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  • 1. Stretchings before and after a game Pectoral Stretch You can do this stretch standing in a corner or in a doorway. Step: For a corner: Step 1 – Put your hands on each wall and lean into the corner. Tip: If you do not have a doorway or a corner, place your hands behind your head and move your elbows back until you stretch your chest.
  • 2. Stretchings before and after a game Wrist Stretch Steps: Step 1 – Extend your right arm straight out in front of your right shoulder then turn your fingers down so your palm is facing away from you. Step 2 – Use your left hand in slightly putting pulling you fingers toward you. Stay for at least five breaths, pressing hard is for best stretching but be sure that you’re not feeling any pain. Step 3 – Then let go and turn your fingers up. Place your left hand to your right fingers then press toward you and hold them for also five breaths. Step 4 – Then release and repeat the stretches to your left. Repeat the stretches for two minutes then shake out your hands for releasing your wrist. This stretch is great to do after push – ups and plunks.
  • 3. Stretchings before and after a game Upper Trapezius Stretch This is for the upper extremity and neck flexibility. The purpose of this flexibility is to stretch the muscles in the upper body that are tight. Having a flexible body is needed; it allows the muscles and joints to work more easier and decreases the frequency of muscles strains and tendon injuries. Steps: Step 1 – Put your head from lowered shoulder by positioning ear toward front of the opposite shoulder, then hold and stretch. Step 2 – Repeat on the other side.
  • 4. Stretchings before and after a game Standing hamstring Stretch Femoris, Semitendinosus and Semimembranosus are the three muscles that make up your upper leg. These muscles enable you to extend the hip joint and flex the knee. You can do the hamstring stretch after a long walk or a jog. Steps: Step 1 – Stand and straighten your right leg on a bench, a step or a rail. Maintain that position with your right, support with leg bent slightly. You can ask for assistance or you can hold on to a bar or wall for the support. Step 2 – Gently bend forward from the hips until you feel stretch in the back of your thigh, top of calf, and at the back of your knee. Hold for about eight seconds. Step 3 – Then slowly lean in further. Repeat to the other leg. Squats. Lunges and supine ball curl are the other stretches that you can use in stretching your hamstring.
  • 5. Stretchings before and after a game Quadriceps Stretch This stretch strengthens your knees. Keeping quads strong also cut the risk of having knee injury or from strenuous activities. Steps: Step 1 – Stand and touch the wall for the balance. Step 2 – Straighten hip by moving knee backward. Hold and stretch. Then repeat to the other side. Standing Calf Stretch The Gastrocnemius and the Soleus muscles are the muscles involved in this stretching. Gastrocnemius is the muscle stretched
  • 6. Stretchings before and after a game behind you and the soleus is the muscle stretched when you bed your knee. Steps: Step 1 – Lean forward with your hands at shoulder level against the wall then bend your right forward and extend your left leg with a straight knee behind. Step 2 – Keep your lower back flat and gently move your hips forward. Be sure that your heel of your left leg is on the ground with your toes pointed towards the wall. Hold for five up to ten seconds. Repeat on the other side. Hip Flexor Stretch Hip flexor muscles or iliopsoas consist of iliacus and psoas major muscles. It allows you to move your thighs towards your stomach area. Steps: Step 1- Kneel on both knees. Step 2 – Step your right foot by keeping your left knee on the floor and put your hands on the top of your right thigh.
  • 7. Stretchings before and after a game Piriformis Stretch Steps: Step 1 – Gently lie on the floor. Step 2 – Lift your left knee and then your right. Hold your knees with your hands for three seconds. Step 3 – After three seconds, bring your knees together and repeat the three second – stretch. Then do this for one up to three minutes. Trunk Rotation Step: Step 1 – Rotate your torso to the right while keeping your pelvis facing forward. Hold this position up to five seconds then return to the starting position. Repeat to the other side.
  • 8. Stretchings before and after a game Double Knee to Chest Step: Step 1 – Bring your both knees up by keeping your toes pointed. Hold and support by putting your hands behind your legs and thighs. Keep up to eight breaths.