Feb 2009 PIM - Personal Instant Messaging Seminar – Barcelona 2009


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PIM - Personal Instant Messaging Seminar – Barcelona 2009

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Feb 2009 PIM - Personal Instant Messaging Seminar – Barcelona 2009

  1. 1. Personal Instant MessagingSeminar – Barcelona 2009
Pavel Roytberg
Product Director
  2. 2. MTS Group at a glance  Operating in 6 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia   Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Armenia   Population coverage area of over 230 million people   91.7 million total subscribers as of September 2008  Mobile broadband solutions:   Launch of 3G/HSPA networks in Russia and Uzbekistan in 2008   Launch of CDMA-450 broadband data network in Ukraine in 2007  MTS is one of Russiaʼs top corporations   Rated one of the most transparent companies in Russia by Standard & Poorʼs   Corporate Governance Ratings: -  Standard & Poorʼs CGS (intʼl) 7; CGS (natʼl) 7.3   Credit Ratings: -  Moodyʼs Ba2/ Outlook Positive -  Standard & Poorʼs BB/ Outlook Positive -  Fitch BB+/ Outlook Negative  MTS named as BRANDZ™ Top 100 Most Powerful Brands   MTS first and only Russian company to be included   Enters global rankings at #89 with a brand value of over $8 billionMTS Group Overview 2
  3. 3. MTS Russia overview  Founded in 1993; commercial launch of operations in 1994 in Moscow:   GSM 900/1800 licenses for entire territory (excluding Penza and Chechnya regions)   Renewed brand image in May 2006   Awarded 3G license in April 2007   3G network launched in May 2008 Moscow Moscow Key facts about Russia**  Key market indicators of MTS Russia:   Population: 141.4 mln   Subscribers: 61,882,046*   Population density: 8 per km2   GDPNOM: $1,778.69 bn (2008E)   Subscriber market share: 34.5%*   GDPREAL growth: +6.8% (2008E in natʼl currency)***   Penetration: 123.7%*   GDPPPP : $2,285.21 bn (2008E)   GDPPPP growth: +9.4% (2008E) **Source: IMF, October 2008* As of September 30, 2008; source for market data AC&M-Consulting ***Source: IMF, November 2008 3
  4. 4. MTS: Messaging ServicesTask for 2009 : to keep dynamic growth Expected Revenue Increase in 2009: +12,4% Expected SMS MOU in 2009 (per month): 65 SMS Expected revenue increase from SMS roamers: >35%Assuming average value of messaging APPM, revenue increase will be based on launching SMS&MMSbundles and additional messaging services targeted to Internet users:  Mobile Mail Instant Messaging 4
  5. 5. IM market in Russia  IM users in Russia ~ 20 mln (50% of Internet users)  ISP IM share market:-  ICQ has the largest market share beacuse it was the first player on the Russian IM market. A numberof independent software developers are writing ICQ clients (QIP, Miranda, Agilemobile, IM+ etc.). -  Mail.ru Agent is a proprietary IM of Mail.ru, the biggest free mail portal in Russia with over 30Msubscribers.-  MSN messenger is mostly used as a corporate messenger. 5
  6. 6. Interconnect: history of the project   While launching IM service, MTS discussed the idea of joint IM community with ICQ and Mail.ru. ICQ and Mail.ru rejected the proposed model of cooperation, willing to promote their own branded services.   After the test launch of Chat service, Big Three Russian operators reached an agreement on joint IM community.   It was agreed to accept MTS proposal to brand joint IM service as “Chat” 6
  7. 7. Mobile IM: current situation• launched: March 2008 • launched: April 2007 • launched: December 2008• clients available: embedded, • clients available: embedded, • clients available: embeddedJ2Me, Symbian, PC J2Me, Symbian, PC • MIM model: own community• MIM model: own community • MIM model: own community • interworking: in progress• interworking: in progress • interworking: in progress 7
  8. 8. MTS statisticsDecember 2008 Dec-08 – Jan-09 Traffic StatisticsNumber of Chat users – 283 966 (based on tracking of 250 most active users) -  Number of messages sent in 2 months - 176 594 -  Average number of messages per day – 2 850 -  Average number of messages per day per subscriber – 12 -  All most active subscribers are using Chat roomsEven for a relatively low number of subscribers, MOU per subscriber is rather high. 8
  9. 9. Problems and SolutionsProblem Solution applied Difficult to connect to the service Service activation and settings download in one commandPC client design Several new designs were developedUnstable service operation Reduction of maintenance time, use of upgrade packsProblem Solution planned Small user base Interconnect with Beeline and Megafon (March 2009)Limited number of J2ME clients, lack IM service Roadmap for 2009of WEB and WAP clients 9
  10. 10. Interconnect featuresParameter MTS Beeline MegafonService Name ChatDate of launch March 2008Common IM community   Common promotion campaign   Messaging features   Presence features   Contact list features   Group communication features    10
  11. 11. MIM Roadmap   Enhance the service - all messages sent to the special virtual contact will be published in IM Blogging & blog or on social network page Social networks Bots in - virtual contacts in IM contact list: news, finance, sport, weather, TV contact list program, translator Integration - SDK will allow MTS to create new content IM based services with content services   Experiencing different pricing models: Mobile IM - New J2ME clients with inserted advertisement feature will allow to financed by offer special discounts to our subscribers in exchange for receiving advertisers the advertising informationInstant Messaging is one of major VAS revenue drivers in coming 3 years 11