Huawei e968 is coming to offer superior wireless network


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Huawei e968 is coming to offer superior wireless network

  1. 1. Huawei E968 Is Coming To Offer Superior Wireless NetworkKey words: Huawei E968,E968 ,unlocked Huawei E968, Huawei E968 3G Router ,Unlocked HuaweiE968 wireless gateway ,Router 3G Huawei E968, Huawei E968 wireless gatewaySummary: Introduce a new wireless router products, Huawei E968 3G Router and share somebasic trait of this advanced product.Nowadays, the achievements in technology area have supplied so much convenience for us in ourdaily life. As more and more technology products are coming into our eye sight, sometimes wemay have difficulty in making a right choice. And especially in terms of digital technique, themanufacturers update their goods so frequently that we even have no time to realize a newestproduct before it is obsolete. This time, we are glad to introduce a new wireless router products,Huawei E968 3G Router, which will make your internet experience more smooth.Unlocked Huawei E968 is a wireless router that performs the functions of a router but alsoincludes the functions of a wireless access point and a network switch. It is commonly used toprovide access to the computer network. It does not need a cabled connection, and can functionin a wired LAN, in a wireless-only LAN , or in a mixed wired network.This unlocked Huawei E968 wireless gateway is designed with dual working modes of wirelessgateway and USB modem, with which you can be flexible in experiencing network. Besides, theE968 3G Router combines WiFi router and telephone service in one device, and includes four LANinterfaces for the RJ-45, WLAN, telephone interface for the RJ-11, USB interface, so it is veryconvenient for use. At the same time, with the advanced configuration, the Huawei E968 3GRoute supports downlink speed up to 7.2Mbps and uplink speed up to 2Mbps which help youenjoy fast internet experience.
  2. 2. Wireless routers might look alike at first glance. In fact, many different wireless router modelsexist each with its own unique set of attributes. This unlocked Huawei E968’ new arrival is stillbased on the latest technique of the company, thus, we can find this Huawei E968 3G routersupports UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100MHz and GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz. Thepower is supplied through the USB from the PC or power adaptor.As an old word says, "There is safety in numbers." If a lot of people buy a particular product, itactually serves a useful need. This Huawei E968 3G Router is made by Huawei, a famousmanufacture who have produced a variety of high technology products. If you want to experiencea high speed network now, Huawei E968 wireless gateway is really a reasonable choice.Here are some tips for using Huawei E968 3G Router. First, to login to Huawei E968 wirelessgateway management interface, you should open your web browser and in the address bar enterhttp:// Enter your password to log in to the router-unlocked Huawei E968. Second,to change the Router default login password, you login to the Router Management Interface, goto Advanced Settings, and then click on System->Modify Password. Your password can bebetween 1 and 15 characters. Finally, The Huawei E968 wireless gateway supports manyconfigurations for Wi-Fi security. We do not recommend that you change your Router’s securitysettings. If you want to make modifications, just log in to the Router Management Interface, go toAdvanced Settings, WLAN Settings, WLAN Advanced Settings.