NFC – Moving Beyond Payments
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NFC – Moving Beyond Payments



NFC – Moving Beyond Payments- 02 andrew bocking

NFC – Moving Beyond Payments- 02 andrew bocking



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NFC – Moving Beyond Payments NFC – Moving Beyond Payments Presentation Transcript

  • Contactless Services: Bridging Physical and Virtual WorldsAndrew Bocking, VP – Handheld Software Product Management
  • NFC Contactless Adoption is Gaining Globally Shipments of contactless bank payment cards will grow by almost 30% in 2011,● Leading vendors will be offering NFC- following a nearly 50% jump in 2010 capable smartphones starting in 2011 (Eurosmart)● Contactless cards and POS terminals “NFC embedded smartphones CAGR 2010 – 2015: 202.3%” – ABI, Jan are accelerating in deployment 2011 “Visa Europe predicts … 20 million Visa-● NFC technology and ecosystems are branded contactless cards on issue and 60,000 maturing point-of-sale terminals … by the end of 2011 in the UK”● Business models and partnerships are emerging regionally● Use cases NFC can enable to simplify user s lives are becoming user’s more clear
  • NFC – Becoming a Standard Embedded Technology● 2011 is set to be a pivotal year for NFC becoming a standard technology in p smartphones NFC Enabled Phones – By Region● Going forward NFC will be as 100,000.0 80,000.0 common and ‘must have as must have’ nds Thousan 60,000.0 Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS to 40,000.0 20,000.0 enable various short range 0.0 “Tap” use cases 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Source: Yankee Asia‐Pacific EMEA Latin America North America Group – Dec, 2010
  • NFC Ecosystem Adoption is Growing Rapidly● Carriers – Joint Ventures such as ISIS and other initiatives● Banks & Payment Networks● Trusted Service Managers (TSM)● Retailers and Transit Vendors● Loyalty and Stored Value Card Providers● Access Control Providers
  • NFC as a Bridge between Virtual and Physical Worlds● Retail transactions● Public transportation● Building and venue entrance● Social interactions and Identity sharing● Accessories● and much more…
  • BlackBerry – Enabling Various NFC Use Cases● Tag Reading and Emulating (Smart Posters) – Informational, Marketing/Ads, etc. Transportation Mobile Payments● Accessories – smart docks Bluetooth docks, headsets, intelligent Bluetooth audio streaming, etc. One Touch● Social Interactions – Exchange contact cards, Building Access Pairing (BT) photo sharing, become BBM buddies, etc. NFC-enabled● M Commerce Transit, Ticketing, Payment M-Commerce – Transit Ticketing Payment, BlackBerry Coupons, etc. Smart posters/ One Touch Loyalty cards Contact Exchange● Building and Venue Access● 3rd Party API’s to enable the community Event Ticketing
  • BlackBerry live at Mobile World Congress 2011 www blackberry com/mwc11& follow us @BlackBerryScene