(Graham Brown mobileYouth) Mobile Youth Tribes (Youth Marketing)


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How are tribes crucial in the future of successful youth marketing? Graham Brown of mobileYouth.org provides some initial thoughts based on the works of Seth Godin (Tribes).


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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) Mobile Youth Tribes (Youth Marketing)

  1. Mobile Youth Tribes by Graham Brown mobileYouth.org
  2. ...And the End of the Campaign
  3. Inspired by the works of Seth Godin
  4. For millions of years , human beings have been part of tribes A tribe is a group of people connected to a leader and a group of ideas
  5. The symbol is its most powerful tool of communication
  6. Tribes have been historically grouped on geographical, racial, economic and religious lines Now youth tribes are increasingly delineated according to lifestyle interest
  7. marketing MUST also change
  8. Marketing to the Tribe means building a BEACHHEAD not capturing market share
  9. Each tribe has a social dynamic conducive to marketing 1) Outliers 2) Leaders 3) Followers
  10. There are 1 billion mobile owners under the age of 30 That's 1 billion producers, marketers, product developers and ideas in the tribe If only you knew how to use it
  11. Tribes fulfil youth's basic human needs - The need to belong The need to be significant
  12. Here are some example tribes ...and their leaders
  13. Grateful Dead “Dead Head” Tribe $100m in sales Only 1 top 40 album Pioneered file sharing back in 60s by encouraging “ deadheads” to tape their live shows
  14. Apple The Innovation Tribe Ranks consistently as one of youth's top 3 most trusted youth brands Compare PR of Apple and MS to understand how a tribe works
  15. Japanese Kogyaru Tribe 15-17 Year old High School Girls were using pagers and “txtspk” as early as 1995 long before world's youth had caught on Fierce brand loyalty to Louis Vuitton, Hello Kitty and Burberry before they became mainstream globally late 1990s
  16. Red Bull The Energy Tribe From Air Race to Music Academy Red Bull builds its tribes from the grass roots with little attention to campaigns or brand awareness
  17. Jones Soda & The Tribe for The Little Guy Jones prides itself on being the market upstart against Coke and Pepsi. Ex CEO Van Stolk considered His young consumers, not Jones, as the brand owners “ Make some change, run with the little guy”
  18. Threadless.com and the tribe of creativity Threadless.com not only aims to empower young artists to create their own tees, it also supports them as rising stars of the community through profiling and its training workshops
  19. Scion & Urban Identity Scion & The Urban Tribe Scion isn't trying to sell cars to young consumers ...it's giving them the social fabric they crave ...a community ...an identity … a way of life ...a tribe
  20. “ We want to be led” Seth Godin
  21. “ Give us the tools, make it easy for us and we will join your tribe ” Seth Godin
  22. Without a leader... all of this is worthless
  23. Who are you going to lead?
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