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Facebook for biz presentation
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Facebook for biz presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Facebook for Business 101 Nancy Beth Guptill & Maureen Kerr Cool Tools for Social Media
  • 2. Agenda ● Introductions and how everyone is currently using Facebook ● Benefits of using Facebook for business ● Examples of businesses using Facebook ● Building a strategy with Facebook ● Setting up a page ● How to get followers
  • 3. How did Facebook begin?
  • 4. If Facebook were a country... ● From:
  • 5. The Growth ●
  • 6. Facebook Facts
  • 7. Using Facebook for Business ● Most popular social network with over 500 million users ● A tool for connecting people with those around them ● Provides the opportunity for users to experience the personality of your brand online ● As a marketer, you can use Facebook to expand your online footprint and engage with customers directly ● The largest Mall in the world where your Business Page is your 'store front' – if people like what they see, they'll stop in
  • 8. Your social media strategy should have the end result of identifying “highgrade” prospects that you know are interested in your business and thus have a better chance of becoming a customer. Defining A Facebook Strategy
  • 9. Business Goals for Facebook 1) Get found by people who are searching for your products or services 2) Connect and engage with current and potential customers 3) Create a community around your business (a tribe and hungry crowd) 4) Promote other content you create, including webinars, blog articles, or other resources 5) ULTIMATE: Drive traffic to your website and blog, sign up for your e-zine
  • 10. Your Business Reasons? What are your business reasons for being on Facebook? • Update your followers on latest developments • Answer questions about your products and services • Share information about your company • Create photo albums of products or events • Broadcast news and views What else?
  • 11. Profile vs Pages Profiles are meant for people Pages are meant for businesses Differences between Business Pages and Personal Profiles: 1) Pages allow for multiple administrators to help manage the account 2) Pages are, by default, public and will rank in Facebook and public search results 3) Pages are split into different categories (local businesses, brands, musicians) that help you get listed in more relevant search results 4) Personal profiles have friends, requiring mutual acceptance, while anyone can become a fan of your Page
  • 12. Account Types ● Personal Account – restricted to 5000 friends - Personal Profile vs. Professional Personal Profile ● Business Account Only – unlimited likes, limited ● Business Page – unlimited Fans / Likes ● Group – restricted to 5000 members (messaging will disable
  • 13. Facebook Page vs Group
  • 14. Facebook Page vs Group The key distinction is a group is for a community of people with common interest, while a page represents a brand or entity of which there are “fans.”
  • 15. Page Functionality - The Power of Sharing - Creating Photo Albums - Using ‘Notes - Creating Events - Monitor Your Page (analytics)
  • 16. Attracting Fans Attracting Fans (Free) - Suggest to friends - Use Power of Sharing - Add page links everywhere in online and offline promotions - Add Facebook social plug-ins on blog and website - Add FB widgets on Blog and webpage - Include the Like and Share functionality on blog and plug-in - Include collecting names in offline business processes
  • 17. Attracting Fans Attract Fans – Paid Options - Facebook Ads - Run competitions and sweepstakes (Facebook has Rules)
  • 18. Pre-workshop Questions
  • 19. Pre-Workshop Questions What is the best way to keep our page active?
  • 20. What are some Key points to keep in mind when using Facebook as a Major Marketing Tool? Pre-Workshop Questions
  • 21. Facebook Group vs. Facebook Business Page Pre-Workshop Questions
  • 22. Pre-Workshop Questions Facebook for Non Profit – is it worth it?
  • 23. Pre-Workshop Questions How to engage people on your group or fan page?
  • 24. Pre-Workshop Questions How to set measurable goals, how do you know it's working for you?
  • 25. Pre-Workshop Questions Are there certain times of the day that are better to post?
  • 26. Pre-Workshop Questions Is there a way to engage with others from your page other than 'liking' other groups?
  • 27. Pre-Workshop Questions Is there a way to update your page via mobile device with it coming as a page post instead of a person post?
  • 28. Pre-Workshop Questions Are there rules regarding contest give-a-ways that we should be adhering to?
  • 29. Pre-Workshop Questions How to set up Facebook for my new business
  • 30. Pre-Workshop Questions How to maintain what I learn in this session?
  • 31. Pre-Workshop Questions How to reach my target market, especially those who are not presently using Facebook or don't want to use Facebook for what ever reason
  • 32. Pre-Workshop Questions If our organization has a page and a group and we gather 200 members, how do we avoid getting a wall that is too busy and irrelevant?
  • 33. Pre-Workshop Questions How do we avoid getting negative postings?
  • 34. Pre-Workshop Questions Do we have to accept a friend request in order to have that person become part of a group?