Tom's TEFL: Irregular Verb Bingo


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Tom's TEFL: Irregular Verb Bingo

  1. 1. B I N G O B I N G O fought bought made stood sent sang did became sent had understood met began wrote gave heard drank let stood ran PAST TENSE PAST TENSE grew had read swam thought swam taught knew became paid sang fell wore gave cut drove felt read ate hid drank ran let heard told found paid kept B I N G O B I N G O made grew flew sold paid drank found read gave met swam found taught drove stood cut thought got knew broke PAST TENSE PAST TENSE let wrote thought read swam heard went flew wore kept sent went bought made told ran fed sat understood told spoke took ate knew felt stood paid sang
  2. 2. B I N G O B I N G O understood drove paid taught held ate spoke felt did sent gave hid sent broke began grew bought paid fell rode PAST TENSE PAST TENSE fought fed stood spoke became said hid wore brought bought sang saw said sang fought came met let knew met found grew ate gave drank cut took made B I N G O B I N G O brought wrote fought saw made paid wrote sat did drove let came spoke drank ran drank fed held said spoke PAST TENSE PAST TENSE knew fell sent drove began brought flew saw understood understood wore told had met gave thought found knew became broke hid grew taught told let cut went had
  3. 3. B I N G O B I N G O understood stood drank sat held told sent became grew told understood paid fought let thought made cut had thought sang PAST TENSE PAST TENSE hid said heard drove began did wrote spoke wrote sold had took went felt met came drove found taught did found got came went drank sold fell got B I N G O B I N G O understood said swam sang made ran found did heard said told heard found brought bought gave flew saw ran brought PAST TENSE PAST TENSE knew sent stood felt paid wore sat thought flew fought grew broke spoke held fed swam sold hid taught kept took drove did began grew ate rode taught
  4. 4. B I N G O B I N G O made said fell ate sat felt did brought fought ate heard flew hid brought wore kept made sat ran came PAST TENSE PAST TENSE found knew drove ran sold let cut sent sang told wrote cut saw began stood broke wore had stood came fought let did heard fed saw sang wrote B I N G O B I N G O fell told wore flew went rode drank began wrote took drove grew began made took gave felt spoke grew made PAST TENSE understood PAST TENSE read hid kept cut stood came sold did knew rode got sat ate had ran paid fought brought heard felt sold spoke broke thought saw said let
  5. 5. B I N G O B I N G O read ran taught cut kept sold taught ran made had understood came sang flew told went wore saw stood met PAST TENSE understood PAST TENSE stood made sent thought fell ate spoke did let began became fed found gave got became sent took felt drove fell drank hid did wrote took brought B I N G O B I N G O sang read wrote stood said read fell took drank came held began heard sent had brought ran let met began PAST TENSE PAST TENSE let ran drank kept stood broke told flew knew cut hid flew sat sold did taught paid felt fell spoke made thought bought gave made hid wore held