efficiency and higher profits. Although HRdepartment has been ignored in Pakistan for many decades, but now it has beenproved from the experience of other companies that without applying HR policies,no organization can achieve efficiency and perfect labor force.6|Page
  • 7. ZONG Talking about ZONG, it is the first International brand of China Mobilebeing launched in Pakistan. It is meant to empower and liberate the people ofPakistan in every nook and corner of the country. It will become a part of theirhearts, their minds and bring about a change in their lives that every one desiredbut few thought would be possible. The core essence of ZONG is to allow people to communicate at willwithout worrying about tariffs, network coverage, capacity issues or congestion.ZONG will be supported by ground breaking communications, trend settingcustomer service and an unmatched product offering which will redefine rules ofthe game and establish ZONG as a serious competitor for the number one spot. ZONG offers its customers with entertaining & innovative value addedservices and empowering them by giving a wide variety of products, services &content to choose from. They are honored to be the revolutionary country introducing this brand withothers to follow. And their aim is to make ZONG a success story for others to tryand reproduce. With ambitious plans to provide to the fastest growing Pakistani market andto win over the ever demanding Pakistani customer, it will be offeringextraordinary coverage, voice and data services as well as a wide range of tariffoptions to choose from. CMPaks edge comes from the experience and expertise of running theworlds largest telecom service and the commitment they make to setting qualityand customer relations standards. CMPak is geared to offer neatly packaged VAS products that will benefit theindividuals, corporate as well as small businesses. Led by a team of professionals7|Page
  • 8. from the field of cellular communication, CMPak is determined to make its markin the Pakistani market and to change the way people communicate. China Mobile Pakistan (ZONG) is a 100% subsidiary of China Mobile. Sofar CMPak has invested more than US$ 700 million in the telecom sector inPakistan and an additional US$ 800 million has been invested till the end of year2008. These largest investments by CMPak act as ambassador of friendshipbetween China and Pakistan. CMPak will invest more investments to enhance itsservices and bring innovation to sustain its leadership in the Telecom industry ofPakistan. ZONG is having its operative roots in China and Pakistan, so we can regardit as an international telecom company, having its parent company CMCC inChina. With the help of globalization, HR management has an advantage of havinga bigger pool of workers to be chosen from.8|Page
  • 9. INTRODUCTION: “Listening to our employees attentively is the responsibility of ZONG HR. Your feedback will be kept in a b s o l u t e c o n f i d e n t i a l l y b y b e i n g s e n t o n l y t o H R O p e r a t i o n a l E x c e l l e n c e T e a m . W e e n s u r e t h e facilitation of the process in the best interest of the Company and the Employees!” Zong Human Resource Department that has the capability of performingfunctions such as job analysis, recruitment, training and development, performanceappraisal, setting compensation policies and providing safety and health to theiremployees. This report covers all the aspects of the human resource managementconcepts presently applied in ZONG. On the basis of observation it has beenextracted that Human Resource in ZONG is highly motivated due to the perfectconditions provided to them.9|Page
  • 10. Mission StatementTo be the number one cellular operator in Pakistan …10 | P a g e
  • 11. Vision Statement To deliver the best network services with value added services that is in reach of common person.11 | P a g e
  • 12. S tregths: Backup support Value-added services Ever-increasing subscribers Ever-increasing coverage areaW eaknesses: Late entry into the market Least count current subscribers Low area coverage (so far) O pportunities: Covering such areas where others have not yet reached Quality services to obtain customers’ loyalty Lower tariffs T hreats: Security threats to towers Threat of competitor strategies for tariffs and packages.12 | P a g e
  • 13. HIERARCHY President Karachi Islamabad LahoreMarketing Finance HR IT Sales Engineering13 | P a g e
  • 14. STRUCTURE OF HR DEPARTMENT AT ZONG Chief HRM Officer Director HRM Senior HR Manager Regional HR Manager Assistant HR Manager Team Leader Team14 | P a g e
  • 15. RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS Employment Recruiting: Applicants Use selection planning & Build a pool complete tools; tests to forecasting of candidates application screen-out form applicants Candidate becomes Director or department head interview employee final candidates to make final choicesZONG POLICIES FOR RECRUITMENT ANDSELECTION: Policies for Recruitment and Selection as experienced at ZONG are: Recruitment policy Objectives: The policy is projected to ensure an effective and efficient methodof recruitment and selection. It is expected that hiring should be without anydiscrimination based on race, colour, sex, nationality, ancestry, religion ordisability.(to be continued….)15 | P a g e