Industry Wide Solution for Enabling Global IP Service Intercon Steve Granek NeuStar


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Industry Wide Solution for Enabling Global IP Service Intercon Steve Granek NeuStar

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Industry Wide Solution for Enabling Global IP Service Intercon Steve Granek NeuStar

  1. 1. “An Industry Wide Solution For Enabling Global IP Service Interconnect”Confidential 2
  2. 2. What’s New About Interconnect / Interoperability? Support Multiple Services & Applications – Not just voice – Multiple networks and access points – Different points are using different technologies – Wide range of devices / wide variety of capabilities – Multiple identities / destinations – Number Portability and data correction – Not Just In Future – Growing Issues Now ENUM Designed For This Complexity – NAPTR URIs for each service type ….E2U+SIP, E2U+MMS, E2U+SMS, … – Plus NAPTR service tags to identify any additional service capabilities of the user – Usable for NP lookups as well - bridge to futureConfidential 3
  3. 3. Today Industry Must Solve Scalable IP Interconnect Promise of IP Networks – Lower Costs / Reduce OPEX – Enrich current services NGN IMS – Launch New Service / Add New Revenue Operator Deployment Strategy NGN Hybrid – Build “Own Network” First – Initially Rely On PSTN For Interconnect – Migrate To Native IP Interconnect – Test IP Interconnect via Bilaterals No “Pure” IMS Models Today – Carriers Networks Are Not All The Same Varied IMS, NGN & Hybrid Networks • IMS NGN • Most Interconnect Is Service Specific To Date Challenges – Economics & Organization of Global System – Utility Now, Clear Path To Future Hybrid IMS • Now - Match TNs w/ Operators - Number Portability • Emerging - Discovery of IP Service Gateways – Business & Network Realities Require ‘Hubbing’ – Must Enable Real Interconnect Models - Carrier/IPX – Must enable rich services interoperabilityConfidential 4
  4. 4. ENUM Technology Is Key Specified In All Major NGN Architectures Single Root Global ENUM DNS Tree Tier 0 – Tier 0 links to all Country Code registries – Tier 1 links to Operator Tier 2 registries Key Enabler of Scalable Global Interop Tier 1 Tier 1 Tier 1 – Between Countries – Between Networks Tier 2 Tier 2 Tier 2 Tier 2 – Between Service Islands Tier 2 Tier 2 Tier 2 Tier 2 Classic Globally Interoperable ENUM Architecture ‐ One number to use ‐ ‐ One place to look it up ‐ ‐ Worldwide ‐Confidential 5
  5. 5. What’s Different About PathFinder? Compliant With ENUM Standards, But More Enables Global Discovery Of Service Gateways By TN GSMA Terms of Use Oversight Ensures Trusted Environment – “No Games” Simplifies Destination Discovery Rich Policy Tools To Ensure Operator Control Assure Destination Is Authoritative And Number Portability Corrected Provides ENUM Front End To Global Number Resolution - Ensures Immediate Utility Global Industry Global Industry Numbering Data Numbering Data Query for Service Provision / Advertise Data Destination Gateway IMS IMS DeliverConfidential Classic Carrier ENUM Architecture 6
  6. 6. PathFinder Is Built For Business Allows Continuation of Existing Business Relationships / Commercial Models – Leverages Current Carrier / Intermediary Interconnect Roles – Minimizes Demand For OSS Upgrades And Changes Enables Innovation In Business Relationships / Commercial Models – Foundation for IPX multilateral ‘hubbing’ model – Extends/Enhances Value Of Carrier/IPX Services Enables Operators To Pursue Outsource Strategies Where Desirable MNO Carrier / IPX FNOConfidential 7
  7. 7. PathFinder Enables Critical Business Flexibility Direct Peering Policy controls can customize Bill & Keep responses for each trading partner Or SP SP Settlement Peering arrangements – Bilateral and Multilateral Settlement – – Direct and via transit carriers / IPXs Settlement-free & fee-based Bilateral SP $ $ SP – Transit Carrier/IPX Cascading Payments Settlement – Premium Services Multilateral SP $ $ Authoritative vs. non-authoritative SP Transit SP Carrier/IPX information SP Policy Is Essential For Real World Business ModelsConfidential 8
  8. 8. PathFinder Partner Program PathFinder Must Co-Exist In The “Real World” Ensuring This Requires Active Outreach To Parties In ‘Ecosystem’ – To Ensure Interoperability – To Ensure Cooperative Delivery Of Greater Value To Industry – To Ensure ‘Deploy-ability’ and Usability Announced First 2 Certified Partners In November – Acme Packet – Telarix Momentum Growing: Newly Certified Partners – Genband – Sonus – NetNumberConfidential 9
  9. 9. Example PathFinder Policy Tools In ActionConfidential 10
  10. 10. Custom Provisioning For Trusted Partners Provisioning Originating Operator Operators s Rule nect Int ercon Qu & TNs ery /Re Query/Response spo Trusted Bilateral nse Trading Partner MAY Get MAY Get Operator C Operator Service Operator Service Location Location Gateway Gateway Presence Presence Addresses Addresses SBC Operator A SBC SMSC SMSC MMSC MMSC MMT Gets Operator Gets Operator MMT Svc Hubs Service Gateway Service Gateway Addresses Addresses Proxy Proxy Trusted Carrier / IPX Simple Provisioning With Full Operator Control Trusted Partners (Carrier / IPX & Direct Trading Partners) May Discover Actual Service GWs Carrier / IPX May Be Provisioning Agent If Operator Desires Full OutsourceConfidential 11
  11. 11. Resulting Traffic/Media Flows - Trusted Parties Provisioning Originating Operator Operators Trusted Bilateral Trading Partner Operator C Location Location Presence Presence Traffic via Carrier/IPX or Private Peering SBC Operator A SBC SMSC SMSC MMSC MMSC MMT MMT Svc Hubs Proxy Proxy Trusted Carrier / IPX Traffic May Flow Through Carrier/IPS OR Bilaterally As DesirableConfidential 12
  12. 12. Provisioning Carrier/IPX As “Firewall” For Others Provisioning Originating Operator Operators s Rule nect Int ercon & TNs Q ue ry /R es po ns e Operator A No Direct Svc Hubs Trading Relationship Gets Operator’s Gets Operator’s Proxy Proxy Operator D IPX Partner IPX Partner Service Trusted Service Addresses Addresses Carrier / IPX Where No Business Relationship Exists - Response Is Carrier / IPX Allows Simple Implementation of IPX Interconnect / Charging PrinciplesConfidential 13
  13. 13. Resulting Traffic/Media Flows - Other Parties Provisioning Originating Operator Operators Location Location Presence Presence SBC Operator A SBC SMSC SMSC MMSC MMSC No Direct MMT MMT Svc Hubs Trading Relationship Proxy Proxy Operator D Trusted Carrier / IPX Where No Business Relationship Exists - Traffic Flows Via Carrier/IPX Realizing Benefits Of IPX Environment Is Simplified Via PathFinderConfidential 14
  14. 14. Example: Benefits of Global LNP ResolutionConfidential 15
  15. 15. Growth of LNP Drives Cost Uncertainties Originating Block Holder Network Network $ - Dip Fee Intl GW Carrier / IPX $ - Rerouting FeeDial +TN Recipient Network Intl GW Country A Country A Country B Country B $ - > Termination Fee No port correction by International network leads to extra costs – May require port correction at donor network by dip or onward routing => extra cost – Recipient network rating => potential for extra cost with higher terminating fees Results in sub-optimal use of on/off-net termination contract bundles – Unpredictable bills in arrears – Often unrecoverable Confidential 16
  16. 16. PathFinder For Global LNP Resolution Originating Network Return RN + TN Operator BDial +TN Operator A Operator C Correct Carrier / IPX Recipient Network Originating Operator Passes Off-Net Interconnect Traffic To Carrier / IPX Carrier / IPX Uses PathFinder For Global LNP Correction Routes Via Optimal Route / Correct Terminating Network Fewest Hops, Optimal Service Quality, Lowest Cost, Best Contract Choice Works For Legacy and IP Services Confidential 17
  17. 17. Features / Benefits of PathFinder - Summary PathFinder Features Overview – Managed Service - Full / Partial Outsource IMS NGN – Compatible With Operator Infrastructure – Open - MNO, FNO, IPX, Carriers, etc. NGN Hybrid – Number Owner (or delegate) Controls Data – Number Holder Retains Ownership Of Data – Secure / Private – Pragmatic Solutions To Most Complex Problems • Creation of a Global Navigation Hierarchy • Economics of Adoption IMS NGN Solves the “getting started” issue – May be used as a national database (Tier 1) – May be used as an operator database (Tier 2) Hybrid IMS – Allows operators to move at varying pace – Eliminates Bilateral Negotiations for ENUMConfidential 18
  18. 18. Bringing Together Next Generation Interconnect IPX: Enabling Trusted Traffic Flow & Commercial Framework For Scale PathFinder Local Local ENUM ENUM PathFinder: The Addressing Foundation For Next Generation Interconnect An Industry Utility For Simplified Addressing / Routing For All PartiesConfidential 19
  19. 19. Thank You Steve Granek steve.granek@neustar.bizConfidential 20