(Graham Brown mobileYouth) 50 Youth Marketing Keywords You Need to Know PART FOUR


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Graham Brown mobileYouth.org presents part 3 in a new 5 part series covering the 50 keywords and phrases youth marketers need to know.

Keywords featured: parameters of experience, partnership marketing, passionistas, pepsi generation, the pie, pipelines, platforms, relevance, revenue ceiling, service

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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) 50 Youth Marketing Keywords You Need to Know PART FOUR

  1. 50 Youth marketing keywords you need to know Part Four (31-40) (Parameters of Experience to Service) A new 5 part series by Graham Brown mobileYouth.org
  2. A new 5 part series by Graham Brown mobileYouth.org Successful technologies work within the parameters of consumer experience - enhancing existing behaviors rather than expecting customers to follow new ones. 31 Parameters of Experience TV is a social experience. Mobile TV has mostly been, however, a viewing experience seeking to enhance the visual as opposed to the social benefit to the consumer.
  3. 32 Partnership Marketing What Red Bull knows that Pepsi doesn’t is that their best marketers are the customers. Are you marketing to or marketing with youth?
  4. 33 Passionistas Stop wasting your time on trying to convert the unconverted . Find that 10% of your market already sold on your product and give them something to care about
  5. 34 The Pepsi Generation Pepsi, “the choice of a generation”: * Tell them you’re cool * Tell them in a BIG way * Keep telling them You cannot buy youth Brandwidth like this any more you need to earn it Youth have moved on but we’re still marketing like it’s 1969
  6. 35 The Pie All growth is displacement all consumption is opportunity cost Which product offers me the most Social Currency bang for my buck?
  7. 36 Pipelines The marketing legacy of an industrial society * Build product * Advertise * Attract Customers Pipelines are failing because the way they build Brandwidth is not only ineffective, it’s damaging. The future lies in Platforms
  8. 37 Plaforms Don’t sell the product, sell the ability to connect customers How do brands such as Red Bull and Jones Soda make their customers care about fizzy flavored soda in a can where Pepsi fails? The difference is simple – one is looking for customers for its products while the others are finding products for their customers.
  9. 38 Relevance Don’t be good be relevant Youth no longer need to compromize so big means nothing. Youth seek out the most relevant Social Currency for their lifestyle Brands are slowing waking up to the realization that advertising Reach no longer works.
  10. 39 Revenue Ceiling The Revenue Ceiling is real. It’s no longer acceptable to state that the growth story lies one technological evolution away because that only offers cannibalization of existing revenues. . The Growth Story CEOs need is one based on reduced overhead, increased margins, better account management, lower churn rates, higher levels of customer advocacy – stories based on the bottom not top line
  11. 40 Service Customer Service is your Best Marketing Strategy Where else do you have a dialogue in your business that can convert disaffected customers, relay new product launches, gain valuable product insights and feedback?
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