Avoiding Apple Rejection - Liz Tupper


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Liz's March 21 presentation from Mobile March 2013

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  • Introduction:Who is Liz Tupper?10+ years in Web Interactive1 + in mobileHope you enjoyed the conference so far today.Spend more time open and connect with the audience:How many people here have an iPhones?How many iOS developers in audience?Insights from the conference today?
  • App Store:- This changed the world of software distribution forever.- Averaged 1 million downloads a day in the 1st month. - Cell phone app stores and apps had been around for years before Apple showed up.- But before the iPhone, installing phone apps was relatively complicated.Approval Process:The approval process for Apple has changed over time in terms of its feedback to developers and the time delay for apps to be approved.In December 2009, the App Store began providing detailed feedback to developers on the approval process rather than simply showing "Waiting for Approval" and "Approved" or "Rejected.”Can you imagine the zero feedback system they had for the 1st year in a half? The guidelines are put in place to prevent problems with pornography, violence, legal issues, user experience, etc. Apple checks each app against these guidelines before approving it for sale and inclusion on the App Store.- Make sure to read the iOS Developer Program License Agreement and understand the obligations and follow them to the best of your understanding.
  • A person is going to review your app. There are probably some automated scripts involved too.Application name: must be unique, 255 characters, DO NOT use any trademarked or copyright names from other companies. Search your app name - Easy idea for checking your app name. Does it already exist you should pick a new name?And no you can't just do Angry Birds with a ZApplication description: 4000 character limit, plain text only, use headers and bulleted lists to make it easier to read. Really describe your application here or you could miss out on an opportunity to explain to the developer what is the purpose and how to navigate the app. Don’t add keywords here. This will come laterCategories: Be choice full with what you pick. You could miss out on downloads is you don’t list yourself in the correct category. Is it a Game? Then place in on e of the Game categories. Application URL: You don’t need more than 1 page website.Support URL: must include contact detailsEULA: End User License Agreement. You know that boring legal document that most people don’t read. This is optional the EULA not the reading. Apple will use their default, however you may have an attorney draft a custom EULA for your companyCopyright: year, company name, rights reservedSKU Number: must be unique among your apps; can include letters, numbers, hyphens, periods, and underscoresRating: It’s important you list the correct one. Apple recently changed the way the ratings appear in the store.Keywords: 100 characters, comma-separated list, be specific, no offensive words, don’t use other app namesArtwork, Icons: small icon: ping file large icon: jpeg or tiff, screenshots: 1 required, 4 optional, they need to be legibleI recommend preparing all of your assets for submission before completing the form. I have seen projects scramble at the last minute to pull all the assets together. Any rejection will cost your 5-10 additional days let alone the development and QA time it will take to fix the issue. Pushing back launch dates or requiring additional develop.Cross your fingers and pray to App Store for acceptance
  • It's high school all over again. If you were like me you were a geek but that's cool now so who cares.
  • What does the dictionary tell us.Let’s face it, everyone will experience rejection at one point in time in their life. Even the most seasoned developers have had apps rejected. Some say it’s like a badge of honor.Apps get rejected by Apple for a variety of reasons, an experienced developer can help you minimize your chances of having your app rejected.How many people in the room have had an app rejected by Apple?
  • I took a page from the dating rejection handbook, many items surprisingly relate to app rejection as well.Not everyone is going to accept your random friend request. Go home put on some Sarah Mclachlan and cry into your pillow. Don't go drown your sorrows at the bar. Okay you can go to the bar, but one drink only!It's not personal unless Apple tells you your app is stupid, and you are stupid….. and you suck… Damn you Apple! <fist in the air>Chin up! You can resubmit or appealyour case for acceptance over and over again it's like stocking but okay.You can appeal or resubmit or expedite
  • Obama Trampoline- This app lets you choose one of 18 politiciansto bounce off a trampoline--in the Oval Office, no less. Apple plays it safe when it comes to 'defemation' and the App Store didn't want to take chances.
  • In April 2009, a game called Baby Shaker was approved for the App Store then later removed due to complaints. The game allowed the user to shake their phone until an image of a cartoon baby on the screen diedDue to obvious reasons it was removed
  • Nothing more than a 'glorified screensaver,’ Cost $999.99. Once downloaded, a glowing red gem would appear on the screen, followed by the words, "I Am Rich.” Eight people actually purchased this functionless app before Apple removed it.-Coming soon the replacement app I am a douche bag
  • The game is described as a "newsgame" that focuses on the brutal ongoing conflict between the Syrian government and rebel forces.Players are charged with managing off-shore clothing factories. Playing as the middle manager, players deal with issues child labor, unfair work hours and poor work conditions.
  • And while we are the subject of providing username and password. Make sure that there is data in the database. Data that is too clean doesn’t help the reviewer figure why you app should be excepted.Privacy guidelines: If you’re collecting user information note it somewhere in the app and make it clear through your privacy policy
  • Private clubs:Intended for a limited audience. No country club apps.Network reachability: Tell your users when their device loses its network connection.Offensive language:Long load time: Your app must load in 15 seconds or less or it will crash.Be sure to time outside of a stimulator on actual hardware
  • Avoiding Apple Rejection - Liz Tupper

    1. 1. Avoiding AppleRejectionLiz Tupper – March 21, 2013@etupper#mobilemarch2013
    2. 2. History of the Approval Process• July 2008, launch of the App Store• Dec 2009, detailed feedback added• July 2009, weeks for app approval• Today, 5 days for app approval• Sept 9, 2010 App Store Review Guidelines published
    3. 3. Checklist for iOS submission• Application Name• Application Description• Categories• Application URL• Support URL• EULA• Copyright• SKU Number• Rating• Keywords• Artwork • Screenshots • Icons
    4. 4. Rejection a definitionre·ject [v. ri-jekt; n. ree-jekt]verb (used with object)1. To refuse to have, take, recognize, etc.: to reject the offer of a better job.2. To refuse to grant (a request, demand, etc.).3. To refuse to accept (someone or something); rebuff: The other children rejected him. The publisher rejected the authors latest novel.4. You ain’t gettin in da App Store!!!!!
    5. 5. How to Handle Apple Rejection1. Acknowledge that anyone can be rejected2. Allow yourself to feel bad initially3. Understand that ongoing feelings of sorrow are just self- delusions4. Don’t try to avoid rejection and pretend it’s something that you must learn to “live with”5. Do not take rejection personally6. Try again
    6. 6. Notable Rejections: Obama Trampoline
    7. 7. Notable Rejections: Baby Shaker
    8. 8. Notable Rejections: I am Rich
    9. 9. Recent Notable Rejections:Sweatshop
    10. 10. Other Reasons For Rejection• Don’t use Apple’s name in vain• Avoid copying existing functionality: no web browser or email clients• Repurposing using Apple’s graphics as other buttons within your own apps• No explanation or instructions with submission • Username & passwords • Data in the database• Privacy guidelines aren’t clear• Make sure you upload the correct binary• Don’t ask children for their contact information
    11. 11. Even More Reasons For Rejection• Locked content• No private clubs!• Don’t use private APIs if it isn’t in the iPhone SDK documentation you can’t use it• Avoid making the platform look bad• No porn!• Don’t use Beta, Preview or Version numbers below 1.0• Network reachability• Offensive language• Long load time
    12. 12. ResourcesApp Store Review Guidelines -https://developer.apple.com/appstore/resources/approval/guidelines.htmlDetailed iOS Submission Checklist -https://ontestpad.com/library/201/ios-app-store-submission-checklist
    13. 13. Sharing Your Rejection Story and Questions
    14. 14. Recap• Be thoughtful as you fill out your submission• If you are rejected it’s okay• Try again Good Luck!
    15. 15. Connect With Me!• @etupper• www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethtupper/