(Graham Brown mobileYouth) #Trends: Youthsourcing


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Youthsourcing focuses on innovation with youth as a part of ongoing co-created product development
- part of the 101 series http://www.mobileyouthreport.com/101

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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) #Trends: Youthsourcing

  1. Youthsourcing<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  2. #89<br />In every generation it is the Cultural Hackers<br />who explore the bounds of technical possibility<br />Their Positive Deviance helps us understand the<br />potential roles technology can play in our lives<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  3. How to download the slides…<br />www.MobileYouthReport.com/101<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  4. The Social Thinking Pyramid<br />Innovation & Influence<br />Cultural Hacking & Youthsourcing<br />Change<br />PositiveDeviance<br />Optimization of products and marketing<br />Day to day brand interaction<br />Value derived from<br />products<br />Social Currency<br />Fundamental<br />drivers, mirror<br />neurons<br />Social Survival<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  5. #90<br />TraditionalTop-Down Innovation<br />Youthsourcing<br />Bottom-Up Innovation<br />driven by focus group insights and product development department<br />driven by front line insights, usage ethnography and youth dialogue<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  6. #91<br />Positive Deviance:<br />Youth are blessed with an innate sense of play<br />A hunger to explore and pushlimits<br />In this environment<br />they are fearless<br />their deviance is a <br />force for positivechange<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  7. #92<br />This is where innovation is happening<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  8. …and here<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  9. #93<br />We fear Youthsourcing because we fear loss of control<br />We think leadership means having all the answers<br />where actual strength derives from simply saying:<br />“I don’t know”<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  10. Every product has scope to be hacked by youth<br />It just depends on whether the brand will help them or not<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  11. Every social tool can<br />be hackedEvery technology, <br />product or brand is <br />optimized by youth to <br />derive more social <br />currency:more ways to belong, more ways to be significant <br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  12. That’s why this could<br />never happen…<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  13. #94<br />If you want to know what<br />executives will be doing with their Blackberries <br />and iPhones tomorrow , take a look at <br />how youth are using them today<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  14. Let’s face it… youth “get it” a lot quicker than adults<br />so why do we continue to look to adults for the answers?<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  15. #95<br />Innovation is being held back<br />by a pervasive myth that you need to be qualified<br />to do it whereas the reality is the opposite is true<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  16. Design vs Social Thinking<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  17. Research shows that many decisions<br />with disastrous consequences (e.g. air crash,<br />surgery) can be avoided if those involved removed <br />the “Authority Gradient”<br />The same is true of such <br />decisions made about <br />innovation<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  18. #96<br />Cultural HackersOut there is your<br />department of great ideas<br />They are happily<br />hacking and perverting your product and brand to generate more social currency<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  19. #97<br />Co-created product development done well becomes your best marketing strategy.<br />Involve them in the story and they will tell all their friends<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  20. The 3 Market Levers<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  21. #98<br />Cashless Innovators<br />18-24 yr old Male<br />Student<br />More time than money<br />Few status symbols<br />Seeks significance from<br />modding the product<br />e.g. rooting Android phones<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  22. #99<br />Teenage Pirates<br />13-18 yr old<br />Key drivers: belonging<br />School students<br />Little respect for<br />Control Ecosystems<br />Hand-me-down<br />Out of warranty<br />Iphones<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  23. #100<br />Disruption Divas<br />20-29 yr old Female<br />Career Oriented<br />Admires status symbols of <br />previous generation e.g.<br />Blackberry – sign of “arrival”<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  24. #101<br />Innovation is not born of someone with innovation in their title but countless interactions by day-to-day innovators – normal people looking for a better way of doing things<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  25. Graham Brown<br />mobileYouth<br />Since 2001, mobileYouth has been helping companies build bridges with the youth market.Graham is a regular industry commentator on youth media and marketing and has appeared on CNN, CNBC and in the FT, WSJ and Sunday Times<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  26. How to download the slides…<br />www.MobileYouthReport.com/101<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />