(Graham Brown mobileYouth) #Trends: Content vs Context


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Social thinking for brands
part of the 101 series

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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) #Trends: Content vs Context

  1. Content vsContext<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  2. #01<br /> Don’t confuse content with context. <br />One is what you make.<br />The other iswhat you mean<br />Mean<br />Make<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  3. How to download the slides…<br />www.MobileYouthReport.com/101<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  4. #02<br />Social Packaging<br />Context<br />Your Product<br />Content<br />Think of your product as content and the social packaging as its context Now think of ways to increase the value of the context and reduce the cost of the content<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />Graham Brown www.allissocial.com<br />
  5. #03<br />Badge of peer group inclusion<br />Ideas and memes to create social currency<br />Opportunity to hack product to demonstrate status<br />Stay in touch with friends<br />Status display<br />Mobile phone orSocial tool?<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  6. This is more than “fun, cool and personalization”<br />This is more than “self-expression and identity”<br />…this is about social survival<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  7. #04<br />Your brain is a very powerful context builder. In this example, you’ll see how good it is as making sense out of the nonsensical<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  8. #05<br />Similarly, context is very difficult to un-learn<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  9. In every interaction, brand message and product<br />we “see” the content but “feel” the context<br />and it’s the feeling we buy…<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  10. #06<br />Content<br />vsContext<br />If it was simply about Content then why would anybody buy a product that killed them?<br />Logic<br />vs<br />Emotion<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  11. #07<br />Content<br />vsContext<br />Logic<br />vs<br />Emotion<br />If it was simply about Content then why would we need to be reminded that our mobile phones aren’t as important as our lives?<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  12. #08<br />We buy on emotion and justify with logic<br />We buy context and justify it with the content<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  13. #09<br />Everything is a social tool<br />– interchangable, comparable and replacable<br />US Mobile Phone Ownership Rates <br />% Usage<br />14-22 yr olds<br />US Smoking Rates <br />source mobileYouth 2011<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  14. #10<br />Social Thinking is they way we view our product<br />Every product, brand or marketingmessage is<br />a tool to help youth fulfill their 2 key drivers<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  15. #11<br />EarlyTeens<br />Young Adults<br />Late<br />Teens<br />Students<br />Need to belong(Peer group reinforcement)<br />Underpinning all youth behavior are <br />2 timeless drivers<br />Need to be significant(Status)<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  16. How to download the slides…<br />www.MobileYouthReport.com/101<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  17. #12<br />How can you help me belong?<br />How can you help me be significant?<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  18. #13<br />Flashmob ≠ Social Thinking<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  19. #14<br />Facebook Fan Page ≠ Social Thinking<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  20. #15<br />Social Media ≠ Social ThinkingAllmediaissocialIf it’s not social it isn’t media. “Social Media” suggests there should be “media” and a “social” variant. This style of thinking permits traditional “media” to be non-social. That’s why we need to stop thinking in terms of “media” and “social media” because it makes us focus on media format not function.<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  21. #16<br />The Social Thinking Pyramid<br />Innovation & Influence<br />Change<br />Cultural Hacking & Youthsourcing<br />PositiveDeviance<br />Optimization of products and marketing<br />Day to day brand interaction<br />Value derived from<br />products<br />Social Currency<br />Fundamental<br />drivers, mirror<br />neurons<br />Social Survival<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  22. #17<br />The traditional/non-traditional marketing<br />debate has wrongly focused on medium<br />“Traditional” is defined not by media choice<br />but whether it focuses on creating content or context<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  23. #18<br />Marketing should not be divorced from our<br />day-to-day existence. We live and breathe to<br />to connect with others and marketing needs<br />to become part of this reality rather than<br />an interruption to it<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  24. #19<br />Think less “digital native”<br />and more “disconnected generation”.<br />Here is a generation not allowed to play outside, speak to<br />strangers,uprooted from traditional collective communities<br />and transplanted into faceless cities<br />no wonder they place value on tools that help them connect<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  25. #20<br />Mobile is one tool for youth<br />to find and reclaim lost social space<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  26. #21<br />Moving from communal to independent existence<br />youth lose their inherited social infrastructure. <br />Every product, technology or trend becomes<br />an opportunity to reclaim that sense of community <br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  27. #22<br />If anything, this generation is Generation “O” <br />Generation “Optimization”<br />They constantly optimize their relationships with <br />brands, technologies, peers and even governments<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  28. #23<br />Brands lose youth when they build walls<br />We build walls when we try to protect<br />Like water, Generation O will find a way<br />through the cracks<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  29. #24<br />With each new piece of information or updated interaction<br />youth are subconsciously asking… <br />“Which gives me the most Social Currency<br />bang for my buck?”<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  30. #25<br />We are largely unaware of these social realities because<br />we cannot see life without them. It’s like being “aware”<br />of the speed the Earth revolves around The Sun<br />to us these realities are relative constants, so invisible<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  31. #26<br />Don’t fall in love with the product<br />Fall in love with<br />what the product does for them<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  32. Graham Brown<br />mobileYouth<br />Since 2001, mobileYouth has been helping companies build bridges with the youth market.Graham is a regular industry commentator on youth media and marketing and has appeared on CNN, CNBC and in the FT, WSJ and Sunday Times<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />
  33. How to download the slides…<br />www.MobileYouthReport.com/101<br />Graham BrownmobileYouth<br />