Global SIP Routing and Role of Carrier Enum, John Baldwin, Ericsson


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Global SIP Routing and Role of Carrier Enum, John Baldwin, Ericsson

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Global SIP Routing and Role of Carrier Enum, John Baldwin, Ericsson

  1. 1. Global SIP Routing andthe Role of Carrier ENUM John Baldwin
  2. 2. Introduction Industry Collaboration Standards SIP Profiling Packet Based Routing Service Technology Deployment Product •Interconnect Topology •SIP Routing Analysis Trials •Carrier ENUM Business frameworkMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 3 (21) 2009-02-13
  3. 3. Background Industry Assets Global Addressing Global Connectivity (E.164 Numbers) (interconnect) GSMA Industry Initiatives IPX Carrier ENUM Packet Voice Interconnect RCS Use of IPX & SIP-I Enrichment of CS voice Ericsson promote and influence how these fit together across interconnected networks. This supports deployment of Packet Based ServicesMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 4 (21) 2009-02-13
  4. 4. Global SIP Routing Technology
  5. 5. Migration Path Needed to All IP IP based Interconnects gives All IP – Better end-to-end quality TrFO – New & Enriched Services (RCS) Migration path should consider – Parallel TDM & IP networks – Different Network Topology with IP – Number Portability – Services like RCS have CS & IMS components Help is needed and is at HandMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 6 (21) 2009-02-13
  6. 6. Routing Requirements Operator wants to control routing across their network, based on – Origination – Destination – Service (e.g. videoshare, IM ) Wildcards could apply to the above, e.g. – All IM traffic exits via a particular gateway – All traffic from a Region enters via a particular gateway Carrier has same requirements GW GW control where traffic control which interconnect is used enters Operator GW GWMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 7 (21) 2009-02-13
  7. 7. Global Network Topology PSTN SIP R SIP R R SP SIP R SP Carriers SIP R R R R SIP SIP SP IP Backbone SP SIP Aware BackboneMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 8 (21) 2009-02-13
  8. 8. Originating Routing Analysis How to start the routing analysis ? Country code analysis is not enough – May have direct IP interconnect to far country E.164 Identify Destination Operator Apply local routing analysis 1. Map E.164 to Destination Operator 1. Look at available interconnects 2. Determine SIP Next Hop 3. Determine Link to Next HopMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 9 (21) 2009-02-13
  9. 9. Routing Example 1. Determine Dest Op 2. Determine SIP Next Hop Carrier 3. Determine Link SIP R SIP R R SP SIP R Orig SP Carriers SIP R R R R SIP SIP SP SPMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 10 (21) 2009-02-13
  10. 10. Role of Carrier ENUM Carrier ENUM E.164 Identify Destination Operator Apply local routing analysis Map E.164 to Dest Operator 1. Look at available interconnects 2. Determine SIP Next Hop 3. Determine Link to Next HopMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 11 (21) 2009-02-13
  11. 11. Connected Networks Root Carrier Carrier ENUM ENUM Local Local Enum Enum DB DB BG BG Interconnect Interconnect BG BG SP SP sip:+447801123456@mnc001.mcc234.3gppnetwork.orgMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 12 (21) 2009-02-13
  12. 12. Benefits of Carrier ENUM Co-ordinated Data management – Each Operator publishes their own data Single Global Resource – Available to all members for basic functionality With data properties needed for NP Data – Uptodate – Highly Available – Globally Available – Trusted – Secure A big step for ENUM technology – Registry concept is good – Basing on GRX DNS is goodMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 13 (21) 2009-02-13
  13. 13. Number Portability Solution Migration Carrier Carrier PLMN ENUM ENUM NPDB DNS MAP ENUM/ ENUM/ ENUM DNS Enum DNS OpDB Server OpDB Server IWF IMS IMS MSS SIP (IMS) SIP (IMS) PLMN Call control Call control Call controlMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 14 (21) 2009-02-13
  14. 14. RCS – Rich communications based on Phase 1 OMA Presence Simple E.164 Presence incl. Capability Exchange based on GSMA PRD IR.74 Video Share based on Image Share GSMA PRD IR.79 based on Messaging (One-Shot, Ad-Hoc Group, File- OMA Simple IM Transfer) SIP, MSRP IMS CS Voice CSMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 15 (21) 2009-02-13
  15. 15. RCS based upon existing E.164 Voice Interconnect with MNP MSS MSS SP SP Carrier ENUM IMS IMS IMS Interconnect with MNP RCS drives IMS Interconnect RCS drives IMS MNPMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 16 (21) 2009-02-13
  16. 16. Other FactorsBeyond Technology
  17. 17. GSMA Work Business Framework – How ENUM works for benefit of all parties – 3rd Party Management of ENUM Root Industry Collaboration – Needed for new Technology – Need to build trust Standards Profiling work Ericsson SIP-I Trials supporting Carrier ENUM PathFinder Trials theseMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 18 (21) 2009-02-13
  18. 18. Ericsson IPWorks - ENUM Carrier PLMN ENUM NPDB DNS MAP IPWorks DNS/DHCP IPWorks ENUM DNS/DHCP Server in Enum ENUM/ •Specialised ENUM Server DNS OpDB Server •Based upon MySql 100+ GPRS Networks IWF •Already delivered worldwide •Tier 1 or Tier 2 •Multiple Views IMS SIP (IMS) Call controlMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 19 (21) 2009-02-13
  19. 19. Ericsson IMS market positionPublic references – Telefonica Ericsson has signed 60* IMS system contracts for – TDC – Elion commercial launch. All based on the IMS standard. – Commander – – Meditel Softbank 36 of these contracts have been deployed and are – – Sprint KPN running live commercial traffic – Vodafone Portugal – Beijing Netcom (CNC) All IMS contracts include a CSCF and HSS and – FarEasTone – Vodafone Czech Republic may include one or more of the following : – – Mobistar – IP Telephony, IP Centrex, Messaging, Push to Talk, – Vipnet – TIM weShare, and Presence – Optimus – Mobilcom Austria – Hellas on Line They are distributed over Americas, Europe, Asia- – Cyta – Tele Greenland Pacific and Africa and include Fixed network – – Vodafone Iceland Invitel, Hungary implementations, GSM/GPRS, WCDMA/HSPA * In addition to these 60 contracts, which aim for commercial launches, Ericsson has performed a large amount of IMS trials. However, Ericsson does not count trials any longer.MWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 20 (21) 2009-02-13
  20. 20. Conclusion Prime Role for Carrier ENUM is – Map E.164 to Destination Operator – Simplify Number Portability – Global resource RCS is a driver for – IMS interconnect & Carrier ENUM Ericsson plays a lead role – IMS & IPWorks Products are Available – Certified against GSMA Pathfinder GSMA plays an essential co-ordination role – Industry collaboration – Trials Pathfinder with Neustar IPX & RCS trialsMWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 21 (21) 2009-02-13
  21. 21. MWC 2009 Commercial in confidence 22 (21) 2009-02-13