(Graham Brown mobileYouth) I am...not interested in mobile marketing


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Graham Brown from mobileYouth shares insights and conversations with young mobile consumers from mobileYouth.org

(Graham Brown mobileYouth) I am...not interested in mobile marketing

  1. I am your future ...and I'm not interested in Mobile Marketing by mobileYouth.org
  2. I am all your young customers
  3. You are every iPhone owning, twittering mobile exec out there
  4. You talk about “Mobile Marketing” “Value Chains” “Killer Apps” and “End Users”
  5. I talk about boyfriends college and looking good in front of my mates
  6. You wake up thinking about mobile, your products and your focus group results
  7. I wake up thinking about me
  8. You call me a “user”
  9. I do not do drugs
  10. You think a 6 % success rate is a success
  11. 94% of us thought it was a FAIL
  12. You're marketing like it was 1999
  13. I have very little attention or trust to go round My attention is your biggest cost
  14. You talk about “engagement” and being part of our conversations
  15. I say do something remarkable first
  16. You think your mobile marketing campaign is great
  17. I didn't see the moonwalking bear
  18. You say you are cool and relevant to youth
  19. I say stop talking, prove it
  20. You can go home and congratulate yourself on raising your brand awareness through another mobile campaign
  21. I can get on with my life and forget about you
  22. You call us “the connected generation”
  23. I can't remember the last time you weren't on Twitter/ Facebook or using your iPhone
  24. You're plotting your next campaign with your planning agency
  25. I'm plotting to go to RockCorps and Red Bull Music Academy
  26. You think I'm interested in hearing about your latest technology
  27. I'm interested in hearing what you're doing about climate change
  28. You say “how about trying my latest product/ widget/ whatever?”
  29. I say join the queue
  30. You say my 2009 is all about “location”
  31. I say the only location is my place and you've never bothered to visit
  32. You have no idea why I'm interested in your product
  33. That's why you say “I'm going to use it in niche time”
  34. You think that you have a good brand
  35. I think “good” is not good enough
  36. You keep saying I want it free, free, free...
  37. That's because you have no idea what I want
  38. You say I am not the main revenue concern for your industry
  39. I say give us back the $2 trillion you made from SMS That was our discovery, not yours
  40. You say I want fun, cool and entertainment
  41. I say give me something that will help me belong, help me be significant
  42. You think about
  43. I think about
  44. You said 73 % of us were interested in your product
  45. What was your product again?
  46. “ people only care that you know When they know that you care” (z.ziglar
  47. Dedicated to all those writers who really understand youth... * Barking Robot by Derek Baird * Big Brand on Campus by Benjamin Leis * Canadian University Marketing by Morgan Coudray * Change.org’s Millennials Changing America Blog by Alex Steed * China Youth Watch - China Youthology by Lisa Li Yi * Digital Youth Research @ Berkeley * Gen Y Music Marketing and Social Media by Greg Rollett * Hard Knox Life by Dave Knox * How to Break Anything by Kyle Studstill * Mediasnackers by DK * Millenial Marketing by Carol Phillips * Reach Students by Luke Mitchell * Shaping Youth by Amy Jussel * TeenLab at Alcatel Lucent by Jennifer Carole * The Marketing Student by David Fallarme * Three Billion by Paul MacGregor * Tyler Reed (Younique) * Youth Marketing Buzz * Youth Media Reporter by Ingrid Hu Dahl * Ypulse by Anastasia Goodstein, Meredith Sires and Casey Lewis
  48. By Graham Brown Author MobileYouth