Best gift a leather tote bags for woman


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Best gift a leather tote bags for woman

  1. 1. Best Gift: Leather Tote Bags for WomenKeywords: Fendi Bag, Fendi Tote, Fendi Chameleon, Fendi Chameleon tote, tote bags, leathertote bag, leather tote bags, leather tote, brown leather bagSummary: According to a famous star from American, Blake Lively, this article introducesfeatures of two leather tote bags from Fendi and Dssfashion in order to make people knowthem better.A new year of 2012 has come, is it right that many girls want to buy a new tote bag to awardthem for one year’s hardship? And which tote bag will become a new fashion trend? Youknow famous stars are always fashion leaders, so let us have a look at which leather totebags they use in recent days, and it may help us to find the answer.Blake Lively, one beautiful girl who is well-known to American fashion scoop is always a
  2. 2. fashion pioneer. In 14th, December of 2011, Blake Lively appeared the 5st reason spot ofGossip Girl. She wore black coat and with Fendi Bag- Fendi Chameleon tote on that day whichhad attracted many eyes from many young women.FENDI is a famous luxury brand in Italy and was created in 1925 in Roman, specializing inproducing leather products with high quality and had held fashion clothes show, after thatFENDI developed rapidly and soon expanded to other areas and gained good reputation onleather and fashion clothes. Take Fendi Bag-Fendi Chameleon tote for examples; it’s aleather tote bag and it has the sophisticated color in warm, earthy styles, leather duffeltopped with dual handles and an optional adjustable strap with two-way top zip closure.This Fendi tote bag has dual interior compartments with center zip divider.FENDI Chameleon tote is sold at the price of about $2.500, it is a bit expensive and isn’taffordable to someone. So, what you will do if you like the style of this Fendi bag? Is there anybag which can instead of it? Yes, it is sure that there are many leather tote bags arecomparable; one leather tote bag is from brown leather tote bag is a new arrival in 2012 and is from, a topfashion product distributor and trader, and this leather tote bag is made of Calfskin withAlligator Strip, and it is smaller than FENDI Chameleon tote bag and it is equipped with frontgold metal twist turn locking and top zip-fastening closure. In addition, there are two small
  3. 3. pockets with covered button at both sides and double top leather handles- attachedadjustable strap. And interior are two separated zip-fastening pockets one phone pocket, oneslip pocket with one attached strap, the tote bag can be carried as shoulder bag.Which is more interesting is that this brown leather bag is much cheaper than Fendichameleon tote, possibly because has gained good reputation in globalmarket since established in 2002 based on its top quality and aggressively style. So if you likefashionable leather tote bags with affordable price, dssfashion leather tote bags will be yourfirst consideration, and I think it is the best gift for young woman.