(Graham Brown mobileYouth) MobileYouth.org key youth marketing data and statistics for 2008


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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) MobileYouth.org key youth marketing data and statistics for 2008

  1. mobileYouth 2008 sample data sheet mobileYouth statistics Share Me! Just remember to be aware of the legals on the next page
  2. mobileYouth 2008 sample data sheet mobileYouth statistics ABOUT THIS DOCUMENT This document was made by mobileYouth (mobileYouth.org) covering data on consumers under the age of 30 (5-29) from 60 markets. The full market data sets are available to report subscribers. See end of this document for subscription details ABOUT LEGAL DISTRIBUTION & LICENSING Use, share, do what you like with it as long as you cite mobileYouth.org as the source. If you find it useful and make some money out of our work then why not invest in a company license for the report, or if you don’t want to do that – invest $20 in helping youth in the 3 rd world escape poverty. See our feature on our official youth charity – World Vision – at the end of this document. Spread the word, do some good. ABOUT “MOBILEYOUTH ® ” and “MOBILE YOUTH ® ” “MobileYouth ® ” and “Mobile Youth ® ” are registered trademarks of our holding company W2F Limited. You may be surprised to learn that as we don’t go round bashing every start up for using this in their press release. It’s not our intentions, because we were there once. However, if you use the wording for commercial purposes in research, publications, events or analysis you are liable for trademark infringement and it’s no more Mr Nice Guy.
  3. . youth ARPU Source mobileYouth 2008 Figures in $US pcm YOUTH ARPU CONTINUES TO FALL Market maturation, slowing data spend, increased competition and the prevalence of free services mean youth spending on mobile is reaching it’s natural “ARPU ceiling” NEW GROWTH TO COME FROM EXPLOITING CHANNEL ARPU The 2008 mobileYouth report looks at how mobile service providers can switch from ARPU to channel ARPU to drive up youth data spend and reverse a potentially long term erosion of profits
  4. youth data ARPU Figures in $US Source mobileYouth 2008 YOUTH DATA ARPU CONTINUES TO FALL Widespread increase in flat rate data plans and free services means little growth left in pure data revenues. SIGNALS EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES FOR MOBILE PROVIDERS Now data has evolved to the mature platform stage, providers have an excellent opportunity as discussed in the mobileYouth 2008 report to exploit cross-selling, mobile merchandising and services that increase profitability through a reduction in churn rates.
  5. youth mobile spending Figures in $US millions Source mobileYouth 2008 YOUTH SPENDING ON MOBILE ¼ of a TRILLION DOLLARS And growing, reaching $270 billion in 2008, with a further rise of $36 billion (or 12%) bu 2012. NEW GROWTH TO COME FROM OFF BILL OPPORTUNITIES The 2008 mobileYouth report examines mobile advertising, mobile merchandising, channel ARPU and other off-bill opportunities for growth in the mobile sector that may not be limited to the natural ceiling associated with the phone bill
  6. youth data spend Figures in $US millions Source mobileYouth 2008 YOUTH DATA SPEND TO REACH $100 billion by 2008 Continuing to grow at 10% a year, although ths rate will slow with the gradual introduction of cheaper texting, bundles and flat rate (or free) plans. NEW OPPORTUNITIES As data slows, the market opens up for profitably engaging young consumers. The mobileYouth 2008 report examines off-bill opportunities, channel ARPU, mobile merchandising, mobile advertising, youth in product development and youth marketing value to wider campaigns.
  7. The mobileYouth Report 2008 ORDER YOUR COPY OF THE REPORT To order your copy of the mobileYouth report contact mobileYout on +44 207 386 3635 or email [email_address] You can also use our online contact form at http://www.mobileyouth.org MobileYouth has been published annually since 2001 and covers youth mobile trends in 60 countries The MobileYouth Report Feedback “ We use Mobile youth extensively within International Marketing at T-Mobile as it is a consumer centric comprehensive report that effectively describes the desires, motivations and behaviours of this complex consumer segment to mobile as part of their overall lifestyle…[issues are] debated throughout a report offering valuable insights backed by robust quantitative analysis.” Tony Kypreos, International Vice President, T-Mobile “We found the report very informative and have used the extensive data supplied” Tobias Freudenberg, Product Strategy Manager, AOL Deutschland “An excellent report! One that we have used again and again.” Dusan Hamlin, Director, Carat International “mobileYouth has been very helpful in the development of Vodafone’s approach to delivery of content in a responsible manner” Caroline Dewing, Communications Manager, Vodafone “A thoroughly informative and enjoyable read. I was particularly impressed with the deconstruction of perceptions of youth and fashion - very insightful - and the presentation of data is very accessible too.” Daniel Bevis, Knowledge & Intranet Administrator, Leo Burnett
  8. mobileYouth.org Blogging mobile, youth, marketing and branding trends since 2001 with articles by Josh Dhaliwal and Graham Brown As always, free to read. Includes presentations and videos published by mobileYouth and partners http://www.mobileYouth.org mobileYouthNet.com Networking professionals in the mobile youth space. Watch on-the-street videos of our reporters talking to youth about mobile and marketing. Events calendar, discussion, contacts and more. Join today for free at http://www.mobileYouthNet.com About mobileYouth & mobileYouthNet mobileYouthNet.com mobileYouth.org
  9. World Vision Building a better world for children http://www.WorldVision.com mobileYouth supports World Vision and both the company and myself, Graham Brown and Josh Dhaliwal, donate a proportion of earnings to the cause. As an industry we have benefit immensely from the ingenuity and passion of young consumers. Where would we be today without SMS? We owe that to youth. I personally feel indebted to them and believe that if we as an industry endeavour to repay at least a nominal fraction back to those less fortunate than us then we have, to some degree, acknowledged how lucky we are. World Vision operates across the globe in community projects and relief work. You can get involved by visiting their website or better still why don’t you adopt a child at your office? For literally pennies ($25/month) – ie less than an average office spends on coffee - you and your colleagues can help raise a child out of poverty and in return receive regular holiday, birthday cards and school progress updates from them.