Modern Image Capability Statement 2011


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Modern Image is a provider of document scanning services. Download and review our capabilities.

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Modern Image Capability Statement 2011

  1. 1. CAPAB BILITY STATEMENT T S UMMA RY Modern Im mage provides b businesses, associations, fin nancial service firms, law fi es irms, medical praactices, and go overnments wi complete d ith document scan nning services in s Washington DC, Virginia and Maryla n a, and. Our servi ices are organiz around pap zed per archive conv versions, sched duled pickup sc canning, implementation of d document management and scanning systems, and o t g ongoing custom support. mer As an SBA ccertified Small Business, Mo l odern Image is committed to v value, excellen nce, and providin the highest q ng quality delivera ables to our cli ients. WHAT SETS MODERN IMAGE APART? • Accountability A • In ntegrity • Guaranteed Qua G ality • Pr rivacy and Connfidentiality • Exxperienced Pro oject Guidancee • Around the Cloc Availability A ck y • Multi-Industry Expertise M E C LIE ENTS Ad dolescent & Fa amily Growth C Center Fair Oaks Sk Care Center kin Am merican Assn Marriage & Fa M amily Therapy Fairfax Coun Public Scho nty ools Am merican Societ of Hematolo ty ogy Fannie Mae Am merican Sociological Associa ation FTI e-Discovvery Ar rmy Navy Cou untry Club Karp Frosh L Lapidus Wigod dsky & Norwin nd Br ronat Chiropraactic Korn/Ferry I International Ca apital Dermatoology Long and Fooster Realtors Ca apital Financia Partners al McKenna Lo and Aldrid ong dge Ca ardinal Title Montgomery County Gove y ernment enter for Holistic Psychiatry Ce NARFE Prem Federal C mier Credit Union Ch hemonics Inter rnational National Agrricultural Libra ary Ch hipotle Mexica Grill, Inc. an National Geoographic Ci ircuit Court of Maryland National Lib brary of Educat tion Co olumbia Partne Investment Management ers National Rur Letter Carri ral iers Associatio on Co omputer Sciences Corp NS Architectts Cr rossfield Disco overy PETA omputer Sciences Corporatio Co on Ross, Langan & McKendre CPAs n ee EJ Capital JF U.S. Departm of State ment
  2. 2. DETAILED SERVICESDOCUMENT SCANNING E L E C T R O N I C M E D I C AL R E C O R D S Affordable document scanning and conversion Experience scanning for medical practices from any kind of paper to any type of digital High-quality, HIPAA-compliant scanning format Chain-of-custody tracking throughout process Optical Character Recognition Export to all EMR systems Image enhancement and cleanup Secure shredding Document-level indexing FINANCIAL RECORDS Data extraction Experience with FINRA guidance on scanning Export to popular document management Scan to compliant digital financial records systems Chain-of-custody tracking throughout process Custom export to virtually any document Ensure that records are instantly available database Export to all document management systems Expert project planning Secure shredding Free pickup/delivery in the DC metro area Secure Shredding LEGAL DOCUMENT PRODUCTION Small matters to large litigationsSCANNERS AND SOFTWARE Fast turn-around Kodak Certified Document unitization Fujitsu Certified Optical Character Recognition Specialists in pre-owned scanners – all sizes and Indexing brands Document review Kodak Capture Professional Imaging Software Bates stamping Kofax Express Imaging Software File import to search engine Adobe Acrobat Professional File import to case management systemCONSULTING File import to e-Discovery system Set up on-site scanning systems FACILITY MANAGEMENT Develop file plans and retention schedules Outsource complete and/or segmented scanning Implement plans into document or record operations to Modern Image management system US-based indexing Gather requirements and recommend document Pack and transport file cabinets management, record management, EMR, and Coordinate and purge files content management systemsCONTACT USModern Image LLC 703-286-7735 voice1913 Barbee Street 703-935-8829 efaxMcLean, VA 22101