!                                            !                    Droidettes:**             Will*Teens*Drive*Android?**   ...
!                                              !Say*hello*to*the*Droidettes*!Article!from!PC!World:!!        In!Googles!Ne...
!                                            !Top*Down*vs*Bottom*Up*Innovation!*Google’s! Technovation! challenge! is! Bot...
THE MOBILEYOUTH 2013 REPORT       youth marketing insights for handset brands,                  content providers and oper...
THE MOBILEYOUTH 2013 REPORThttp://www.mobileyouth.org                   MOBILEYOUTH                     youth marketing mo...
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mobileYouth trends download: Droidettes - will teens drive Android?


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mobileYouth looks at the rising phenomenon of youthsourced applications for mobile

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mobileYouth trends download: Droidettes - will teens drive Android?

  1. 1. ! ! Droidettes:** Will*Teens*Drive*Android?** **Are*youth*key*in*the*development*of*Android*applications?***We! already! know! that! youth! were! the! first! to! adopt! and! develop! SMS.! Both!Facebook! and! Napster! were! invented! by! 19! year! olds.! Youth! also! scoped! and!developed! BBM! as! a! usable! service.! Now! brands! like! Google! are! hoping! to!harness!this!creativity!to!youthsource!future!applications.!!Key!Points! • Youth! are! key! drivers! of! innovation! but! need! companies! to! provide! the! right!tools,!environment!and!platform!to!achieve!their!potential! • Youth! innovation! is! driven! by! social! rather! than! corporate! need.! Innovation,! therefore,! is! more! attuned! to! the! need! of! the! market! rather! than!the!technology.! • Companies! can! use! product! development! and! innovation! as! a! key! marketing!tool!to!develop!lines!of!influence.!* * mobileYouth!–!youth!mobile!culture!since!2001!! http://www.mobileyouth.org!http://www.mobileyouthreport.com! !!
  2. 2. ! !Say*hello*to*the*Droidettes*!Article!from!PC!World:!! In!Googles!New!York!offices,!a!group!of!high!school!girls!are!learning!to! develop! Android! apps! and! start! their! own! businesses! thanks! to! the! first! East! Coast! Technovation! Challenge.! The! 12Qweek! program! pairs! high! school! girls! from! New! York! public! schools! with! volunteer! mentors! to! introduce! them! to! highQtech! entrepreneurship.! Participants! learn! the! basics!of!programming,!design!a!user!interface,!develop!a!prototype!app! and!business!model,!and!cap!it!off!with!a!presentation!to!a!panel!of!judges! and!venture!capitalists.!The!winning!team’s!concept!will!be!developed!by! pros! with! input! from! the! girls! and! released! in! the! Android! Marketplace.! Through! this! process,! the! mentors! are! teaching! the! students! to! become! creators!rather!than!just!consumers!of!technology.! ! Though! most! of! the! girls! have! no! prior! experience! with! code,! Google’s! App! Inventor! tool! allows! them! to! make! real! programs! using! a! simple! visual! interface! while! learning! the! basic! concepts! of! programming.! Spanning! from! one! overachieving! 8th! grader! up! to! high! school! seniors,! and! with! notable! ethnic! diversity! among! them! compared! to! the! oftenQ homogeneous!tech!industry,!95%!of!them!are!participating!through!needQ based! scholarships.! Each! group! of! five! girls! is! paired! with! at! least! two! mentors!to!closely!guide!them!through!the!process.! !What*did*they*produce?*! Team!Computer!Chicks!said!they!had!decided!on!UpdateMe,!an!RSS!feed! app.!Electric!Hearts!was!discussing!an!“immigrant!app”!to!help!acclimate! new!U.S.!arrivals!to!American!language,!food,!and!culture.!The!Droidettes! had!conceived!of!an!aggregator!for!fashion!designer’s!seasonal!look!books! to!allow!the!user!to!browse!trends.!Finally,!one!of!the!girls!in!Daredevils! passionately! explained! Ecobud,! their! recycling! app,! showing! off! their! paper!prototype!of!a!program!designed!to!help!answer!“what!do!I!do!with! my!trash?”! ! ! ! mobileYouth!–!youth!mobile!culture!since!2001!! http://www.mobileyouth.org!http://www.mobileyouthreport.com! !!
  3. 3. ! !Top*Down*vs*Bottom*Up*Innovation!*Google’s! Technovation! challenge! is! BottomQUp! Innovation.! Traditional!innovation! based! on! “design! thinking”! or! engaging! create! agencies! focuses! on!topQdown! methodologies! that! push! innovation! onto! the! market.! mobileYouth!believes!future!innovation!will!come!from!the!youth!segment!–!Youthsourcing.!! Top!Down!vs!Bottom!Up!Innovation! *Innovation*is*a*function*of*company*culture*not*strategy**Innovation! is! a! social! process! and! real! ideas! come! from! the! grassroots! not!necessarily! from! those! with! innovation! in! their! job! title.! In! the! mobileYouth!report! we! highlight! how! operators! can! source! innovation! from! youth.! Hotlink!Malaysia!Youthsourced!product!ideas!by!coQcreating!with!students.!Not!only!did!it! develop! robust! products! the! product! development! process! itself! became!marketing!leading!to!a!50%!increase!in!market!recommendation!for!their!brand.! ! How!Hotlink!Youthsourced!Innovation!! * mobileYouth!–!youth!mobile!culture!since!2001!! http://www.mobileyouth.org!http://www.mobileyouthreport.com! !!
  4. 4. THE MOBILEYOUTH 2013 REPORT youth marketing insights for handset brands, content providers and operators features: 29 reports 400+ pages data, charts, cases mobileYouth: tracking youth & mobile culture since 2001 MOBILEYOUTH youth marketing mobile culture since 2001
  5. 5. THE MOBILEYOUTH 2013 REPORThttp://www.mobileyouth.org MOBILEYOUTH youth marketing mobile culture since 2001