(Graham Brown mobileYouth) #Trends 10 Key Youth Marketing Concepts Explained


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by Graham Brown mobileYouth
part of the 101 series http://www.mobileyouthreport.com/101

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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) #Trends 10 Key Youth Marketing Concepts Explained

  1. 10 Key! Youth Marketing Concepts Explained by Graham Brown mobileYouthGraham Brown" mobileYouth
  2. #01$ Social Packaging CONTEXT Your Product CONTENT Think of your product as content and the social packaging as its context " " Now think of ways to increase the value of the context and reduce the cost of the content Graham Brown"Graham Brown www.allissocial.com mobileYouth
  3. #02$ Early" Late Students Young Teens Teens Adults Need to belong" (Peer group reinforcement) Underpinning all youth behavior are 2 timeless drivers Need to be significant" (Status) Graham Brown" mobileYouth
  4. #03$ The Social Thinking PyramidInnovation &Influence Change Cultural Hacking & YouthsourcingOptimization of products Positive"and marketing Deviance Day to day brandValue derived from Social Currency interactionproductsFundamentaldrivers, mirror Social Survivalneurons Graham Brown" mobileYouth
  5. #04$ The rising cost of youth attention attention Supply of Demand Demand Demand 1990 1970 2010 As demand for youth attention increases (multiple media channels, increasing number of messages) and supply (24hrs a day) remain fixed, the price increases exponentially Youth Attention You$ are$ Price 2010 Here$ Youth Attention Price 1990 Youth Attention Price 1970 Graham Brown" mobileYouth
  6. #05$ Paid vs Earned Media Paid$Media$ Earned$Media$ Approach$ Media$buy$ Lines$of$influence$ Tac8cs$ Celebrity,$big$idea,$ Co>crea8on,$fanspo?ng,$ sponsorship$ youthsourcing$ Impact$ Short$spike$ Long$term$organic$ Spread$ 100%$of$market$ 10%$beachhead$ Measure$ Awareness,$top$of$mind$ Recommenda8on$&$EMIs$ Engagement$ Like$the$brand$ Love$the$brand$ Decision$process$ Which$media$to$buy?$ Which$fans$to$engage?$ Graham Brown" mobileYouth
  7. #06$ Brand Management vs Brand Democracy Brand$Management$ Brand$Democracy$ Our$role$ Manage$and$protect$brand$ Custodians$of$brand$ Tools$ Adver8sing,$new$media$ Permission$Assets$ Win$youth$aQen8on$ Buy$it$ Earn$it$ Tac8cs$ Mass$marke8ng$ Fanspo?ng$ Metaphor$ Ge?ng$elected$ Nurturing$love$ Planning$ Spend$budget$ Invest$budget$ Innova8on$ Product$development$ Youthsourcing$ Narra8ve$ Tell$the$brand$story$ Help$youth$tell$their$story$ View$customers$as$ Des8na8ons$ Partners$ Point$of$sale$ Marke8ng$ends$here$ Marke8ng$starts$here$ Brand$measure$ Reach$ Influence$ Insights$ Focus$groups$ The$field$ Graham Brown" mobileYouth
  8. #07$ WHY AWARENESS MEANS NOTHING Sell to the sold BEACHHEAD The “Sold”" Fans who love your product already and MASS MARKET want to get The “Unsold”" involved Customers and prospects who are aware of and like your product Graham Brown" mobileYouth
  9. #08$ Customers vs Fans Customers$ Fans$ Defini8on$ People$who$buy$ People$who$recommend$ Measure$ Sales,$awareness$ Recommenda8on$ Rela8onship$ Like$brand$ Love$brand$ Market$composi8on$ 100%$of$market$ 10%$beachhead$ Iden8fica8on$ Difficult$to$iden8fy$ Hands>up$individuals$who$ want$to$get$involved$ Customer$influence$ 1:1$ from$10:1$to$100:1$ Other$net$benefits?$ Size$of$market$ Lower$SACs$ Agencies$trained$on$model$ Lower$Account$Mgt$Costs$ Educate$other$customers$ Responsive$to$PR$&$Mktg$ Graham Brown" mobileYouth
  10. #09$ Traditional" Youthsourcing Top-Down Innovation Bottom-Up Innovation driven by focus group driven by front line insights and product insights, usage ethnography development department and youth dialogue Graham Brown" mobileYouth
  11. #10$ Design vs Social Thinking Design$Thinking$ Social$Thinking$ Source$ Brilliant$Design$ Posi8ve$Deviance$ Innovators$ The$skilled$few$ The$unskilled$mass$ Innova8on$is$ Something$you$pay$for$ Already$out$there$ Players$ Agencies,$consultants$ Your$customers$ Typical$case$study$outputs$ A$cleverly$designed$ SMS,$BBM,$Facebook,$ vacuum$cleaner$ Ringtones,$MP3s,$Mobile$ Music$ Market$research$ Designer$looks$in$mirror$in$ Ac8ve$dialogue$and$ the$morning$ immersion$in$the$field$ Graham Brown" mobileYouth
  12. Graham Brown mobileYouth " Since 2001, mobileYouth has been helping companies build bridges with the youth market." " Graham is a regular industry commentator on youth media and marketing and has appeared on CNN, CNBC and in the FT, WSJ and Sunday TimesGraham Brown" mobileYouth
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