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  • 1. Pathways. Promise. Progress.
  • 2. c2cp report 2 demographics 3 voting results 4 evaluation responses 8 award winners 9 commitments to action + testimonials 12 supporters + partners 13 contents On April 5-7, 2013 Mobilize.org, with the support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Marjorie S. Fisher Fund of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and Lumina Foundation for Education, hosted a College to Career Pathways Summit in Detroit, Michigan. The convening of 100 Millennial students and civic leaders featured discussions on the economic and educational struggles facing young people in Detroit and provided an opportunity for Millennials to develop entrepreneurial solutions. On the last day of the summit, using keypad-voting technology, participants selected the top five Millennial-led solutions they felt best addressed the educational or economic barriers Millennials face in the Detroit community to receive a share of $25,000 to implement their ideas.
  • 3. c2cp report 3 demographics 3
  • 4. c2cp report 4 question one establish neighborhood networks and empower Millennials to change their own neighborhoods. show positive things happening in the city; stop glorifying the negative. create more opportunities for youth to be heard. address the basic needs of all, especially school-age children. bring Detroit Millennials together and form demands (power in numbers). establish “Millennial seat” on government councils. rearrange what education is for our children so they can show their true genius. inspire and change the mindset of the community and people in charge. focus on kids grades k-8 with after-school programs, and safety traveling to and from school. responses (as presented by C2CP participants) rated 1-10, with 10 being the highest level of agreement/priority average 9.51 9.33 9.26 8.91 8.88 8.85 8.79 8.64 8.66 how can detroit millennials contribute to the city’s revitalization efforts? Voting Results
  • 5. c2cp report 5 question two empower parents to create a strong, pro-active learning environment. establish a reliable form of permanent mass transit connecting the city and the suburbs. address zero-tolerance policy for school system; bring in more counselors and social works to address behavior issues. make it affordable for young people to live here (including minimum wage and taxes). make positive media messages about the city. convert abandoned spaces into green spaces. offer grant-writing programs and fundraising skills. provide more career internships, dual enrollment, and career training. improve entertainment with activities for all ages. increase security in employment, healthcare, safety, housing. responses (as presented by C2CP participants)average 8.60 8.56 8.52 8.45 8.40 8.39 8.28 8.20 8.09 8.00 what is needed to make detroit a better place for millennials to live and work? Voting Resultsrated 1-10, with 10 being the highest level of agreement/priority
  • 6. c2cp report 6 integrate college prep and career development into school curriculum. teach entrepreneurship in school and after-school programs. improve high school guidance counseling to prevent bias and ensure quality care. create more dual enrollment opportunities: both for college credit and vocational training. evaluate classrooms and teachers before tenure is awarded. provide deliberate mentorship opportunities in grades 6-12 to address areas of weakness, including self-esteem/confidence. create high, universal standards for all DPS schools. foster parental involvement in eduation - helping kids with career readiness and resumes. offer business and social etiquette classes. create high school independent studies: “passion class” for exploration of passions and skills. responses (as presented by C2CP participants)average 8.50 8.48 8.41 8.33 8.26 8.24 8.07 8.03 7.80 7.70 what educational and workforce development solutions would improve millennials’ career readiness? question three Voting Results question three Voting Resultsrated 1-10, with 10 being the highest level of agreement/priority
  • 7. c2cp report 7 offer more Mobilize.org style events with project competitions. redefine the meaning of community by creating neighborhood-specific community centers. provide scholarship incentives for college students to stay in Detroit. create a Detroit Millennials association for resources, partnership, and networking. make the city family-friendly, with high-quality education and resources. increase public safety: clean-ups, police presence and accountability. develop recreation: parks, development centers, green space. listen, implement, and execute Millennial ideas; create a city-wide Millennial council. create localized community expo/showcase for artistic expression. connect Detroit Millennials to Millennials in other cities. responses (as presented by C2CP participants)average 7.85 7.80 7.65 7.56 7.52 7.51 7.47 7.32 6.83 6.76 what can the detroit community do to retain millennial talent and help young people enter the young people enter the job market? question four Voting Resultsrated 1-10, with 10 being the highest level of agreement/priority
  • 8. c2cp report 8 my overall experience at the C2CP Summit average 4.5 evaluation responses /5 before the summit after the summit before the summit after the summit 7.12 9.23 /10 /10 6.91 9.43 /10 /10 my level of empowerment to create change in my community my level of empowerment to create change as a Millennial
  • 9. c2cp report 9 #1 - STARR Leaders #2 - Family Connect Project Manager: Sherra Bennett STARR Leaders will engage youth by providing an intensive program that develops their potential to change the world. The program will partner with the University of Michigan Dearborn and public schools in the Detroit metro area. Throughout the program, participants will attend leadership retreats, guest lectures and have opportunities to work with mentors, internships, and service learning to gain academic credit. Project Manager: Durand Miller Family Connect will is designed to assist high school students with increasing their potential of going to college and obtaining a college degree by engaging parents in their own education/career goals as well as their children’s goals. The project will empower parents through a series of workshops, family dinners, parent college visits (including an overnight visit), and career counseling. award winners
  • 10. c2cp report 10 #4 - Children of the Village #3 - Global Youth Empowerment #5 - Student Voice Project Managers: Desirae Tolbert, Eric Fowlkes This initiative seeks to improve educational opportunities through partneringwithcommunityorganizations,parentsandeducational institutions to build a village of educational support. Programs and seminars will be offered during times when students are typical idle (half-days, after school, etc.) to combat the negative influences of urban environments and give young people what they need: love, support and a sense of belonging. Project Managers: Jamil Khalid, Tariq Khalid, Amir Khalid, Saleem Sharrief Global Youth Empowerment will show Millennials and youth their true potential through activities and positive reinforcement by active male role models. Our goal is to use innovative ways to educate students and provide a community of support through positive male mentors. Project Managers: Chelsea Gallagher, Mike Kulick Student Voice hopes to create an accessible platform that will allow students in Michigan to communicate with policy makers. This platform will also serve as a space to be used by students, parents and teachers to find resources and learn more about policies currently on the table. By informing the public, the platform will create greater communication and positive discussion on educational policy issues to determine what is best for Michigan students. award winners
  • 11. c2cp report 11 #7 - Seed Literacy (Seed Investment) #6 - Detroit Garage (Seed Investment) #8 - Wi-Detroit (Seed Investment) Project Managers: Quentin McKinnon, Turai Finley, Trevon Stapleton, Rasul Zakie, CheYah Reeves Seed Literacy aims to start a reading tour in the city of Detroit. The tour will bring together 100 high school students and partner them with elementary students that they will read books about overcoming obstacles. Project Managers: Elton Tate Jr., Mashia Kellum The goal of Detroit Garage is to develop an application that will provide relevant information to keep the community aware of policies, resources and other factors impacting their lives; with a focus on positive news to combat the negative images of Detroit. Project Managers: Marlowe Craford, Katie Hearn, Laura Katsnelson, Brandi Keeler, Shabella Matthews, Zara Nasir, Rebecca Nikodem This initiative seeks to end the Wi-Fi deserts of Detroit, and provide wireless internet connection to communities to increase their ability to network, access online educational resources and apply for jobs. This project will identify existing deserts and partner with community organizations, businesses and individuals to create “Anchors,” of internet accessibility. award winners
  • 12. c2cp report 12 commitments to action + testimonials I am committed to working my muscles! As a Millennial, I am the present and future. I am and WILL move forward myself, my family, my campus and my community by inspiring and communicating the change I want to see. I commit to providing resources for my neighbors to better themselves and the city of Detroit. I will continue to encourage everyone to take a chance on their dreams. ‘‘ ‘‘‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ I am committed to using the network of people I met here to create change within our community. I am committed to taking action! I appreciate whole-heartily that this summit brought us together and gave us a unique opportunity to collaborate and share and grow ideas. I’ve forged friendships and allies for life! The C2CP Summit was very empowering and encouraging because I felt alone before this conference. I think the C2CP Summit was incredible, and a great piece to build and grow Detroit in a real way.
  • 13. c2cp report 13 supporters + partners coalition MEMBERS Partners SUPPORTERS