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  • A javascript based Api to embed Ovi Maps functionality into a website. Functionality includes map interaction, geocoding, searching and routing, as well as custom drawing on the map. Ships with UI elements for panning, zooming, and selecting of map, satellite, or terrain viewsCASE:A specialist in location-based applications with a history of developing for hand-helds, Earthcomber represents the wave of developers branching out from familiar platforms using web technologies. The small Chicago-based shop described the transition from Google to Ovi as a one-day affair to achieve par, and in a few days expect to bring routing to their users. This is a proof point for our “quick simple easy” message for the APIs. Earthcomber has switched from Google to Nokia as the mapping platform on their new desktop app Local Recon. . At Where 2.0 Earthcomber’s Local Recon will be showcased as a 3rd party example of how Ovi Maps APIs can be used to enrich services with location functionality such as mapping and directions. What have they done: Local Recon, Earthcomber’s new app for netbooks and tablets uses Ovi Maps API to show places details and get directions on a map. Earthcomber started converting from competitor maps to Ovi last Friday and within 24 hours we were able to go test the service online. As the development with Ovi Maps APIs just started, all the fine details are not yet implemented. What is Local Recon: Get the dual-view of your surroundings - full place details on one side, web map on the other. The ultimate tool to check your options anytime. The attached are screen grabs from the UX that Earthcomber is working on. (placeholders at the moment, will be updated once the site has been refreshed with more functionality) Key messages to developersNokia’s Location APIs are easy to take in to use, you can get started with just a few line of code, in hours. Demo: Jim Brady, founder and CEO of Earthcomber will be demoing the app at Nokia booth at scheduled slots.
  • Allows to embed a map as an image in a web page without javascript. Geographical area, zoom level, PoI markers, etc. can be set by URL parameters sent via a standard HTTP request.SW – deck of cards, what hand will you play?SW – cool feature is that map sized automatically for mobile devices
  • UPDATE PICProvides access to mapping, routing, and search functionality for building crossplatform applications with QT. Allows access to on online mapping services (not enabled for ondevice maps yet)NAVIGATION – TBC how we talk about this?
  • Provides access to mapping, routing, and search functionality for building crossplatform applications with S40 devices. Allows access to online mapping services.
  • Mobile Manifest - Nokia Maps

    1. 1. Nokia for Developers<br />JörgHösel<br />Nokia Maps<br />
    2. 2. Location enablers for developers<br />
    3. 3. The Maps Platform is Open to Developers<br />@<br />for web<br />for apps<br />√<br />√<br />√<br />
    4. 4. Ovi Maps APIBest Quality Interactive Maps and Routing for your Website<br />Simple<br />Easy to integrate with few lines of Java Script<br />Fully-featured, including UI components<br />Map interaction, routing, geocoding & reverse geocoding, positioning, customizable visuals<br />Flexible<br />Add own layer of content. Use Ovi Maps UI components of your own<br />Case Earthcomber – Local Recon.<br />Transition to Ovi in just a few hours.<br />
    5. 5. Ovi Maps Rendering APIEmbed maps and routing in any app or website using simple RESTful API<br />Easy and Fast<br />Embed by URL parameters sent via a standard HTTP request<br />All-Inclusive<br />Geographical area, routes, turning points, junction views, zoom level, POIs etc.<br />Optimized<br />Automatically sized for mobile<br />
    6. 6. Qt Location APICreate compelling Qt mobile apps<br />Apps for Qt 4.7 powered devices<br />- 100M today<br />Broad Functionality<br /><ul><li> Map rendering
    7. 7. geocoding
    8. 8. reverse geocoding
    9. 9. routing
    10. 10. positioning
    11. 11. map overlays</li></ul>Fast map pan/zoom<br /><ul><li> vector maps
    12. 12. offline map use coming soon</li></li></ul><li>Java ME Location APIBuild Location Enabled Apps for Billions of Java ME enabled mobile phones<br />Wide Functionality<br />Map rendering, multi modal routing, geocoding, reverse geocoding, positioning, search etc.<br />
    13. 13. Thank You!<br />