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Project portfolio

  1. 1. Expertise. Commitmnt. Results. Projects Portfolio (Flex Based Projects)
  2. 2. Expertise. Commitmnt. Results. Inventory Project was created to maintain the record of the inventories, there services and warranties. It can save, detail, attach, add images etc. Three separate panels are created to hold the list of data, to show its details and its combining services and warranties. Also there are some modal popup windows for the item types and contacts, make changes in any record and for look up. Adobe Flex 4.6, Flash Builder 4.0, BlazzDS, CSS Implementation
  3. 3. Expertise. Commitmnt. Results. Calendar was made in Flex 3.0 with the complete functionality off full calendar. The power of flex gives users complete interaction with the calendar, and unique features like drag/drop, double clicking etc. Calendar is accessible online with sharing capability.
  4. 4. Expertise. Commitmnt. Results. A code snopshot of Calendar module
  5. 5. Expertise. Commitmnt. Results. Meeting Project was created to hold the complete data for the meetings. It saves, details time , agenda , follow up item, voting, internal notes ,attachments and attendes detail. The attached screen short show the detail view for the action items , in the popup window opened user can edit the selected items detail . Adobe Flex 4.6, , Flash Builder 4.0, BlazzDS, CSS Implementation
  6. 6. Expertise. Commitmnt. Results. A code snapshot of Meeting module.
  7. 7. Expertise. Commitmnt. Results. Another code snapshot of Meeting module.
  8. 8. Expertise. Commitmnt. Results. Happy graph is an online platform where users express their life by submitting different surveys about the daily, weekly and monthly events. These surveys generate graph for the user to share it on different social networks with their friends. The attached image showing a graph where a cutomized legend and data points are visible. Graph was created in Adobe Flex 3. This project was built with the help of local a contractor.
  9. 9. Expertise. Commitmnt. Results.Smashhit is an online portal that allows to build own business cards, posters, calendars, flyers and letter heads. It’s built in Flex 3 for usersto manage their own designs with a friendly UI. The backend server technology for this project is PhP, and database used is MySQL.It allows to choose design from pre-existing formats or simply use create a new. Once the design is created, users can download proofsand images of the final product. The proof are generated as PDF using Alive PDF for Flex.