Archimedes and Social Media


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Archimedes observed his world and moved it by sharing his ideas. Modern day translation, give me social technology to leverage, and I will connect my world.

This presentation is talks about leveraging social media to share ideas. Simple.

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Archimedes and Social Media

  1. 1. Archimedes and Social Media July 8, 2010
  2. 2. Archimedes 287 B.C. - 212 B.C. “Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth” 1987 A.D. - 2012 A.D. (translation) “Give me technology to leverage, and I will move the Earth”
  3. 3. Social Media is about connection and conversation leverage.
  4. 4. SOCIAL A Shift in Control A Point of View A Conversation A Cry for Help
  5. 5. Source: Brian Solis and JESS3
  6. 6. SHIFT ‣ 7+ billion YouTube videos viewed per month ‣ YouTube is the second largest search engine ‣ In 6 short years Facebook gains over 400+ million users
  7. 7. SHIFT ‣ 300,000+ businesses have a presence on Facebook ‣ 100+ million Twitter users signed up in the last 3 years ‣ 65+ million LinkedIn users
  8. 8. SHIFT ‣ Social networks are more popular than porn ‣ Social traffic exceeded search engine traffic for the first time last month (May 2010) in the UK ‣ 34 percent reported first hearing about or learning more about a product via a social network
  9. 9. SHIFT ‣ 89% of social media users expect to be able to interact with brands ‣ Consumers are 67 percent more likely to buy from the brands they follow on Twitter ‣ People are more likely to believe other users than advertisements for brands
  10. 10. SUCCESS Gary Vaynerchuk grew his family business from $4 million to $50 million using social media Acquisition results: ‣ $15,000 in Direct Mail = 200 new customers ‣ $7,500 in Billboard = 300 new customers ‣ $0 on Twitter = 1,800 new customers
  11. 11. SHIFT 71% of marketers plan to increase investments in social media by an average of 40% because: ‣ Lower-cost marketing channel(s) ‣ Seeing results in engagement ‣ Seen as advantage, yet soon to be common
  12. 12. RESULTS Revenue Growth for Companies engaged in Social Media Highest Social Activity Least Social Activity 20 15 10 5 0 -5 -10 Source: June 2008-July 2009
  13. 13. WHAT IS IT?
  14. 14. Social Media Strategy
  15. 15. TENANTS Be smart Be respectful Be authentic Be human
  16. 16. BASICs Listen Connect Engage Share
  17. 17. What Can I Learn from Listening? ‣ Reasons for Buying ‣ Define your Channels ‣ Uncover Influencers ‣ Track & Measure Community Engagement ‣ New Ideas ‣ Customer Service ‣ Benchmark the Outreach Competition ‣ Find Your Brand ‣ Perspective of Your Brand Evangelists ‣ Capture Industry Trends ‣ Crisis Management ‣ Social Analytics ‣ Sales and Lead Generation
  18. 18. CONNECT Inspire interested people with your genuine ideas. Listening to there feedback in order to evolve your ideas.
  19. 19. FOSTER... Relationships Reputation Trust Authenticity Conversations
  20. 20. ENGAGE Reassure the interested that you can deliver the supply to meet their need. Human conversations built trust and credibility.
  21. 21. SHARE Share the passion you hold for your business, your expertise, your life experiences.
  22. 22. GET STARTED Listen Connect Engage Share
  23. 23. Leverage your brand Be yourself. Join the conversation. Make Archimedes proud.
  24. 24. Other successes... American Express offered the “ultimate, VIP Glee fan experience” exclusively via Twitter, where the TV show’s cult-like fans have a large presence. More than 250,000 people clicked on a tweeted link for another contest for AmEx’s co-sponsored Conan O’Brien tour. Last year, AmEx did another exclusive Twitter campaign, for Bon Jovi concert tickets that sold out within hours.
  25. 25. Other successes... Papa John’s is conducting an exclusive Facebook campaign, inviting its 1.2 million fans to enter a contest to name and create their own pie to be sold at the pizza chain. Profits up to $10,000 will be shared with the contest’s winner. Jim Ensign, vice president at Papa John’s, said, “[Facebook] allows our fans to tell their friends what they’re doing. Facebook spreads the news.”
  26. 26. Other successes... PepsiCo is also getting its consumers in on the development action. Its new social media campaign invites its nearly 850,000 Facebook fans to create, name and market a new Mountain Dew flavor. Three finalists have been selected, and will be on sale beginning June 14. Fans can then vote online for their favorite. “If we let [our fans] play a role in the product creative process, we’ll engage them,” said B. Bonin Bough, global director of social media.
  27. 27. Other successes... Virgin America announced the airline’s Toronto expansion exclusively through Twitter and offered a 50 percent discount for 500 travelers. The offer sold out within three hours. The company also recorded its fifth highest sales day in its history the day the Promoted Tweets went live. Virgin America’s vice president of marketing, Porter Gale, estimates the resulting free media exposure to be worth $10 million. Gale said, “You have to try to use your message authentically and create it as an organic extension of existing conversations on Twitter.”
  28. 28. TOOLS to get started... Google Reader LinkedIn Google Alerts Delicious Twitter Search Posterous Xobni WordPress Tumblr Twitter SocialOomph
  29. 29. BOOKS Trust Agents Six Pixels of Separation The Whuffie Factor Groudswell Crush It
  30. 30. Thanks John Moberg twitter: @jmoberg