Offline Mobile Solutions For ServiceNow


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Offline Mobile Solutions For ServiceNow

  1. 1. Splitware Mobility Platform Optimize Field Operations With Offline Mobile Solutions for
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction to Today’s Topic • Discussion of Offline Mobile Solutions • Example Use Cases & Benefits • Product Demonstration: Mobile Reach Splitware for ServiceNow • Summary
  3. 3. Introduction • ServiceNow = Cloud-based ITSM+ Platform • Mobile Reach = Enterprise Mobile Solutions for IT Professionals – Providing mobile IT solutions since year 2000 – Connected with ServiceNow since 2010 – Focus on Native/Offline Enterprise mobile solutions – Special features for barcode scanning, RFID, Signature Capture, etc – Splitware Mobility Platform is flexible, scalable, and also ITSM+ • Together: Integrated Cloud-Mobile ITSM+ Platform
  4. 4. Integrated Cloud + Mobile IT Environment
  5. 5. Why is Offline Mobile important? • Mobile users often work in disconnected environments • Wireless connectivity is unreliable • Frequent data transfer negatively affects application performance • Quick, repetitive, operations require immediate system response • Bottom Line: – Users need the ability to WORK whether connected or not – Certain mobile apps require support for immediate-- ‐response
  6. 6. Offline Mobile Use Cases • IT Asset Management – Receiving: Create asset records, associate with POs – Lifecycle: Update existing asset records based on daily activity – Batch: Easily and quickly make changes to a large number of assets • Work Order Management – Review / Update / Dispatch / Re-‐assign a Work Order Task – Complete / Close a Work Order Task – Inspections – Track process and results of an equipment (or other) inspection • Miscellaneous – Custom operations
  7. 7. Offline Best Practices • Cache relevant data while connected for offline use • Minimize cached data to what is necessary • Protect all data stored offline via encryption • Control application usage via offline authentication & locking • Incorporate conflict detection and synchronization between offline and online users • Allow offline users to control network usage and data transfer
  8. 8. MR Splitware for ServiceNow • Native clients on all enterprise-ready mobile platforms • Offline/disconnected operation as well as real-time/connected • Comprehensive barcode / RFID scanning capabilities • Sophisticated caching and synchronization • Task-oriented mobile applications • Access to device accessories: GPS, scanners, camera, fingerprint, etc • DoD-level security: encryption, authentication, app locking, etc. • AppStudio: a non-coding, cross-platform, rapid native mobile app development environment
  9. 9. Summary • When to Consider Mobile Reach for ServiceNow – Users require or benefit from offline operation – Use cases require a barcode scanner, RFID reader, or other accessory – Users need access on a variety of tablets, smartphones, and/or PDAs – Users are task-‐oriented, and require a UI catered to their task • Asset receivers who need to unload/unpack boxes and affix barcodes • Field technicians who are responsible for processing work orders • Inspectors who are performing maintenance on critical equipment • Organization requires a highly-‐secure mobile solution
  10. 10. Contact Us Contact Us: 919-336-2500