(mobileYouth) Truth and Lies about Teens & Facebook: key facts for mobile operators

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  • 1. Truths & Lies about
    Teen & Facebook
    A workshop for mobile operators
  • 2. Teens are addicted to Facebook
    Facebook is a great way for brands to have a dialogue with teens
    Facebook “fans” and “likes” are good measurements of social media success
    What’s really the best way for
    a mobile operator to use Facebook?
  • 3. What is mobileYouth?
    We are a youth agency established for the purposes of tracking emerging mobile trends amongst young people worldwide.
  • 4. The scope of this workshop focuses on uncovering the truth behind 3 common myths:
    1. What is really the relationship between teens & Facebook?
    2. What is really the best way for an operator to use Facebook?
    3. What is really the best way to measure success for operators on FB?
  • 5. 1. What is really the relation between teens & Facebook?
    How important is Facebook & social media in teens lives?
    What is the relation between online & offline activities for teens?
    What role does Facebook play in teens’ everyday realities?
  • 6. 2. What is really the best way for an operator
    to use Facebook?
    Who are teens talking to on Facebook?
    Teens have a secret Facebook lingo. Do you know what that is?
    How can an operator turn its Facebook page to a social platform?
  • 7. 3. What’s the best way to measure success for an operator
    on Facebook?
    How do teens relate to brands on Facebook?
    How does having lots of “Likes” and “Fans” translate to a brand’s success?
    What is the best way for brands to use social media in connecting with teens?
    flickr GOIABA (Goiabarea)
  • 8. Speakers
    Graham Brown has spent his life living and working in both London and Tokyo. A psychology graduate, Graham has focused hiscareer on understanding what influences youth consumer behaviour. His client credentials include influencing the youth strategies of brands such as Nokia, MTV, Carlsberg, Disney, Adidas as well as being on the panel of global youth experts currently advising UNICEF.
    Ghani Kunto has spent his professional life in the world of youth, marketing, and social development. Ghani is an author of two books on marketing and hosts business talk shows on radio and television. He has run workshops for companies in various industries, from telecommunications to banks.
  • 9. To discuss having us present this workshop to your team
    please contact:
    Josh Dhaliwal
    Connect on: twitter.com/joshdhaliwal
    UK: +44 20 3286 3635
    North America: +1 646 867 3635