Huawei unlocked E589 FDD Hotspot soaring 100 Mbps


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100Mbps mobile download speed! Have you ever tried before? Find detail information in this article . Come on~~

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Huawei unlocked E589 FDD Hotspot soaring 100 Mbps

  1. 1. Huawei unlocked E589 FDD Hotspot soaring 100 Mbps100Mbps mobile download speed! Have you ever tried before?For example,100 Mbps download speed LTE networks, a 1G HD movies, only need less than fiveminutes to complete the download!So this is your chance now to believe that your brand New experience will come true:Huawei has just introduced a new mobile hotspot device that breaks some of the barriers wehave come to expect from mobile devices—Huawei E589 mobile hotspotThe unlocked E589 Hotspot has a cool mirror the look and sleek design, with high-definitionTFT display highlights the technological characteristics of the LTE era. Huawei E589 to takethe concept of ultra-thin design, compared to even an ordinary cigarette box are slightlyclumsy, and the design optimization of wireless performance, in LTE the edge of the networkcan also maintain a good signal.Huawei E589 LTE router up to 10 devices with Wi-Fi access easy access to the LTE network,such as mobile phones, the iPad, notebook computer, PSP games, e-books and so on. Theproduct is built-in large capacity battery, up to 10 hours to meet demand for battery-poweredWi-Fi devices in the market for more than 95%.
  2. 2. By comparison, in the US, the strongest 4G LTE signals give users download speeds ofaround 25 Mbps. And that’s considered blazing fast. The name of the hotspot is simply itsmodel number, the unlocked E589 FDD. Huawei, which remains a nascent company in the USand European markets, has been trying to build a brand that sets it apart from the HTCs of theworld. HTC was lucky enough to spring ahead and become a corporate conglomerate thanksto Android, and Huawei is trying to do the same thing. In the mean time, though, it is busyrevolutionizing the Asian market, as is evidenced by the Huawei E589 FDD.In addition, this portable design, the image in Japan, known as pocket WiFi, E589 is the totalliberation of the limitations of the users in the geographical and connection, anywhere in theoutdoor, office, family free to enjoy LTE wireless broadband network, allowing users to enjoyLTE brings speed Internet experience anytime, anywhere.Huawei will launch the worlds generic version of the unlocked E589 terminal, and its built-inSD card can be connected via WiFi, and convenient to read and write, and can besynchronized between the different users to share all kinds of information such as photos,documents, music and video ; In addition, E589 pocket WiFi router will also support SMSfunctionality through the WebUI sophisticated software design, user through a computer youcan easily write messages quickly and easily send and receive through the LTE network.Huawei is the leader of the LTE network and terminal industry chain. Following the worlds firstLTE multi-mode data card E398, B593 of the worlds first LTE TDD Wireless BroadbandRouter, the worlds first LTE TDD, multi-mode data card E392, the worlds first LTE TDDmulti-mode mobile hotspot E589, the TDD version of the Huaweis new multi-mode mobilepocket WiFi unlocked E589 FDD version released will further promote the process of LTEindustry.Key: Huawei E589 FDD, 4G LTE, unlocked E589, pocket WiFi, E589 router,Sum: Best new 4G wireless router Huawei E589 for your traveling, let network around you at everywherewith this pocket size Huawei E589 4G LTE Router.