The Importance of Personal Branding by Merlin Gore


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Presentation by Merlin Gore of about why it is important for game developers to maintain and promote their personal brand.

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The Importance of Personal Branding by Merlin Gore

  1. 1. THE IMPORTANCE OFPERSONAL BRANDING Merlin Perez Gore (Merlin Entertainment,
  2. 2. DO YOU…?v  Have in-game branding?v  In-game Ads?v  A website/portfolio?v  A page for each of your games?v  A business card?v  A pet velociraptor?
  3. 3. As an Indie Developer, you should have all that, and more! Okay maybe not the VelociraptorIS YOUR HAND STILL UP?
  4. 4. W H AT I S P E R S O N A L B R A N D I N G ?v  Youv  Your stylev  Your passionv  Your CV
  5. 5. WHO AM I?v  Who are you?v  What is your passion?v  What do you want your brand to represent?
  6. 6. H OW I S I T D I F F E R E N T T O PRODUCT BRANDING?v  The budget’s smaller!v  Games are your productsv  Promote yourself as much as your promote your games
  7. 7. You are just as valuable as your games
  8. 8. W O U L D YO U B U Y T H I S P R O D U C T ?
  9. 9. W H AT A B O U T T H I S ?
  10. 10. WHY SHOULD I BRAND MYSELF?v  Adds value to youv  Adds value to your gamesv  Encourages you to do a better jobv  Sponsors will respect you morev  It’s not just for clicks to your website
  11. 11. A R E T H E R E D OW N S I D E S ?v  Limiting yourself by your brandv  (A little) Extra work
  12. 12. BRANDING IN THE INDIE GAMING WORLDv  2 facets of branding for us Indie game makers •  Our games •  Outside our games
  13. 13. IN-GAME: PERSONAL LOGO & PRE- L OA D E Rv  On the front pagev  Adds identity to the gamev  Make the logo interesting, and people will want to find out morev  A good way to point sponsors to you
  14. 14. P R O M O T I N G YO U R G A M E DOING IT YOURSELFv  Can be toughv  Email multiple sponsors individually •  Professional tone •  Short and sweetv  Sponsors aren’t friends, they’re clients •  Be shrewd •  Know the value of your game and stick by itv  Enforce your branding in the game
  15. 15. P R O M O T I N G YO U R G A M E GETTING HELPv  Alternatively, let others do it for youv  FlashGameLicense are there to pitch your game for you •  We attract multiple sponsors •  We pitch your game to sponsors we think will be interested •  The bidding system ensures you get a fair price for your game •  The game is shown to sponsors professionally and they have access to a multitude of tools to give you the right offer •  We can also help cut through the bureaucracy of working with big sponsors, (EasyLicense).
  16. 16. AFTER THE SALEv  Distribution is vital for your game to be a success •  Sponsor will sometimes do this for you •  Submit to as many sites as you can •  Or let tools do it for you, like FGD and Mochi.v  Keep relations with your sponsor •  Being on good terms with sponsors is always great when selling your next game!
  17. 17. WEBSITE/PORTFOLIOv  An absolute necessityv  A place for fans to gov  A place for prospecting sponsors/employersv  If you don’t have a website, there are always other options •  Social Media •  FGD, FGL
  18. 18. BU S I N E S S C A R D Sv  If you’re here, you should have business cards with youv  You generate interest, be contactablev  Your card is an extension of your brand, make it enticing
  19. 19. Branding isn’t necessarily for the public