[mobileYouth] 3 reasons why offline is more important than online

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Get the full article and more on http://www.mobileyouth.org
We’re being hoodwinked by the media and research industry but here’s the reality:
- Youth aren’t addicted to digital
- People aren’t motivated by online
- What motivates is what happens offline
If you want to understand behavior, focus on motivations not technology.

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  • 1. 3 Reasons why Offline ismore important than OnlineWhy we need to hit re-setOne thing I’ve learned writing for the Social Customer Project is that there is a lot noise out there.The noise focuses on the shiny stuff that makes the headlines: millennials living online, youth“addiction” to digital etc.We’re being hoodwinked by the media and research industry but here’s the reality:• Youth aren’t addicted to digital• People aren’t motivated by online• What motivates is what happens offlineIf you want to understand behavior, focus on motivations not technology.Signup to get the latest on customer insights: http://www.mobileyouth.orgFind more articles like this by signing up to our newsletterhttp:/www.mobileyouth.org
  • 2. I’d like to hit the reset button and refocus on what matters most. But, unfortunately, it’s not thethings that come cheap and easy like 1 million FacebookFans. It’s the hard work that happensoffline, and that’s why it matters. We can’t fake it.The curious case of the boy under house arrestA 19 year old from Whangarei, a University town in New Zealand, recently made the news bybreaking conditions of his house arrest.With only 1 month left in his 11 month confinement, the unnamed teen claimed he had “run outgames to play on his Xbox”.Xbox: taking into the cloud doesn’t make it more social“I’ve had enough of life online,now come and arrest me”For 10 months he played Xbox online with friends but the real world loneliness was too much tobear. Under the conditions of house arrest, he had few restrictions on his activity, except one criticalaspect – he wasn’t allowed to leave the house.He picked up the phone and asked the local police to send him to prison instead. He’d rather betogether with strangers in prison than at home alone.Microsoft’s Drive to Online – it’s sharing, Jim, but not aswe know itAt the same time, Microsoft was scaling up for its Christmas launch of the new Xbox One.According to Microsoft the new Xbox would be “more shareable than ever”. Xbox One wouldallow games to be shared with up to 10 online friends. But, fans soon discovered, the devil was inthe detail: sharing came with significant caveats.• To share with a friend online, the friend had to be registered as a friend on your Xboxnetwork for 30 days with MS• You can’t play the game offline• You can’t play together at the same time with shared friendsWhy do Fans want real sharing?When Microsoft launched Xbox One at E3 earlier in the year they shared a vision of gaming “in thecloud”. While taking gaming online may add to the experience, what fans took issue with was theerosion of the basic things that made the experience real e.g:Signup to get the latest on customer insights: http://www.mobileyouth.org
  • 3. • Sharing the physical disk with friends or family• The whole of ritual of shopping in the used game market• Playing games together on the same couchGive us back our offline sharing!Responding to fan anger, Xbox spokesperson Major Nelson said Microsoft were unable to go backon their cloud gaming strategy on which they had bet the future of their console. “It’s not easy asflipping a switch”.4 days later, following poor Christmas pre-sales compared to rival PS4, Microsoft annouced a majorU-turn in strategy. The damage, however, had already been done.What Microsoft, and many tech companies, forget is that relationships don’t exist in the cloud butvery much offline in the analog world. It’s easy to get seduced by the promise of online technology,but technology is only meaningful when it adds to offline experience.Microsoft dreamed of Xbox One but the people woke up getting “Xbox for One”.3 Reasons why offline > online1) We are designed to interact offline.Don’t be fooled by the pretense of ideas like the “digital native”.Our biology is hundreds of thousands of years old. Online is a tiny fraction of our evolutionaryhistory. Scientists have shown that while communicating with friends and family can feel likeyou’re maintaining a relationship, stress levels only fall when subjects were in the same physicalspace.2) Offline is the moment of truth.Brands can’t fake offline.We can make better judgements about people in the real world. Trust levels in the offline world aresignificantly higher than those online. We read body language and develop trust through offlineinteraction. In a world where everyone has the ability to touch our lives through digital, weincreasingly rely on those we trust to disseminate and discern information from the noise. You caninvest millions in online marketing but if your offline touch points suck, you’re flushing yourbudget down the pan.3) Most of our behaviors are redeemed offline.Online can facilitate social behavior but not give it meaning.Signup to get the latest on customer insights: http://www.mobileyouth.org
  • 4. All meaning is offline. We shop together, share music, play games in close proximity. Online cannever replace an evening with friends, holding hands with a loved one or a music concert. Thesebehaviors are too ingrained into our culture and psyche to replace.What really counts is offline. Without offline connection, people will do crazy things like go to jail.Online connection can help but never cure offline isolation.Make sure you are part of the solution not the problem.Next Steps• Make change: Social Business is a movement. The more people who “get it” the moreleverage we have to change business for the better. Share this article with friends andcolleagues using the social media buttons.• Get your colleagues on board: In marketing, selling to customers is easy – very easy.Selling to your own organization, however, is the biggest challenge. Create change, bang thedrum and get your colleagues onto this newsletter by sending them this link.Find more articles like this by signing up to our newsletterhttp:/www.mobileyouth.orgSignup to get the latest on customer insights: http://www.mobileyouth.org