MLS Commitments to Action


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MLS Commitments to Action

  1. 1. 1875 K Street NW, 5th Floor Washington, DC 20006 Office: 202.642.4320 Fax: 202.729.8100 Millennial Leadership Summit Commitments to Action I commit myself to the greater good. To the movement of social innovators and change makers. I commit my knowledge, resources, and network to aid everyone in their new venture. I commit myself to continuing bridging divides and empowering others to reach their dreams. I feel inspired to delve into the LA community, specifically the UCLA campus, in order to find programs/clubs, or non-profits that advocate for minority students and education issues or the LA community at large. In the long term: research the developmental process of creating a non- profit focused on educational issues.  I want to create a locus/location where UCLA students can meet and I can present Mobilize-based concepts! Volunteer my time and energy to a couple of organizations I identify with. Find the time to finally take the first steps in creating the community change I want to see – put out feelers, meet with like-minded people, and begin solidifying a plan/expressing my vision. I commit to engaging with Sacramento leadership to organize the non-profit, business, government and student community to support local innovation. Through selfless actions I will lead by example those who are willing to follow me down a path to success, freedom, choice, and open-mindedness, to help those who are suffering. Establishing a community center for troubled youth in need of guidance to the right path. Establishing a retention program for my Pacific Islander community on my campus and other campuses in SF. I will launch Naturally Blue in Arkansas and raise issues not being discussed in the South. We will campaign in a manner that will be scalable across our region. Get CPCC to fund and see the value of the Peer Mentoring Program, and build a model that other institutions can follow. Subsequently allowing the administration to see the role students can play in their own education. I commit to be a part of the process that solves the issues that my community faces. To engage and understand this as a hustle. Never underestimate the power I have. Humbly be myself. I currently am organizing a 4-part series of meetups in California that provides tools/resources for my peers to continue their work/projects. I want to be able to organize meetups that can involve more students, inherit important information that my peers can slowly adapt and apply in their life. Important information i.e.: piece about politics with education, invite a good number of staff/faculty, be a mediator to students and resources/tools, i.e. community-based organizations Be part of a leadership team of a double-bottom line social venture by end of 2012 and celebrate Mobilize’s 10 year with y’all. Convene a group of the youngest, brightest, most innovative, political, optimistic, patriotic minds for a retreat to discuss, brainstorm, plan, and initially execute an idea to fundamentally shape politics for better and fix the broken system. empowers and invests in Millennials to create and implement solutions to social problems.
  2. 2. 1875 K Street NW, 5th Floor Washington, DC 20006 Office: 202.642.4320 Fax: 202.729.8100 5 KAP citizen states. 5 KAP citizen cities. 25 civic skills teachers across 5 states. A public conversation about what it really means to be an open government – public, actual support for the foundations of what it takes to be open. I am and will continue to be committed to Circle K International, a club built to help the environment, our communities, low-income families, kids, and animals through volunteering. We also exist to help each other by strengthening our leadership and social skills, and building long- lasting friendships. To continue my work with K-12 education and those at the community college level from within the system in my role as teacher, goal program member, and parent forum volunteer. Pay more attention to the different communities’ needs. Be a leader or try to be the best leader I can. Reach out to the source out there and the people that are willing to help. Try to improve and improve people (condition) around me. I will connect with the people I met at this conference from YouthBuild to get in touch with the organization’s Oakland chapter. I will use my network and experience working in business to help others and find the growth of YouthBuild’s Oakland chapter. I will commit to helping give youth a second chance and to do everything I can to help the educational paths of young people. Continue to build relationships between the “classes” through education (academics/life) by mobilizing and building youth. To take C.O.R.E. Elements Inc. and see where it sits. I commit to utilizing this vehicle of social change to the fullest of its potential. Committed to finish my Masters of Occupational Therapy Degree and continue to expand Core Elements outreach into the healthcare/health & wellness industry. I am truly inspired by all of you here today – you amaze me and I want to do everything that I can to support you in your efforts. I heard over this weekend that finances are often a barrier for many of you so I want to commit today to help you in your fundraising efforts. Be tolerant of community/university affiliated ignorance rather than becoming upset and defensive among ignorance, be interesting and persuasive. Do pro-bono work to earn paid work to bring our online tools to more people. Improve the tools continuously so that they can better help organizations engage the public in support of their mission. Don’t give up on students or student athletes (take away from ASAP). Tutor/Coach anybody because you never know what may happen. My commitment is to help entrepreneurs who have the beginning stages of ideas by taking meetings, provide resources, make connections, and promote through network. Lower the barriers to civic engagement and entrepreneurship by inspiring community action, effective public policy Expanding the community college peer program. Create a model for other schools. Show the importance of building support for all students, support they can relate to. Working in education reform. empowers and invests in Millennials to create and implement solutions to social problems.
  3. 3. 1875 K Street NW, 5th Floor Washington, DC 20006 Office: 202.642.4320 Fax: 202.729.8100 I will lead the organization into its next phase by ensuring I oversee the tech development while focusing on good leadership/recruitment and sustainable growth. Take an idea/project/organization, whether it be the One Percent Foundation or one of our clients, and get it to a point where it is thriving and creating impact on a scale that it otherwise wouldn’t. I am committed to ensuring that the people I interact with daily know the truth about my life and provide a space for people to become socially conscious. Also to love more, pray more, and have more fun! Continue serving underprivileged people. Learn to communicate better in order to empower themselves. Graduate with a 4.0 in order to obtain a full-time teaching position that allows me to do so (via a Master’s degree)  I will continue to volunteer as much as I can, meeting any and all challenges with a smile, and celebrating all victories with joy. I will dedicate myself to the service of others, keeping to the path of empowering millennials all over the world. Jump at any and every opportunity. Speak every time someone is willing to listen and focus on the end goal no matter what the failure. Only accept the best and only give the same. empowers and invests in Millennials to create and implement solutions to social problems.