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  • 1. Technology is Weakening the Relationship Between Children and Their Parents
    By: Michael O’Connor
  • 2. MP3 players enable children to access music anywhere at anytime, allowing them to plug in and tune out their parents in any environment.
  • 3. The Internet give children access to content which parents are unable to censor, leaving kids vulnerable.
  • 4. Cell phones let kids stay in contact with their friends 24/7, essentially eliminating parents’ one-on-one time with their children.
  • 5. Videogame systems allow children to escape into fantasy worlds where they can be anything they want, however once they escape into these worlds they can easily become obsessed and lose touch with reality.
  • 6. As our elder generations watch, they worry that the family which has defined American life is slowly disintegrating at the hands of technology.
  • 7. Fortunately maintaining the family-unit which makes up the fabric of American life is a matter of awareness. By simply informing parents of the dangers which technologies present we can help them maintain contact with their children in a more meaningful way.
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