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Service with character to creat customer value in indonesia pharmaceutical industry part 4
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Service with character to creat customer value in indonesia pharmaceutical industry part 4



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  • 20. 5 STEPS TO INCREASE CUSTOMER RETENTION Improve customer "stimulation." "Red flag" high- risk customers and act quickly to retain them Address key sources of customer dissatisfaction Resist downward pricing pressure among existing customers Focus customer investment in low- attrition segments http://www.inc.com/karl-and-bill/5-ways-to-improve-customer-retention.html?cid=readmore
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  • 26. THE RIGHT ‘MESSAGE’ http://bluelatitude.net/how-to-prioritise-your-multichannel-marketing-and-why/[19/02/2014 11:39:04]
  • 28. HOW TO MAKE THAT..............
  • 29. 18 PRINCIPLE SERVICE WITH CHARACTER True Blue • Service never lies ! • Be brave, serve the right way consistently • Keep your promise, serve with commitment Golden Rule • Customer is your friend, not your KING ! • Always show sincerity to everyone • Involve customers, create experiences Green • Follow your service script in natural way • Service failure is not an option • Always ready to serve and make things done
  • 30. 18 PRINCIPLE SERVICE WITH CHARACTER Orange • Be open, allow customer to know what they should know • Never let your customer down, even if you down • Avoid personal biases in serving customers Red • Show kindness in every service touch point • Consider customer’s hidden needs in all service processes • Know what customer feels is good, able to serve it is great Purple • Implement your service ethically, live your company’s value • Spread the caring spirit to the society • Encourage customers to be more environental conscious