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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) #Trends: Youthsourcing
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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) #Trends: Youthsourcing


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Youthsourcing focuses on innovation with youth as a part of ongoing co-created product development …

Youthsourcing focuses on innovation with youth as a part of ongoing co-created product development
- part of the 101 series

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Youthsourcing
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 2. #89
    In every generation it is the Cultural Hackers
    who explore the bounds of technical possibility
    Their Positive Deviance helps us understand the
    potential roles technology can play in our lives
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 3. How to download the slides…
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 4. The Social Thinking Pyramid
    Innovation & Influence
    Cultural Hacking & Youthsourcing
    Optimization of products and marketing
    Day to day brand interaction
    Value derived from
    Social Currency
    drivers, mirror
    Social Survival
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 5. #90
    TraditionalTop-Down Innovation
    Bottom-Up Innovation
    driven by focus group insights and product development department
    driven by front line insights, usage ethnography and youth dialogue
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 6. #91
    Positive Deviance:
    Youth are blessed with an innate sense of play
    A hunger to explore and pushlimits
    In this environment
    they are fearless
    their deviance is a
    force for positivechange
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 7. #92
    This is where innovation is happening
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 8. …and here
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 9. #93
    We fear Youthsourcing because we fear loss of control
    We think leadership means having all the answers
    where actual strength derives from simply saying:
    “I don’t know”
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 10. Every product has scope to be hacked by youth
    It just depends on whether the brand will help them or not
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 11. Every social tool can
    be hackedEvery technology,
    product or brand is
    optimized by youth to
    derive more social
    currency:more ways to belong, more ways to be significant
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 12. That’s why this could
    never happen…
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 13. #94
    If you want to know what
    executives will be doing with their Blackberries
    and iPhones tomorrow , take a look at
    how youth are using them today
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 14. Let’s face it… youth “get it” a lot quicker than adults
    so why do we continue to look to adults for the answers?
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 15. #95
    Innovation is being held back
    by a pervasive myth that you need to be qualified
    to do it whereas the reality is the opposite is true
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 16. Design vs Social Thinking
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 17. Research shows that many decisions
    with disastrous consequences (e.g. air crash,
    surgery) can be avoided if those involved removed
    the “Authority Gradient”
    The same is true of such
    decisions made about
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 18. #96
    Cultural HackersOut there is your
    department of great ideas
    They are happily
    hacking and perverting your product and brand to generate more social currency
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 19. #97
    Co-created product development done well becomes your best marketing strategy.
    Involve them in the story and they will tell all their friends
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 20. The 3 Market Levers
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 21. #98
    Cashless Innovators
    18-24 yr old Male
    More time than money
    Few status symbols
    Seeks significance from
    modding the product
    e.g. rooting Android phones
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 22. #99
    Teenage Pirates
    13-18 yr old
    Key drivers: belonging
    School students
    Little respect for
    Control Ecosystems
    Out of warranty
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 23. #100
    Disruption Divas
    20-29 yr old Female
    Career Oriented
    Admires status symbols of
    previous generation e.g.
    Blackberry – sign of “arrival”
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 24. #101
    Innovation is not born of someone with innovation in their title but countless interactions by day-to-day innovators – normal people looking for a better way of doing things
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 25. Graham Brown
    Since 2001, mobileYouth has been helping companies build bridges with the youth market.Graham is a regular industry commentator on youth media and marketing and has appeared on CNN, CNBC and in the FT, WSJ and Sunday Times
    Graham BrownmobileYouth
  • 26. How to download the slides…
    Graham BrownmobileYouth