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  • Mobile Premier Awards Mobnotes

    1. 1. Everything is related to everything else, “ but near things are more related than distant things” Waldo Tobler - 1970 Economic Geography, The “First Law of Geography”
    2. 2. WHAT IS MOBNOTES? Mobnotes stands for “mobile notes”. It is a location based mobile social utility that proactively notifies you of interesting places, events, and friends near you!
    3. 3. APPLICATION FEATURES ‣Add your preferred or trending places, venues (your post-it for your places) ‣Share it with your friends, on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter ‣See your friends and nearby people on the map “Faces” ‣User generated “Yellow pages” written by thousands of volunteer users and by your Friends. ‣Lbs mobile dating service
    4. 4. MOBNOTES IS MOBILE ()*+%' $6)"-&' ,-./"$.' !"#$%&' 3%2413&//5' 0"1$2'
    5. 5. MARKET OPPORTUNITY ‣Geolocation is a logical step for mobile and on-the- go users Monetisation Mobile phone users are willing to pay for premium service: - iPhone with “in app purchase” - Vodafone360 with “billing and chargeable” services ‣Freemium model ($$) with mobile lbs. Places and Social discovery channels such as geo marketing, in marketing coupon, ticketing-events, dating, local search, travel
    6. 6. MARKET SIZE Facebook 65 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices (*). Mobnotes goal is to reach 10% of Facebook user base, next 24 months (*) Facebook official press (
    7. 7. COMPETITORS Among USA start-ups Gowalla and Foursquare (previously founded Dodgeball sold to Google) are new upcoming hot mobile start-ups, Brightkite is leading by active users thanks to merge with Limbo (2 million active users). In Europe Aka-Aki leads with 350.000 registered users and Rummble (n.a).
    8. 8. COMPETITORS VS MOBNOTES 9,"2%,& While other competitors are focusing on place !"#$%%$& review or adding gaming '"()*+($),& -"./"0,*& elements to engage people, Mobnotes focus on a !$4,& 3$7/8& trusted relationship between users and places. 3(44.%,& 1,%2& 562,& 9%$:,*&
    9. 9. QUICK COMPANY FACT ‣Bootstrapped company (4Q 2007) ‣Launched @ TechCrunch50 (3Q 2008) ‣Team of 4 + outsourced dev ‣Funded last April 2009 (seed money) ‣Today ( January 2010 ) close to 90.000 users (+500% growth last 6 months)
    10. 10. AWARDS & HONORS ‣Selected @ TechCrunch50 2008 ‣Finalist @ Bilbao’s Start-up 2.0 2009 contest! ‣Vodafone360 & selected lbs as partner to be distributed worldwide (four operators together reach one billion customers) Apple/iPhone 2 years worldwide demo usage permission (for use in the promotion and marketing of Apple) ‣Nokia visibility international agreement
    11. 11. VISION & TARGET Target first ml. users (next 12 months) How? ‣Deals with telcos operators and players ( TLC operators and media providers) ‣Groups adding already established and large communities, providing and helping them with our plus of geo to make them “geo communities” ‣Going International with language localization (French, Spanish, Portuguese) ‣Strong Events integration (add vitality) ‣Paid Mobile campaign (pay per download, CPA) like Admob, GetJar, Mobango ‣Adding more mobile and social support (such as Blackberry app, Orkut app)
    12. 12. THANK YOU! Christian Grassi & Gino Micacchi Founders Mobnotes …………………… web: blog: wap: …………………… skype: cgrassi,ginomi fax: +39 02 42 10 89 70 email: