Android i os-development-outsourcing


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Mobiwolf corporate presentation.
Android/iOS/WP/BB apps development and outsourcing

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Android i os-development-outsourcing

  1. 1. Corporate presentationMobiwolf Company
  2. 2. Specialization• Custom Android/IPhone/WP7/BB applicationdevelopment• Mobile business software creation• Multimedia and security mobile solutions• Mobile software development with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi andGPS support• Communication mobile application development• Utility applications design and implementation• Web-based applications development for mobile devices• Android/IPhone games development• Third-party libraries building• QA services for Android/IPhone projects• Mobile UI/UX design2
  3. 3. Clients• We have clients from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Italy,Belgium, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, SouthAfrica, Russia and Ukraine• Our clients represent social networking, medicine, navigation and tourism,hi-tech, oil-and-gas production, communication, mobile business forms.• 90% of our clients wished to continue collaboration on long-term basisafter the 1stsuccessful project3
  4. 4. Portfolio 1• SpydrSafe Mobile DLP - mobile security platform.• Whiz Kid – Educational game for kids. In-house project.• NormaSugar – Medical application for diabetics. The customer isCloud Health Care - start-up from Russia, which had received gradfrom Microsoft.• TappedIn – helps to meet right people at the events you go to.• United Taxi – Los Angelos United Taxi reservation application.• FT-CAM – lets you use your built in camera as a simple WebCam withFTP upload.4
  5. 5. Portfolio 2• IP-News – News on telecommunications market of Saint-Petersburg,Russia.• KidsReview – Children’s playbill, directory and magazine – all that isavailable to families with kids in St. Petersburg, Russia.• KrupaSPB – Books fair• Hearts – love e-cards.5
  6. 6. Portfolio 3• Alcom – Service engineers support application Genealogy is in yourpocket.• GeniDroid – Genealogy is in your pocket. GeniDroid - it is easy tonavigate family tree, based on a Geni data. In-house project.• Family GPS Tracker – Family GPS Tracker and Family Safety App wasnamed by Google as a Top 10 App in the world.• Life360 Security Center – With the Life360 Security Center, turn yourAndroid phone into the ultimate mobile safety device.• Sex Offenders Search – Sex Offender Search lets you find sexoffenders near you and protect your child.6
  7. 7. Portfolio 4• Insulin Bolus Wizard – Medical mobile application for diabetics• Graveyard – The Rest In Peace Navigator• Bird Nesting – Birds search application• Qcodes – Constructor of USSD requests. In-house project.• Lacing Art – Stylish, comfortable and special laces for everyonesshoes for every day. In-house project.7
  8. 8. Approach• Cost effectiveness - Our company tries to find aprice schema more convenient to each client• Quality - Testing is one of the most importantstages of verification of software developmentproject quality. We use TDD!• Agility - Mobiwolf teams have successfullyadopted Agile software developmentmethodology• Clear code, using OOP principles, refactoring8
  9. 9. Our team• Key management positions are occupied by business partnerswith huge (10 years) enterprise level software developmentexperience• Financial health has been ensured by wise financialmanagement over the time of company existence• We hire only high skilled and talented developers• Experienced UI/UX designers and illustrators are always readyto enliven an application• Friendly environment inside the team motivates thepersonnel and the customers9
  10. 10. Advantages• Modern, rapid-growing company from eastern intelligent IToutsourcing center of the Europe (Kyiv, Ukraine)• Flexible management, no bureaucracy, ready to find the bestconvenient way of collaboration• Equivalence of working hours in Ukraine and EU• Reasonable prices• Appropriate specialization10
  11. 11. Useful Links• Corporate website:• Geni partnering: Geni• Facebook: Facebook• Xing: Xing• LinkedIn: LinkedIn• Vator: Vator11
  12. 12. ContactsKyiv, Ukraineemail: info@mobiwolf.comwww: mobiwolf.comSkype: oleksiykaraykozaMob. phone: +380509728676Contact person: Oleksiy Karaykoza, CEO12