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Impact of IPR slide by Moez Al Azim Ansary

  1. 1. Impact of Intellectual Property Rights
  2. 2. Mr. Md. Rahimullah MiahLecturer in MISDepartment of Business AdministrationLeading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh
  3. 3. Moez Al Azim AnsaryID No: 1101010183Section: DSemester: 7thBatch: BBA-27thDepartment: Business AdministrationLeading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh
  4. 4. Intellectual property refers the creation of mindwhich depends on one’s intellectual ability. IPRis the rights obtained by a person or a companyto use, sell and protect his own invention. IPRprovides security to one’s intellectual propertyand protects one’s exclusive innovation fromillegal usages. It encourages people to newinnovations and ensures the consumers to getoriginal products. IPR helps to economic andsocial developments.
  5. 5. Today I discuss on the following topic of IPR: Introduction to IPR Relevant Problems of IPR IP related laws in Bangladesh Types of IP rights existing in Bangladesh Impacts of IPR Criticisms of IPR Methodology of the Study Result & Discussion of the research
  6. 6. Intellectual Property Rights are the rights to protectone’s intellectual property or an exclusive innovation.Patent, Copyright, Industrial Design Rights andTrademark are the form of IPR using in Bangladesh.
  7. 7. The major problems/threats to Intellectual Property Rights are... Piracy Internet Challenges Immorality The problems created by Tendency to Make Profits IPR are... Cost for IPR  Monopoly Business  Hindering Development
  8. 8.  The Patents and Designs Act -1911; The Trademarks Act – 2009; The Copyrights Act – 2000 (Amended in 2005).
  9. 9.  Patent > new invention, product or process, new technical solution to a problem [Protection for 16 years from date of fill application] Industrial design > artistic & visual design(Shape & Color) [Registration validity 5 years; twice renewable ] Trademark > sign/symbol indicate a certain source [Protection for 7 years; Renewable every after 10 years on the payment of renewal fees] Copyrights > original intellectual work of literature, art, music, software, etc. [Existing up to 60 years after the death of copyright owner]
  10. 10. Intellectual property Literary and Industrial artistic property property RelatedPatents Trademarks Designs Copyright rights
  11. 11. Indicates Indicates Indicates IndicatesCopyright Registered Unregistered Unregistered Trade Mark Service Mark Trade Mark
  12. 12.  Motivating the Individuals for new creations ; Providing control to the creators and inventors ; Ensuring material reward for intellectual property ; Ensuring the availability of the genuine and original products ; Maintaining differentiation ; Financial incentive ; Economic growth ; To stop copying ;
  13. 13. Though IPR has many advantages, it has criticized fromsome angle. IPRs ensure a person to conduct monopolybusiness which may be a cause of high price of aparticular product or service or any other intellectualthings.It is impossible to the people of list developed countriessuch as Bangladesh to buy or import original books andsoftware from foreign countries with unbearable price.So, if prohibited to piracy of foreign books and software,the higher education will become dream to the studentsof LDCs, and the technological and medical developmentwill be deadlock.
  14. 14. A methodology is usually a guideline system for solving aproblem with specific components.Background of Study Area: BangladeshResearch DesignResearch design is a logical and Data Collection Methodsystematic planning in directing aresearch • Primary Data• Exploratory research design • Secondary Data• Descriptive research design• Experimental research designDescriptive research design isfollowed in the research.
  15. 15. Although IP laws exist in BD, these are disobeyed in manyways. Software, music & books piracy rate is high. 92%software in BD are pirated that’s MV is $147 million. 5% -10% of total music market consist of legal sales. 90%-95% music are illegally distributed in market that causeslosses of $180 million. 80% text books in BD are piratedwhere 86% foreign books. These books’ MV $600 million.
  16. 16. 120% 95% 99.50%100% 90% 75% 80% 80% 53% 60% 60% 47% 50%50% 40% 40% 25% 20% 20% 5% 10% 0.50% 0% Agree with IPR Disagree with IPR In different situations
  17. 17.  Introducing the courses about basic concepts of IP rights in colleges and universities of Bangladesh. People should concern about IP rights. People should reject the pirated products. Acts/laws of copyright, patent, trademark and design should be updated. Employing special teams . Processes of applying for IP rights to be easy and flexible. Time duration for processing of IPR should be minimized.
  18. 18. Example of Use Sound as Registered Use Logo as Trademark IP right Trademark ®Use Font of Letter & Color combination as Trademark/ Design Rights