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Building Native Mobile Apps in Minutes

Building Native Mobile Apps in Minutes



With the Splitware Mobility Platform, you can create native enterprise mobile apps in minutes for devices across mobile platforms.

With the Splitware Mobility Platform, you can create native enterprise mobile apps in minutes for devices across mobile platforms.



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  • Creating native and HTML5 apps is no longer a problem. Due to user friendly and flexible online app building platforms it is really easy to get an app in the Appstore and Google Play even if you have no programming skills. Among the services I used myself I would recommend Snappii as their opportunities in mobile app development seem to be endless and can suit any business needs.
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  • Mobile ClientsLocal cachingEncrypted/protected dataNative clients with robust UIBlackBerry, iOS, WM, AndroidSplitware Application StudioRapid creation/modification of mobile appsRobust app development environmentNo programming requiredDirectly integrated with backend applicationDrag and Drop GUIDesign once for multiple mobile platformsEnterprise Application Integration ModulePlug-in architecture provides a flexible and scalable mobile platformRemedy plug-in supports ALL versions of Remedy from 4.x through 7.xGateway module has small footprint and easy administrationSecure, centralized management of mobile users and applications Key FeaturesBatch synchronization available for offline operation256bit Encrypted Over-the-Air Data Transfer as well as Data-at-RestRich mobile client User InterfaceOTA Application DeploymentCompression and adaptive communications used to optimize bandwidth

Building Native Mobile Apps in Minutes Building Native Mobile Apps in Minutes Presentation Transcript

  • Build Cross-Platform Native Apps… in Minutes Mobile Reach
  • Agenda Enterprise Mobility… • Your Challenges Integration, Security, Cost, Ongoing support, Diversity, Change • Addressing some Issues Native vs. Web?? Build vs. Buy?? • Creating Native mobile apps Rapidly extend critical business applications to mobile users with robust, native apps!2
  • Facts and Figures… What you should know… ENTERPRISE MOBILITY CHALLENGES3
  • Today’s Top Mobility Challenges • Developing a mobility strategy • Identifying / prioritizing business cases • Choosing platform / technologies • Budget • Security • Executive / business support • Keeping up with change • Integration with back-end Source: InsiderResearch Mobile Outlook 20124
  • Mobile End-Users’ Issues • Mobile workers must return to desk to enter data into backend applications • Mobile workers want to utilize mobile devices • Mobile workers are inefficient when they cannot access data and applications while mobile • Manual or paper based processes are highly error-prone • Management lacks effective decision making with delayed reporting, data inaccuracies, and lack of real-time data5
  • Specific Considerations • Support for multiple or personal devices (BYOD) • Do you want disparate apps or apps that are standardized and easily updated? • Native apps or web-based apps? • Point solution or Platform? • Build apps in-house or buy solution / apps? • Organizational app store to manage apps? • MDM Solution?6
  • Making sense of the madness How to decide what applications to deploy IMPLEMENTING ENTERPRISE MOBILE SOLUTIONS7
  • Implementation Decisions 1. You have identified a need and justified the business case for one or more mobile apps 2. You need to determine what you want:  Functionality  Native app(s) versus Web app(s) 3. You need to determine how to get it: BUILD BUYBuild in-house using Buy a complete OOBa development team or point solution Buy a platform or toolkit of some sort and build in-house
  • Creating enterprise mobile apps• What to create?  Web  Native  Hybrid• How to create?  Build  Buy  Using tools… like RAD kits, etc.
  • Identify User Requirements I need an Enterprise Mobile • What and How App for my mobile  Tasks performed workers!!  Usage patterns Gather User  Network connectivity Requirements • Native Applications  Better User Experience Native  Offline usage or Web?  Device accessories/features Web Native • Web Applications Investigate Investigate Resources and Platforms to  Browser usage Skillsets support  No download required10
  • Easy “Buy” Decisions Web Investigate Native Platforms to support Investigate Resources and Investigate Single or Single Skillsets Resources and multiple? Skillsets Have Multiple right Have Skills? No No right Skills? Yes BUY Yes Determine cost Determine cost and and time to build time to build app(s) app(s)11
  • Buy versus Build BUY Yes Yes No Determine cost Determine cost and time to and time to build app(s) build app(s) Review Buy Build is Review Buy options for Web more cost options for12 apps effective? Native apps Yes BUILD
  • Buy versus Build SummaryBUY BUILD• PROs: • PROs:  Don’t need in-house expertise  Can get exactly what you need  Pre-built applications  Control future changes  Quick deployment• CONs: • CONs:  May not get exact needs met  Need in-house skills  Limited to functionality provided  Expensive and time-consuming  Multiple point solutions allow no  Not scalable company-level standards  Dependency on key resource(s)  Maintainability over time
  • Implementation Summary• Native versus Web App Decision  Based on user requirements!  Consider current and future requirements  Likely need a mixture of both choices• Build versus Buy Decision  Wide spectrum of choices  Build is typically very expensive over time  It is Smart to Buy from experts when the environment is so dynamic
  • Splitware Mobility Platform ITSM, ITAM, Field Services Solutions PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION15
  • Empower your mobile workforce Rapidly extend critical business applications to native mobile apps SPLITWARE MOBILITY PLATFORM16
  • Splitware Mobility Platform• Combines Best of All Worlds… • BUY the Splitware Mobility Platform and BUILD YOUR apps: – Enjoy Rapid development and deployment – Receive pre-built applications and templates – Customize your mobile apps to get you exactly what you need – Use existing resources (no programming skills are required) – Own creation, iteration, updates, etc – Scale easily when you need new workflows or new application support • RAPDILY build and deploy NATIVE mobile Apps – iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), BlackBerry, WM, Android platforms – Write Once, quickly deploy to multiple platforms – Enjoy great user experience and performance – Provide ability to run offline – Make use of device capabilities, including audio controls, graphics, mapping, routing, and a variety of device-specific user input accessories
  • Splitware Platform18
  • Why Splitware? • Build and deploy mobile apps in hours vs. weeks/months • Write once, deploy everywhere in a 100% code-free environment • Cross-platform support for iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Windows Mobile, and Android (Q3 2012) • Provide Native apps (not web apps) to take full advantage of device functionality -- security, GPS, maps, voice, audio, barcode/RFID scanning, etc. • Full online / offline usage • Smart caching for better and faster user experience • Highly secure to protect your data and operations
  • Business Benefits • Own and scale your mobility initiatives • Significantly increase data integrity within enterprise applications • Reduce travel time, improve efficiencies, and increase productivity of mobile workers • Reduce operational costs with full visibility into field operations • Improve decision making and enable staff to timely react to urgent situations • Easily scale and add mobile apps as your environment evolves20
  • Splitware AppStudio 2011 Product of the Year World Wide Remedy Users Group