The Importance of Personal Branding by Merlin Gore

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Presentation by Merlin Gore of about why it is important for game developers to maintain and promote their personal brand.

Presentation by Merlin Gore of about why it is important for game developers to maintain and promote their personal brand.

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  • 1. THE IMPORTANCE OFPERSONAL BRANDING Merlin Perez Gore (Merlin Entertainment,
  • 2. DO YOU…?v  Have in-game branding?v  In-game Ads?v  A website/portfolio?v  A page for each of your games?v  A business card?v  A pet velociraptor?
  • 3. As an Indie Developer, you should have all that, and more! Okay maybe not the VelociraptorIS YOUR HAND STILL UP?
  • 4. W H AT I S P E R S O N A L B R A N D I N G ?v  Youv  Your stylev  Your passionv  Your CV
  • 5. WHO AM I?v  Who are you?v  What is your passion?v  What do you want your brand to represent?
  • 6. H OW I S I T D I F F E R E N T T O PRODUCT BRANDING?v  The budget’s smaller!v  Games are your productsv  Promote yourself as much as your promote your games
  • 7. You are just as valuable as your games
  • 8. W O U L D YO U B U Y T H I S P R O D U C T ?
  • 9. W H AT A B O U T T H I S ?
  • 10. WHY SHOULD I BRAND MYSELF?v  Adds value to youv  Adds value to your gamesv  Encourages you to do a better jobv  Sponsors will respect you morev  It’s not just for clicks to your website
  • 11. A R E T H E R E D OW N S I D E S ?v  Limiting yourself by your brandv  (A little) Extra work
  • 12. BRANDING IN THE INDIE GAMING WORLDv  2 facets of branding for us Indie game makers •  Our games •  Outside our games
  • 13. IN-GAME: PERSONAL LOGO & PRE- L OA D E Rv  On the front pagev  Adds identity to the gamev  Make the logo interesting, and people will want to find out morev  A good way to point sponsors to you
  • 14. P R O M O T I N G YO U R G A M E DOING IT YOURSELFv  Can be toughv  Email multiple sponsors individually •  Professional tone •  Short and sweetv  Sponsors aren’t friends, they’re clients •  Be shrewd •  Know the value of your game and stick by itv  Enforce your branding in the game
  • 15. P R O M O T I N G YO U R G A M E GETTING HELPv  Alternatively, let others do it for youv  FlashGameLicense are there to pitch your game for you •  We attract multiple sponsors •  We pitch your game to sponsors we think will be interested •  The bidding system ensures you get a fair price for your game •  The game is shown to sponsors professionally and they have access to a multitude of tools to give you the right offer •  We can also help cut through the bureaucracy of working with big sponsors, (EasyLicense).
  • 16. AFTER THE SALEv  Distribution is vital for your game to be a success •  Sponsor will sometimes do this for you •  Submit to as many sites as you can •  Or let tools do it for you, like FGD and Mochi.v  Keep relations with your sponsor •  Being on good terms with sponsors is always great when selling your next game!
  • 17. WEBSITE/PORTFOLIOv  An absolute necessityv  A place for fans to gov  A place for prospecting sponsors/employersv  If you don’t have a website, there are always other options •  Social Media •  FGD, FGL
  • 18. BU S I N E S S C A R D Sv  If you’re here, you should have business cards with youv  You generate interest, be contactablev  Your card is an extension of your brand, make it enticing
  • 19. Branding isn’t necessarily for the public