(mobileYouth) Samsung: Reclaiming Indonesia. How can Samsung realign marketing to meet youth expectations?


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Samsung mobile has slowly but surely emerged as a Indonesian youth

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(mobileYouth) Samsung: Reclaiming Indonesia. How can Samsung realign marketing to meet youth expectations?

  1. Samsung: Reclaiming Indonesia<br />FLICKR: DAVID QUITORIANO<br />
  2. The story so farIndonesian youth have grown up perceiving the Samsung brand as a household appliances maker. It’s only recently that Samsung has been able to make a dent in the youth conscious as a mobile brand.Samsung today is the affordable second handset that Indonesian youth want in their back pockets. Will the new range of Android smartphones be able to change that?<br />FLICKR: STANKIOVIC VLADA<br />
  3. Beachheads …<br />… are the most influential customer segment that Samsung needs to cater to if it aims to conquer the mainstream market. <br />Samsung beachheads exist across all age groups.Theyare looking for affordability and assurance in their mobile handsets. Android apps are a bonus add-on for them. What they really want is a mobile handset that is durable and comes at a reasonable cost. <br />FLICKR: LALI MASRIELA<br />
  4. What’s Next?Samsung has been riding the Android popularity wave with its latest range of smartphones. Android cannot sustain as a differentiator in the long term. Young Indonesians already perceive Motorola and Sony Ericsson as the innovative handsets with Android OS. Samsung’s differentiator should be its simplicity and assurance making it a safe choice for young Indonesians buying their first smartphones.<br />FLICKR: CALGARY REVIEW<br />
  5. Key questions for Samsung Indonesia<br />Is focusing on the Android market and positioning Samsung as a differentiator sustainable in the long term?<br />How can you involve your beachheads to advocate Samsung as a reliable handset brand with all the perks of latest technology at an affordable price range?<br />
  6. How Beachheads Work<br />Sell to the Sold. <br />Focus on the 10% of the market that will influence the 90%<br />Influence(Earned Media)<br />Customers<br />Marketing Focus<br />
  7. Beachheads make brands profitable<br />Our new metric, SMART Index, measures Beachhead activity for each handset brand and shows its relation to brand profits<br />SMART INDEX<br />60%<br />BlackBerry<br />Apple<br />Samsung<br />Sony Ericsson<br />Motorola<br />CHANGE IN <br />SHARE OF MARKET PROFIT<br />-60%<br />60%<br />Handset brands that have successfully increased their SMART scores have also seen an increase in their share of market profit as a % share. For example, Apple’s SMART index recommendation score for youth has increased nearly 50% while its share of total markets has increased nearly 50%<br />Nokia<br />Source: mobileYouth 2011<br />-60%<br />
  8. Find out more about your beachheads<br />BRAND HEAT MAPS<br />BRAND RANKINGS<br />BRAND BEACHHEADS<br />A CROSS CULTURE STUDY ON THE EFFECTIVENESS OF BRAND BEACHHEADS AND HOW THEY AFFECT FUTURE PROFIT FOR MOBILE BRANDS LIKE BLACKBERRY, NOKIA, APPLE, SONY ERICSSON, SAMSUNG & MOTOROLA<br />HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM<br />“The industry changed, and now it’s time for Nokia to change faster." <br />– Stephen Elop, CEO Nokia, Q4 2010 Earnings Release<br />