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Pre-Launch App Tips
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Pre-Launch App Tips






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Pre-Launch App Tips Pre-Launch App Tips Presentation Transcript

  • Fresh Digital Group A Mobile App Pre-Launch ChecklistWe Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.
  • The Mobile App ChecklistOften the first 80% of developing an app is the most exciting part. But it’sthe last 20% that often makes the difference between producing an okayapp and a great app.To ensure your app is as perfect as possible for launch day, you shouldcheck for the following :1. Bugs2. UI/UX3. Design4. Backend Services5. EULA and ToS We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.
  • Check for Bugs It’s very important to check and test for little bugs before launch as major bug won’t be overlooked, but lots of No screen freezes during main/ secondary functions or screen little bugs that nag at the user and cause frustration kill apps. Proper handling for remote service calls No hard coded data to replace dynamic data App can handle when GPS and Push Notifications are turned off App handles network activity issues Development console logging is off Closing and Returning app runs process without interference We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.
  • Establish Good UI/ UX Establishing Good UI / UX will increase ratings for your app and lead to more sales. Likewise, UX issues are one of the top reasons projects fail so the potential for project failure is App matches UI/UX requirements magnified when the UI / UX is not established well. UI/UX Engineer signs off on expected behavior App indicated a long operation is happening to user Properly handles multiple clicks on UI object when only one at a time is expected Consistent animation across entire app (speed duration and types) We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.
  • Perfect Design Efforts  Although it may seem obvious now, often certain design elements are left untouched ruining the integrity of the app. All images resized and compressed correctly  Care should be taken to ensure light sources and shadows match, Images available for all target platforms images are sliced and used in the way prescribed by a design Design implementation matches document. designer goals Images aren’t distorted, blurred, mis-  Especially important for Android, aligned graphics should be responsive so they are consistent across Design implementation is responsive to multiple screen resolutions and the target screen sizes and densities densities. We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.
  • Backend Services From a technical level, the server-side of an app is one of the biggest reasons an app fails. Web services have been stress tested with many concurrent user connections Server availability, scalability, and performance can cause users to wait Server response times meet acceptable too long for their data to render on requirements device. This can be perceived as a slow app. HTML tags are stripped out of the data feeds when unnecessary Server responds correctly for each remote call Server doesn’t send anything to the user that user isn’t allowed to access (e.g. Access control) Server returns the correct error messages We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.
  • EULA and ToS An app’s End User License Agreement, EULA and Terms of Service, ToS can limit EULA / ToS clearly states what data and a business’s use of information the app collects data mined from the app. A poorly User’s rights and limitations to their data constructed EULA / and other data in the app is clearly defined ToS can cause EULA / ToS indicates how the data and unnecessary harm to information collected may be used the product. We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.
  • Summary The last 20% of an app project makes the difference between your users saying “This app is okay” and “This app is amazing.” We Strategize. We Execute. We Deliver. On All Screens.
  • Fresh Digital Group 111 John St 2nd FL New York, NY 10038 www. freshdigitalgroup.comFresh Digital Group