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Selfie Culture (Graham Brown mobileYouth)
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  • merci and thank
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  • I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. I understand your point; however, I believe I read an article about how Facebook is causing people to become depressed. Posting these selfies at certain places might be causing others to be depressed because they aren't doing those things too (except for the funeral ones which are outright unacceptable). I don't think it's so much about taking the selfie as it is publishing/promoting it. If you took the selfie and kept it to yourself, but continually publishing it to the public is another thing.
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  • @arpitddas yes timely and good news. Interesting to see how the media is coping with it
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  • This is awesome, I just came to know that Selfie is Oxford dictionary's word of the year
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  • nice..
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  • 1. by Graham Brown
  • 2. Selfies dominate teen Instagram photos
  • 3. selfies aren’t narcissism but shared experiences
  • 4. now we don’t need advertising or celebrities to tell people about who we are
  • 5. We’ve always been suspicious of new forms of self-expression
  • 6. especially when they give ordinary people a voice
  • 7. ordinary people
  • 8. ordinary people doing ordinary things
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