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CODiES sent to judges CODiES sent to judges Presentation Transcript

  • We provide the technology and servicesthat empower Professional Educationprograms and Publishers to offer moreengaging, scalable, and profitable e-learning offerings.
  • Hello.We’ve put this quick executive summary togetheras a visual tour for CODiES award considerationThis presentation is animated-you can navigate thru each step or let it auto-playThank you for your time and consideration.
  • A learning platform by digital ignite
  • We didn’t want to create another LMSWe designed a learner-centric portalTo serve specific needsWhere education is essential to the clientbusiness operations
  • We serve professional associations andeducation publishersThey are not training employeesThey seek to deliver critical professionaleducation to “external audiences”
  • Our clients audiences are _________:Globalso we need scalability and reachMade up of busy professionals-so access needs to be simple, intuitiveWorking in fields with constant demand for up-to-date professional knowledge -so need to support key features for: certification, exam prep,continuing education
  • Crowd Wisdom™ was designed to go beyond the standard LMS:Personalize the learning experienceMake it easy and intuitive to find AND share knowledgeProvide an “aesthetically” engaging, intuitive experienceBe the “Education Hub”- centralizing all education formatsManage the lifecycle of professional development Crowd Wisdom™ typically serves as the “Central Education hub” for a profession to help manage all educational resources while providing a knowledge exchange for learners to interact and share information.
  • Each Crowd Wisdom portal is unique to the clientAll user interface elements can be branded and customized Group was not exported from SlideRocketWidgets offer various functions to the learnerClients select the widgets and where to place themTabs organize major parts of the portalThe Dashboard is where the learner “starts” their workFeatures are role-based: different groups can see different functionality,pricing, messaging.
  • Recommended items (like Amazon and Netflix) based on professional interests and backgroundRecommendation algorithm Track and display thecan be adjusted to most viewed, mostrecommend items based on launched, and highestweights for previous history, rated content. Crowd Wisdom™profile, and or format/topicpreferences. dashboard Various “widgets” are available to configure. A personalized entry point for was not exported from SlideRocket Group learners Get fancier: display We can also create custom widgets, embed external widgets (e.g., twitter, “Popular items for people The learner ismaps), and allow portability of our me” – peers in similar like widgets to embed on a web chat, Google welcomed with relevant educational content and job role or profession recommendations. site. Our goals: Key point: Learner finds what widgets and can easily search on-demandwhat roles (e.g., Client decide content fast- and functionality appear- and to Like help a learner focus among many content items Members get different widgets/pricing) Show recent and active discussion and peer social activity for quick access into Community features
  • Analytics track views, launches, and clicks to help inform future course plans Organize and “tag” content based on client’s taxonomy Our clients are truly promoting their education programs to attract learners and to retain their loyalty. Key features they benefit from: Capture feedback through a Poll and “Featured” Widgets Survey engine can promote specific Branding via full support for CSS/HTML educational products Platform independence to deliver on mobile/tablet Accessibility to support disabled learners Commerce and Marketing features to “sell” Polling to capture audience feedback/requests Display messages specific to each group within the audienceSample site: Institute of Management Accountants70k users, population all over the world, with key activity from China,India, and Middle East/N. Africa
  • Sample site: American Society of Radiological Technologists 135k users, Global learning portal for List learning items and technologists who run CT scans, offer different pricing and Mammography/X-ray and similar subscription options for machines. various audiencesLike or Netflix, we seek to “Aggregate” all contentopportunities for the busy professional Organize all learning itemsClients can vet and catalog all types of learning using client’s taxonomy/classification to help learners “drill down”We integrate to all external items they and filter for the seek publishers or services (WebEx, AdobeConnect) for themKey result:The learner finds a one-stop “hub” for their education needs. Any item can be managed and organized, from live events and books to e-learning courses and webinar recordings. Catalog and display learning items in a clear, intuitive way that simplifies search and browse.
  • Sample site: Institute of Management Accountants 70k users, population all over the world, with key activity from China, India, and Middle East/N. Africa Jump to Quick Links that short cut access to key features2 Clicks or less Learn about key promotions and eventsThe Learner Dashboard simplifies access and gives aoverall view to what’s available for the learner Quick Access to My Enrolled items
  • Key feature:Support for formal AND informal learningThe Crowd Wisdom™ design is intended tosupport community and informal knowledgeexchange through portal level and course levelsocial features.
  • Social features:to empower the “wisdom of the crowds” File and Link sharing Discussion boardsClients can enable discussion, file-sharing, and networking communitiesFeatures can be enabled at the portal level AND at the course levelControls allow settings for threaded, moderation, comments-only, view-only Question and AnswerSocial areas become a “Search-able” knowledge base of communications Search and connect with Peers by using filters to search profile fields Open search to find items within community
  • Crowd Wisdom™ Community and Social featuresSupports specialized groups and private discussionWidgets can be configured to aggregate top discussions, mostrecent, and active items.
  • Interactive transcript allows learner to click Digital Ignite JetPackVideo or other on text in transcript tolearning items jump to the respectivecan be “wrapped” part in the video. > Add Social Features to any learning itemby JetPackfeatures Crowd Wisdom™ clients can uploadText Customizable video or any learning blocks for any HTML format (Document, e-learning course) and launch it within content our JetPack. JetPack provides a “wrapper” that can feature: discussion, polling, and open content boxes for custom content. It’s inspired by features. Comments and discussion can be enabled to allow learner-to-learner Polling can be interaction enabled
  • Key feature: personalizationBecause our target clients typically offer a largelibrary of educational material, personalizationand targeting content are key requirements.
  • Widgets can push personalized information Enable Personalized Filter such as: Search content based on Messages personal preferences RecommendationsPersonalized DashboardThe learner is presented withRecommendations andMessaging specific to them Recognize Affiliationsbased on: 1) their profile, 2)preferences, 3) past activity 4) Learner’s roles in groups,client-selected choices on what chapters, or businessto display units can be used to tailor specific widgets
  • Crowd Wisdom™ supports ratings and tracks views, launches, and completions to help promote popular and active “content” like descriptions, ratings andsimilar-product associations for anylearning itemCrowd Wisdom™ supports unlimitedtagging and descriptions of content.Tagging helps the “related item”suggestions and “recommendation” Automatic association of Similar titles andfeatures of the system. items that were “also viewed”
  • Key features:Rich Data and support for High-Stakes testingHelp the learner practice and self-assessknowledge- capturing performance dataHelp the organization with rich analytics onlearner scores
  • Tests can feature:Pooling, question/distractor randomization,Multi-section tests for domain level assessmentExhibits, notepad, and remediationBranding, multiple question typesSecurity controls to prevent copy/print
  • Summary data on test performance (average, max/min, mean, standard deviation)Himalaya Testing Engine™ test and quiz platformSettings and Features: controls to emulate high stakes, proctoredtesting (question pooling, randomization of order, navigation, Aggregate Questionauthoring) statistics on answer distributionData on Results: data on learner performance and aggregate testresults Detail on each learner’s response per attempt, per question
  • Large image support as “figure thumbnails” can save screen real estate for question and distractors.Hot SpotquestionsTo support visualquestions askinglearner to identifyitems in image. PageNum2 was not exported from SlideRocket
  • Tailor the certificate design and layout.Certificate EngineAutomatically delivers certificates of performance based on completion rules:Associate certificates to any learning item Certificate engine dynamically insertsClient-controlled branding and layout learner-specific information such as issue date, credits earned, and client- Group was not exported from SlideRocket data fields (pictured here like specificInsert dynamic info on learner and learning item (title, date, unique ID modality) sub-specialty and(authenticity stamp), custom data fields)Issue date, certificate, and learner info is stored permanently for reference Support for multiple types of CE units and role-based logic (e.g., doctors get different amount than nurses Unique ID for each certificate to validate its authenticity
  • Consensus engine: Survey and Poll platformAssociate a survey to any itemTrack and store all responsesDelivery formats include survey or pollPolls can be placed within portal and track general responses and display viaBar/Pie/text.
  • Over 50 reports covering key activity and administrationCrowd Wisdom™ Data and Analytics trackingA full suite of Business Intelligence reports covers all key activity in thesystem. Integrate your Google Analytics™ accountKey web services are available to report data back to client systemsAnd seamless integration with our client’s Google Analytics™ accountfor detailed insights into activity.
  • Key feature:Flexibility to “Extend” and “customize”Clients seek to build new features or embedfunctionality from other sites.New features can be added at the client level (notshared by others).
  • Widgets to serve ADs promoting other to maintain We seek an openness to the web educational opportunities. Widget approach allows for “openness” to embedding external functionality and services Hovering over any event will pop up a detailed description and the option to save to calendar American Optometrist Association wanted their state chapters to submit their educational events to display on the “central hub” CE Finder was created to allow submission and posting of education events, all in one place so learners can easily find events. It’s crowd-sourced education – which the client can choose to approve for displayEasy search to simplifyfinding educational Events charted onevents anywhere in the Google Mapcountry.
  • Customizable and ExtendableEach client has their own configuration- allowing client-specific featuresMcGraw-Hill Professional Product “Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands”: we took an antiquateddatabase of cultural etiquette for business travellers and migrated to Crowd Wisdom™Wiki: using Crowd Wisdom’s built-in wiki/knowledge base, all content was convertedinto XML and migrated to our platform.It’s now an editable-wiki– allowing McGraw-Hill to easily maintain this digital product forits customers.All other features of Crowd Wisdom have been disabled- leaving only the wiki function.
  • Selecting a country will display a Wiki entryUsers can type tosearch for a country orclick “View All”
  • Each country wiki entry is furtherorganized into categories andtopics Users can click to learn about government, current affairs, and practice some sample phrasesGroup was not exported from SlideRocket
  • Thank you for your timeCrowd Wisdom™Engage learners with a relevant, personalizedexperienceServe as a hub for professional educationBuild loyalty through the lifecycle of career needsMake the learning experience intuitive and aestheticallyappealing