The Buy It Or Wait For It Guide To Smartphones And Tablets


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The Buy It Or Wait For It Guide To Smartphones And Tablets

  1. 1. The Buy It Or Wait For It Guide To Smartphones AndTabletsAuthor: PhonearenaIndia ( to buy a new smartphone or a tablet and worried about itgetting outdated by the time you get it? Not if you follow our guidehere.The world of technology is making advancements at an an amazingly rapid pace. So much sothat by the time you make up your mind on getting that shiny new gadget you have beendrooling on, chances are, it might already have gotten outdated! The constant barrage ofupdates and new product launches is making it extremely difficult to fathom when to pull thetrigger. The scenario is especially true for smartphones and the newest craze, tablet PCs.Phone Arena India, however, endeavors to keep you updated on all such updates and help youmake sure you are buying the right gadget at the right time, without running the risk of gettingan outdated device.Be it a Smartphone, or a Tablet PC, we have all been through the familiar anxiety pang whileshopping for one- “Am I buying the right device… should I wait some more in case something 1/4
  2. 2. better’s around the corner?” No one likes to spend their hard-earned money on a device if itruns the risk of being obsolete in a matter of a few months (or, given the speed of theseupdates, it could be a matter of a few days!).The thing with technology, is that it moves incredibly fast, and there’s a sad inevitabilityattached with any object that you purchase, that it’s bound to get outdated, sooner, rather thanlater. But then, there’s this thing about buying any electronic gadget- every item has a “sweetspot” in terms of timelines, when buying it will allow to keep your new toy “new” for a wee-bitlonger than others. Here, we take a look at some of the smartphones and tablets and assess ifit’s the right time to “get-one” or “wait-for-one.”Smartphones- To Buy or Not To BuyAndroid SmartphonesAlright, the markets are simply flooding with those. You get to hear about a new Androidsmartphone launch almost every other day. Most manufacturers are already pumping in Android4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich powered smartphones and that’s your best bet if you have made upyour mind on getting an Android smartphone.At this time, two of the hottest ICS based smartphones are the HTC One X and the SamsungGalaxy S3, that occupy the highest seats among all other ICS toting compatriots. With blazingfast quad core processors and packed with the best features that the Google Android 4.0platform provides, these phones are truly the stuff that dreams are made of! So, if a high endand absolute best-in-class Android smartphone is what you seek, welcome to the sweet spot myfriend. Phone Arena India recommends- Buy it!iOS SmartphonesWhen it comes to Apple’s iOS mobile platform, you don’t really have to worry about a multitudeof options- there’s just the iPhone. Instead, what you will find yourself grappling with, is the“version” of the iPhone to opt for. The latest version, and it has been a while already (9 monthssince it was released), is the iPhone 4S. It’s still an excellent device with some amazingfeatures to boot, but let’s face it- it’s glory days are over.The iPhone 5 (unless Apple decides to call it something else, like, the “New iPhone”), is duethis October, barely a few months ago. And you can definitely expect the iPhone 5 to packsome serious punch. And even if you are cool with not being a member of the the “latest andthe greatest” iPhone club and don;t mind picking up the 4S, it’s still worth the wait for iPhone 5-because that’s when the iPhone 4S will see some discounts as well. So if you are looking to getan iPhone, our advice- Wait on it!Oh, and while you are here, you might want to take a look at this article: Top 5 Smartphones tobuy this summer.Tablets- To Buy or Not To Buy 2/4
  3. 3. The iPadAs the saying goes, there’s the iPad and there are the tablets! Alright, that’s not the reason weare classifying it separate from the rest of the tablets. Like the smartphones, the tablets too runon Android, or iOS (and yes, there are other obsolete operating systems too, but who needsthem?) platforms, and hence the reason for classifying them separately. Besides, there are theApple fanatics who would buy nothing but the iPad and for them, a tablet and an iPad are oneand the same. ‘Nuff Said!Alright, back to the business. There’s isn’t really a lot of “ifs-and-buts” here. The iPad 3, oops,the New iPad (with this new nomenclature system in place, I keep wondering what Apple willcall their next iPad update- the Newer iPad, the Second New iPad, the New iPad 2… ?) waslaunched about three months back and it is unlikely Apple will even speak about the iPadupdate until sometime in February next year, with a launch few months later.So if you are looking to get an iPad, you, my dear friend, are standing right in the eye of thestorm (or at the sweet spot, if that’s you prefer, no pun intended). So go ahead, Buy it!Rest of the TabletsI find it quite funny when I bump into people these days, with a tablet in my hand, and they askme which iPad is that! I have actually given up on trying to explain it to them, that the iPad is nota synonym for a tablet and instead just tell them it’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab iPad! Okay,jokes apart, yes, there is a thriving market for tablet PCs that exists outside the realm of theiPad. Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Sony’s S and P tablets, Asus Transformer Prime and theAmazon Kindle Fire are the flagship bearers this side of the aisle. But in all fairness, the tabletmarket hasn’t reached that level of maturity yet. And the poor sales of the Galaxy Tab as wellas Sony’s tablets stand testimony to the fact.These poor sales are also likely to force the respective tablet manufacturers to go straight backto the drawing boards and try re-invent the wheels (or at least set them in motion).If, however, you are bent on getting a tablet this summer, we would recommend going for eitherthe Asus Transformer Prime (check out or review on Asus Transformer Prime vs the New iPad),or the Amazon Kindle Fire that has had relatively better success among its rivals. If getting abudget tablet is on your minds, the we recommend the Milagrow TabTop 7.4.However, there is the Microsoft Surface Tablet that is around the corner and is potentially agame changer in the making. Market analysts are already predicting how the MS Surface Tabcould be the true challenger to the iPad. In other words, if you are looking to get a tablet otherthan the iPad, our recommendation- Wait on it!So, if you are looking to buy a new smartphone or a tablet PC, we hope you benefit from ourassessment. We would also like your to hear your feedback and opinion on this, via thecomments section below.Related Mobile and Tablet News and Info at 3/4
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