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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) Why Creative Agencies Suck
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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) Why Creative Agencies Suck


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By Graham Brown …

By Graham Brown
take it or leave it...

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Why! Creative Agencies Suck… Graham Brown!
  • 2. What exactly …is a brand? Graham Brown!
  • 3. Ask your agency Graham Brown!
  • 4. they’ll say…“you’ve gotto get ontothe next bigthing…” Graham Brown!
  • 5. They’ll manage your brand for you Graham Brown!
  • 6. Ask your customer Graham Brown!
  • 7. they’ll say… 65% of youth buy mobile handsets based on what their friends said Graham Brown!
  • 8. This is your brand…in action Graham Brown!
  • 9. not here… Graham Brown!
  • 10. Customers are the brand Graham Brown!
  • 11. so, somebody’s not telling the truth here… Graham Brown!
  • 12. “Dear Mr Client, "I need your marketing budget to help me win one of these” winning awards or winning customers? Graham Brown!
  • 13. “Can I saysomething?” Graham Brown!
  • 14. “When I think of your brand, I don’t think about what you said to me… I think about what you did for me…” Graham Brown!
  • 15. I mean… everyone’s doing this Graham Brown!
  • 16. and this… Graham Brown!
  • 17. and this… Graham Brown!
  • 18. and you won one of these… Graham Brown!
  • 19. and you’ve got one of these Graham Brown!
  • 20. and you’ve got her… Graham Brown!
  • 21. and you said this in the pitch “SOCIAL” Multi-channel engagement 360 cross-platform conversation Graham Brown!
  • 22. BUT… Graham Brown!
  • 23. When all is said and done… Graham Brown!
  • 24. You still told the story about yourself Graham Brown!
  • 25. And that makes you… Graham Brown!
  • 26. just like the rest of them… Graham Brown!
  • 27. I mean… Graham Brown!
  • 28. Sorry to break it to you but… Graham Brown!
  • 29. I don’t want a dialogue with you Graham Brown!
  • 30. And I don’t want to be your friend Graham Brown!
  • 31. here… Graham Brown!
  • 32. here… Graham Brown!
  • 33. …or here Graham Brown!
  • 34. I don’t want to listen to your story Graham Brown!
  • 35. I washoping you wouldhelp me tellmine… Graham Brown!
  • 36. It’s not how you’re telling the story Graham Brown!
  • 37. It’s who’s telling it that counts Graham Brown!
  • 38. Why would your agency want you to fix a broken model? Insights Marketing Service Innovation Graham Brown!
  • 39. What…broken? Graham Brown!
  • 40. Sorry to burst your bubble but… Graham Brown!
  • 41. Customers today couldn’t care less about what your agency is saying… Graham Brown!
  • 42. So why are you spending more money on finding new ways to make them care even less? Graham Brown!
  • 43. Because… I’ll never get fired for booking a TV campaign? Graham Brown!
  • 44. Wait… Graham Brown!
  • 45. “Can I saysomething?” Graham Brown!
  • 46. “Like…really saysomething …not in yourfocus groupbut about howI can helpyou…” Graham Brown!
  • 47. Help me tell my story and… I’ll be your marketing dept Graham Brown!
  • 48. Help me tell my story and…I’ll be your customer educator Graham Brown!
  • 49. Help me tell my story and… I’ll be your customer service Graham Brown!
  • 50. Help me tell my story and… I’ll be your innovation mgr Graham Brown!
  • 51. so, what isgood branding? Graham Brown!
  • 52. Clever, funnycampaigns that win awards? Graham Brown!
  • 53. Customer Experience v1.0 Insights Marketing X X X X Service Innovation Graham Brown!
  • 54. Or tools to helpyouth tell their story? Graham Brown!
  • 55. Customer Experience v2.0PermissionAssetMarketing Innovation Service Insights Graham Brown!
  • 56. Brand Management? Graham Brown!
  • 57. or… Brand Democracy? Graham Brown!
  • 58. THE MOBILEYOUTH 2013 REPORT youth marketing insights for handset brands, content providers and operators features: 29 reports 400+ pages data, charts, cases mobileYouth: tracking youth & mobile culture since 2001 MOBILEYOUTH youth marketing mobile culture since 2001
  • 59. THE MOBILEYOUTH 2013 REPORT MOBILEYOUTH youth marketing mobile culture since 2001