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Design a room activity
Design a room activity
Design a room activity
Design a room activity
Design a room activity
Design a room activity
Design a room activity
Design a room activity
Design a room activity
Design a room activity
Design a room activity
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Design a room activity


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Design a Room
    A Math Webquest
    Created by Ms. Fennell
  • 2. Introduction
    You get to design your very own room! You can do this by measuring your selected room and then choosing your furniture based on the height, width, and depth of you room. You will get to use multiplication and addition to figure out these things. Once you have finished with all this, you can finally tweak it out any way you want to until you have found and made your perfect dream room! 
  • 3. Introduction continued
    When you are through with this webquest, you will be able to answer the following questions:
    1) How can you use addition to find the perimeter of your room?
    2) What do you need to do to find the area of your room?
    3) What role does multiplication play in finding the area of your room?
  • 4. Task
    Once you have finished planning your room, you will have a brand new bedroom or other living space that you can furnish and maybe someday live in and it’s all yours! What you will be doing is:
    Designing a room
    In order to complete this project, you will need to have access to the internet.
  • 5. Process
    It is important to read ALL of the process slides before clicking on any website addresses.
    First, go to this site to learn and refresh your memory on how to calculate the perimeter of a rectangle:
    You will also need to know how to find the area of a rectangle so that you can know how much furniture you can put in your room. The following website should help you out with learning how to do that:
  • 6. Process continued
    Now that you know how to calculate the area and the perimeter of a rectangular- sized room, you need to get a pencil and a sheet of graph paper. If you have rectangular room with a width of 15 feet and a length of 19 feet, what is the perimeter of your room? What is the area of your room?
    Now it’s your turn to draw a room on your graph paper with a length of 12 feet and a width of 8 feet. Each square on your graph paper represents 1 foot. Draw this room and then once again find the area and the perimeter of your room.
  • 7. Process continued
    There is an awesome website that will allow you to plan your own room.
    Before you go to this website, you must find the area and the perimeter of one more room.
    This final room is 20 by 16 feet. On your graph paper, find the area and then the perimeter of the room.
  • 8. Process continued
    Next, you can go ahead on to the website (but only if you have found the area and the perimeter of the online room). The web address is:
    On this website, you can load previously made room plans and/or create your own. Explore and have fun with the room creating tools.
  • 9. Process continued
    Wait! There’s more. Now you can switch the type of room you’re designing and add specific furniture pieces until you have designed another great living space! And guess what? It’s all for fun!
  • 10. Conclusion
    By the time you have finished this website, you will know how to do the following:
    Find the perimeter of a room
    Find the area of a room
    Design a fantastic room for you and your family – or just you – to live in when you get older!  
  • 11. Job Well Done!!!!
    I really do hope you have had fun learning about the perimeter and area of rooms in a fun way! This will help you a LOT when you get to middle school, I promise! Now that you have completed this webquest, you can feel free to go back and redesign it anyway you wish to, without being graded! Have fun!