How to unlock 3 g usb modem
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How to unlock 3 g usb modem






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How to unlock 3 g usb modem How to unlock 3 g usb modem Document Transcript

  • How to Unlock 3G USB Modem for FreeThere are two forms of 3G USB modem existed in the market, locked USB modem and unlockedUSB modem. Most of the people prefer to unlocked because unlocked USB Modem are not limitedto specific operators’ network and could use almost any SIM card all over the world. However,most people get the 3G modem with their pre-paid plan from the operators. Sometimes, the usersmay don’t want to proceed the plan and want a change, but it would be a little pity to abandonthe modem which is still good, or maybe still looks new. Then one questions come out, how tounlocked the locked modem?Most of people like to Google the solution, but it’s no doubt that the answers are not as good asthey wish. It may need some money to pay for the unlock code or the unlocking service. Can weDIY unlocking? The answer is sure, we could unlock 3G USB modem for free and no needunlocking code. The following is the steps how to unlock USB modem for free:1. Download the newest software from for your USB modem. Pls note there may be different version of same modem, for example, Huawei E220 3G modem, they may be locked to Vodafone, T-mobile or Etisalat, pls make sure that to choose the right software for your modem2. Install the DC-unlocker Client software to your PC.3. Plug USB modem to your PC and run the driver in modem to install.4. Plug the “Unikey"(Unikey is a main tool to unlock modem, check the picture below for your reference, just like that)5. Run the DC-UNLOCKER software and select manufacturer of the USB modem6. Click the button (In blue) to detect the model, the software could identify what USB modem you had plug to the PC. Before that, make sure there is invalid SIM card in the modem. It means the SIM is usable, but the modem couldn’t support it due to lock.
  • 7. After DC-UNLOCKER detect the modem, click “Unlock” under ”Unlocking”.
  • 8. If you fail in step 7, insert SIM card again and try to unlock USB modem one more time.Someone may doubt if I don’t buy the unlocking code, then I also have to buy the “Unikey”.Actually, the unlocking code can only supports a little part of the 3G modems nowadays, but theUnikey is a Skeleton Key which could help unlock any 3G USB modem unlimited times, the onlydisadvantage is the price, the price of a Unikey is almost as same as an USB Modem or even morehigher.So in my opinion, get another unlocked 3G modem from online store with dozens of dollar isbetter for your personal usage.