Let iPad fly with the best partner ZTE MF91 4G LTE Hotspot


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This article is mainly introducing ZTE MF91 4G LTE hotspot, it can say that MF91 is the best partner for iPad.

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Let iPad fly with the best partner ZTE MF91 4G LTE Hotspot

  1. 1. Let iPad fly with the best partner ZTE MF91 4G LTE HotspotKeywords: ZTE MF91, MF91, 4G LTE hotspot, 4G mobile router, 4G routerSummary: This article is mainly introducing ZTE MF91 4G LTE hotspot, it can say thatMF91 is the best partner for iPad.ZTE in the CES exhibition exactly showed its industry-leading LTE solutions with LTEseries products, including like LTE data card AL621, LTE Modem MF820, MF29L the Ufinew arrival product---ZTE MF91 4G LTE Hotspot and LTE Tablet. Furthermore, ZTEexhibited a 4.3-inch screen LTE smartphones of Arthur, LTE Tablet PC V6, V8; as well asthe worlds first commercial TDD / FDD mode terminal MF880. The full debut of varioustypes of LTE series , fully demonstrated the ZTE is fully prepared for the fourth-generationcommunications era. This time exhibition displays the LTE terminal which would began toput the global market from the second quarter of 2011. ZTE in innovative cabinet displaythe new products that continue to promote the LTE speed limit, which furtherdemonstrates the real strength and charm of the LTE technology.The Ufi new product ZTE MF91 4G LTE hotspot has a 100/50 Mbps LTE download andupload high speed, meanwhile with 42/11 Mbps HSPA + download / upload speeds, whichalso can simultaneously share up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled Internet device connection. It canbe exactly described as the best mobile Internet companion for the iPad, fully enjoy thehigh-speed Internet surfing anytime, anywhere. At the same time. Solve the problem ofthe high-speed Internet access for the most distressed iPad users. Let iPad fly!!!
  2. 2. New 4G mobile router WiFi the Model number ZTE MF91. See below the main features:One: Support 4G of LTE 1800/2100/2600 MHz .Two: support the UMTS 850/900/2100 MHzThree: support Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g . (emphasize again that Up To 10 WiFi Connection)On the other hand. The 4G LTE hotspot ZTE MF91 also either support for WEP / WPA/WPA2 encryption or support up to 32GB micro SD card (micro SD card not included)This 4G LTE ZTE MF91 Wireless pocket WiFi Router with built-in 2300mAh battery. Itprovides 100Mpbs fast speed and it is backward compatible with DC-HSPA+ and EDGE.It is embedded with the MDM9200 chipset and supports Windows 7, Windows XP andVista .The portable and stylish shape of 4G mobile router MF91 looks to attract a highdegree of concern. And the 4G router MF91 supports system Win7, Windows XP,Vista, Mac OS. Network LTE--FDD/UMTS/EGPRS/GSM Dimensions 100mm × 58mm ×15.9mm for the 4G LTE hotspot ZTE MF91 mobile hotspot.Last. It can find this new arrival and hot sale product 4G router ZTE MF91 on line shopfrom modem3g.com store with competitive price 399$. Detail information, just click here:MF91 . Enjoy !