Highest paid career across the globe


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These program are exclusively for those candidates who are keenly interested in building career in most sought out field of finance driven by technology. These program makes you eligible for the highest paid careers across the globe (www.quant-jobs.com) & (visit http://jobs.efinancialcareers.com/Trading.htm)

It will be a stepping stone for those who want to learn the real art of making money via innovating with knowledge and only for those smart people who want to retire early because what we believes that smart people doesn’t work for money, money works from them. These programs are exciting and rewarding options for all the people.

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Highest paid career across the globe

  1. 1. www.modrika.com Art of Making Money
  2. 2. Table of Contents2 Copyrights@ Appin Security
  3. 3. Conventional vs. Automated Trading• Conventional TradingManager Decides Markets and Exposure Levels
  4. 4. Conventional vs. Automated Trading• Conventional TradingDirectives given to traders
  5. 5. Conventional vs. Automated Trading• Conventional TradingDirectives given to traders
  6. 6. Conventional vs. Automated Trading• Conventional TradingAnalysis by Traders
  7. 7. Conventional vs. Automated Trading• Conventional TradingTraders pass orders (limit/stop/market etc) manually to the broker
  8. 8. Conventional vs. Automated Trading• Conventional TradingBroker executes order
  9. 9. Conventional vs. Automated Trading• Conventional TradingMoney Management and Reallocations P&L Results and Market Conditions
  10. 10. Conventional vs. Automated Trading• Automated TradingManager Decides Markets and Limits
  11. 11. Conventional vs. Automated Trading• Automated TradingAppropriate trading systems activated
  12. 12. Conventional vs. Automated Trading• Automated TradingSystem is directly connected to market via broker
  13. 13. Conventional vs. Automated Trading• Automated TradingSystem evaluates market conditions and P&L P&L Results and Market Conditions
  14. 14. Conventional vs. Automated Trading• Automated TradingSystem decreases or increases order size based on analysis New Exposure Levels
  15. 15. Conventional vs. Automated Trading• Automated TradingManager can activate or deactivate systems P&L figures
  16. 16. What is Algorithmic Trading?In electronic financial markets,algorithmic trading or automatedtrading, also known as Algotrading, black-box trading or robotrading, is the use of computerprograms for entering tradingorders with the computeralgorithm deciding on aspects ofthe order such as the timing, price,or quantity of the order, or inmany cases initiating the orderwithout human intervention.
  17. 17. Indian Scenario• Algorithmic trading was allowed by SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) in 2008 for Indian stock exchanges like BSE, NSE, MCX, NIFTY, NCDEX etc..• In 2008, SEBI opened the doors through the introduction of direct market access (DMA) by which institutions can directly place orders in the markets without relaying instructions through their brokers.
  18. 18. Indian Scenario :Hedge funds in IndiaOn 21 May 2012 SEBI allowed Alternative InvestmentFund (AIF). AIFs can operate broadly in three categories.• The Category-I AIFs are those funds that get incentives from the government, SEBI or other regulators and include Social Venture Funds, Infrastructure Funds, Venture Capital Funds and SME Funds.• The Category-II AIFs can invest anywhere in any combination but are prohibited from raising debt, except for meeting their day-to-day operational requirements. These AIFs include PE funds, debt funds or fund of funds, as also all others falling outside the ambit of two other categories.• The Category-III AIFs are those trading with a view to make short-term returns and include hedge funds, among others.
  19. 19. Table of Contents19 Copyrights@ Appin Security
  20. 20. About the company The company is a leading globalfinancial services firm with managingassets over $5 Billion and 200 peopleworking across 5 countries promotedby alumni of IIT, IIM, ChicagoUniversity, MIT (MassachusettsInstitute of Technology), AustralianNational University, John HopkinsUniversity and ISB. Company servesthe interests of clients with complexfinancial needs, from the world’s mostprominent hedge funds, corporate,institutional and government clientsto charities and private individuals.
  21. 21. Board of AdvisorsDr. Sanjay K Jha:- Sanjay K. Jha is the former chairman and CEO ofMotorola and previously served as the CO-CEO of Motorola. He steppeddown as CEO after Google completed acquisition of Motorola Mobility on 22May 2012. Before joining Motorola, Sanjay Jhawas COO ofQualcomm and president of CDMA Technology Qualcomm.. AsCOO, Jha was overlooking Corporate Research and Development andQualcomm Flarion Technologies (QFT) in addition to his role as president ofQCT, the chipset and software division of Qualcomm Incorporated. Dr. Satish Chandra Jha:- Served as Director and Chief Economist of Asian Development Bank. Dr. Jha serves as Chairman and Director of Quippo Infrastructure Equipment Limited and SREI Venture Capital Limited. He served as Chairman of Bihar State Finance Commission. Dr. Jha served as a Non Executive Independent Director of Philips Electronics India Limited (formerly, Philips India Ltd.) since February 12, 2002. He serves as a Director of Phillips India Limited, Walchand Capital Limited and Walchand 14 Peoplefirst ... Ltd. He served as a Director of ICICI Bank Ltd. since May 2, 1997. Dr. Jha was a Consultant to the Economic Commission for Asian and Pacific (UN) during 1995 - 1996. He is also the Chairman of SREI Venture Capital Ltd. He was a member of Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister. He was Director of Research - Indian Society of Agricultural Economics, Bombay during 1963-68 and Director of Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines during 1968-1994. He was on the Board of The Delhi Stock Exchange Association Ltd. He served as Director of ADB. Dr. Jha has done his M.A. from Patna University and M.Sc. & Ph. D., in Agriculture Economics from the prestigious Stanford University and University of Illinois, USA.
  22. 22. Internationally accepted• All the certification are approved by Internationally association of distance learning (IADL), UK
  23. 23. Media Coverage
  24. 24. Table of Contents24 Copyrights@ Appin Security
  25. 25. Training programs
  26. 26. Table of Contents26 Copyrights@ Appin Security
  27. 27. Who should attend this program?
  28. 28. Table of Contents28 Copyrights@ Appin Security
  29. 29. What will you receive?
  30. 30. Table of Contents30 Copyrights@ Appin Security
  31. 31. Training Methodology31
  32. 32. Quality Control and Feedback
  33. 33. Table of Contents33 Copyrights@ Appin Security
  34. 34. How to get in touch with us
  35. 35. How to enroll for our program
  36. 36. Placement Opportunities
  37. 37. How to Seek Guaranteed Placement Assistance 37
  38. 38. Want to research on Modrika?• Find us on Google , Youtube, Facebook,Twitter – search for “ MODRIKA” of “Algorithmic Trading” or visit• Websites – Training - www.modrika.com38
  39. 39. For details and visit http://www.modrika.comUS OFFICE ADDRESS : SALES OFFFICE• Chicago:- 5637, South Maryland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637 Tel No: - +17736613084ASIA-PACIFIC OFFICE :• INDIA :- 138, 3rd Floor, Tower A, A- 41, The Corenthum Corporate Park, Sector-62, Noida -201301, Uttar Pradesh, India Tel No:- 0120-6405972 , 0120-6405971, Mobile:- +91 -9210249555,+91-9654569500, E-mail ID :- counselor@modrika.com39