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(mobileYouth) Download - BlackBerry and Optus need Women, Retail and Innov…
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(mobileYouth) Download - BlackBerry and Optus need Women, Retail and Innov…



(mobileYouth) Download - Blackberry and Optus need Women, Retail and Innovation

(mobileYouth) Download - Blackberry and Optus need Women, Retail and Innovation

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    (mobileYouth) Download - BlackBerry and Optus need Women, Retail and Innov… (mobileYouth) Download - BlackBerry and Optus need Women, Retail and Innov… Document Transcript

    • ! BLACKBERRY AND OPTUS NEED WOMEN, RETAIL AND INNOVATION Prepared by Mobile Youth Find the most relevant insights on youth mobile marketing: http://www.mobileYouth.org
    • !INTRODUCTIONDuring the launch of the Z10 in Australia, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heinsannounced, “We are in the maturing market and when we talk about smartphones,we have to know what our segment market is – we have to know who our audienceis. We cannot be everybody’s darling, if we did, we will be swimming in a school ofsharks.”BlackBerry’s success will be based on their ability to get intimate with their Fans andwork with them at the Frontline to co-create solutions that make the Z10 a morerelevant Social Tool.Optus will be the first network to launch the Z10 in Australia. Their CEO recentlydeclared a company shift to “sustainable profit growth”, away from “raw subscriberacquisition” by increasing revenues from existing customers.BlackBerry and Optus share mutual objectives - both need to start by identifying acommon Beachhead of vocal Fans.  The success of the Z10 rollout will depend on the following 3 factors:1. IDENTIFYING THE BEACHHEADAlthough portrayed as a middle-aged, male executive brand, BlackBerry hastraditionally found support with young female aspirants, recognized in the MobileYouth Report as “Disruptive Divas”.Recent industry data found that 56% of women own a smartphone, as opposed to51% of men, and BlackBerry is their preferred platform (21% of women vs 15% ofmen).Young women entering the workplace are at the forefront of smartphone adoption.According to the 2013 Mobile Youth Report, BlackBerry ownership is highest amongfemale teens (44%).Young women also drive Earned Media that define brands like BlackBerry. Facebookchief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said in a recent press interview that femaleFacebookers have 8% more friends and are responsible for 62% of all sharing onFacebook.BlackBerry also finds support with specific ethnic Beachheads - e.g. ethnic youthesp. of African and Caribbean descent drive BlackBerry ownership in the US and UK Find the most relevant insights on youth mobile marketing: http://www.mobileYouth.org
    • !(source Mobile Youth Report 2013). In Australia, similar Beachheads include theyoung, female second generation Asian market (e.g.Vietnamese, Chinese).Disruptors are shaping consumer trends currently filtering into the enterprisemarket e.g. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Smartphones popular with this segmentwill rise to prominence in the workplace over the next decade.For Optus to win the Disruptor segment, they need to focus less on high visibilitycampaigns promoted by creative agencies (e.g. Alicia Keys) and more on Frontlineretail experience where branding actually happens.2. CREATING A RETAIL EXPERIENCEThe Mobile Youth Report 2013 found that 85% of brand is defined at the Frontline -the touchpoint between the customer and the brand. Retail is a key composite ofsuccessful brand Frontlines.What youth say about the Z10 will be far more important in determining the longterm brand perception than what BlackBerry’s or Optus’ advertising agencies say.Launching the Z10 will require a significant investment in retail presence to facilitatediscovery and education among young influencers.Contrary to the myth, Young influencers, Disruptors and Disruptive Divas, don’t livetheir lives online. These brand advocates need to interact with the brand in the realworld. 74% of youth prefer retail stores over online shopping because they can tryout products (source IAB) and shop socially.Rohan Ganeson, MD of retail sales at Optus recently said of the carrier’s intentionsto ramp up retail investment that , “We want interactions with Optus to exceedexpectations and the feedback, both good and bad, from our pilot stores will beinvaluable in helping us shape the experience for the rest of the transformation”.Success at the Frontline will depend on arming retail staff with the most competitiveinsights.Both Optus and BlackBerry need to feed customer insights from research to theFrontline. Data and insight into how Disruptors and Disruptive Divas use theirdevices will be key to educating and selling them on the social benefits of the Z10. Find the most relevant insights on youth mobile marketing: http://www.mobileYouth.org
    • !3. EMBRACING EVERYDAY INNOVATIONThe processor comes from BlackBerry but the innovation comes from thecustomer.The most significant innovations in BlackBerry’s recent history have been customer-driven e.g. BBM and BBM groups. If BlackBerry is to continue its strong heritage ofinnovation it needs to embrace these bottom-up trends.BlackBerry CEO Heins said of innovation that, “History repeats itself again I guess …the rate of innovation is so high in our industry that if you don’t innovate at thatspeed you can be replaced pretty quickly. The user interface on the iPhone, with alldue respect for what this invention was all about is now five years old.”If BlackBerry’s innovation is to stay relevant it needs to focus on solving the simpleday-to-day problems of mobile usage that make the overall Z10 experience betterrather than technologies that naturally become outdated. Addressing usage painpoints has definable benefits for Optus too. Smartphone customers who experiencefewer problems spend an average of $11 more per month than those who do ($140vs. $129, respectively). (source JD Power)Innovation has to be socially relevant to behavior. Bring Your Own Device andMultitasking are industry terms. What Z10 owners really want is the ability toconnect with each other on better terms. 60% of youth use mobile data to organizegatherings, and 45% of youth use mobile data to settle arguments (source PewResearch). BlackBerry and Optus need to match these terms with the everydaybehaviors of customers in their Beachhead.Find out more:The 2013 mobileYouth Reportiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Find the most relevant insights on youth mobile marketing: http://www.mobileYouth.org