Total Social Media System


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Would you like to generate a like-minded target audience, create new customers, and increase sales? You can do this globally or locally as we offer you an affordable way to compete and stand out in a cluttered, highly competitive, new media world.

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Total Social Media System

  1. 1. • You have no business presence on Facebook• You know you should be tapping into the power of social media• You feel like youre being left behind in the digital revolution
  2. 2. Why do you need Social Media?• Develops life long customers that send you referrals month after month.• Social Media allows you to take care of your customers on a much deeper and emotional level.• It’s why big name companies like Starbucks and Nike jumped in early.• It’s also why millions of small businesses are now involved.• Google has now fully embraced Social Media for Product searches.“Those that find out how touse Social media for theirbusiness will be alive andwell in 5 years. Those thatdon’t – won’t.” ~ anonymous
  3. 3. What’s the challenge?• Most business owners don’t know what to do.• It’s overwhelming• It’s difficult to do it yourself because you are busy building your business• It’s difficult to find the right people to do it for you• You would love to work with a professional social media agency, however at a few thousand a month you’re not comfortable with the investment
  4. 4. Here’s Your Solution and where we come in … in.…
  5. 5. Benefits include many proven reasons to use our Social Media Agency!
  6. 6. Being First to market with our social media hub gives your company the advantage over your competition
  7. 7. With over 200 First Class designs and our rapiddevelopment technology we’ll have you a custom look on Facebook within minutes
  8. 8. Our Expert training includes over 50professionally created video tutorials to put you leagues ahead of your competition.
  9. 9. Posting compelling copy is the key to attractingnew customers and having your business go viral
  10. 10. Years of Experience have been compiledinto the ultimate 90-Day success formula
  11. 11. Our sweepstakes tool help your fan base grow asthis promotional message spreads virally across the Internet
  12. 12. We have hundreds of proven results with active clients that leverage our system
  13. 13. We’re not just an application company, we’re a full service agency providing you with the necessary expertise to maximize your social media results This is our Pro plan with 2 applications of which most people choose Our Basic plan comes with 1 application and no industry specific content copy or templates for $150 / $50 per mo.
  14. 14. There are 3 types business minds in the world “The ones who watch things happen” “The ones who make things happen” And the ones who don’t know what happened”Make Total Social Media a part of your success story, you won’t regret it!