Making mobile work


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Making mobile work

  1. 1. Fresh Digital Group Tips to Make Mobile WorkWE STRATEGIZE. WE EXECUTE. WE DELIVER. ON ALL SCREENS.
  2. 2. 1. Mobile Marketing Basics!LEVERAGE fundamental marketing principles ofgetting the right message to the right people tocreate, gain or sustain profitable customerrelationships.!!RESEARCH your audience, as well as thephones, carriers and data plans they subscribeto. Use it to create an overall picture of how theybehave, wirelessly. ! •  Document a defendable brief that spells out success metrics for your mobile marketing, including revenue, branding, new customer acquisition and/or loyalty, to name a few.!!Clearly indicate how your mobile strategy fits inwith your business strategy. Lastly, be sure toinclude how you will track success for ongoingaccountability and improvement.!   Fresh Digital Group
  3. 3. 2. Mobile Audience Engagement!CREATE meaningful interactive experiences withyour content, for your customers. !Can your mobile content answer these basicquestions:! •  “Are my customers interested?”! •  “Will they keep my content on their phone?”! •  “Will they access it often?”! •  “Will they respond?”!!CONSOLIDATE content such as news, offers and/or updates streaming from other internal digitalchannels, across mobile, when applicable.!   Fresh Digital Group
  4. 4. 3. Mobile Customer Reach!UTILIZE SMS, mobile web and/or apps for differentmarketing objectives. Consider the reach andaccess of each, cost of entry and available DIYcontent creation and publishing tools to best mixand match your tactics to reach desired objectives.!!BUILD a mobile customer statement (P&L)illustrating customer acquisition, retention,monetization and growth of each relationship, as aresult of your mobile marketing mix.!!DO NOT EXCLUDE any segment of your targetaudience from accessing your mobile content as itmay very well cost you the relationship along withvaluable lifetime value, eventually opening the doorfor your mobile marketing competition.! Fresh Digital Group
  5. 5. 4. Mobile Content!PROMOTE your mobile content to getnoticed and drive success. The efficientintegration of mobile with your traditional anddigital marketing efforts is critical.!!Examples of methods to generate frequentengagement of your mobile content include:! •  Proximity & location-based services! •  Search & shortcode/keyword calls to action! •  QR codes! •  Mobile gaming! •  Viral forward-a-friend and/or push notifications!!COLLABORATE with partners to helpmarket your mobile content, keep costs lowand drive more immediate adoption. Thinkbeyond the App Store and look at othermobile OS platforms.! Fresh Digital Group
  6. 6. 5. Mobile Marketing ROI! ESTIMATE by using a model that yields direct or indirect revenue and profitability. ! ! Whether itʼs pay-per-download, advertising/ sponsorship, in-app purchases, freemium, or driving online sales, establishing rough estimates for success will make your mobile marketing strategy that much more defendable.! ! CALCULATE a mobile Lifetime Engagement Value (LEV) to estimate your efforts showing value over the long haul.! •  mLEV = Brand Access x Frequency x Reach! ! •  The longer your brand, content and offer stay on a customerʼs phone and in front of them, the more chances you have for ongoing and frequent engagement, and therefore, a sales response.! ! TRACK your efforts and remain flexible with revenue models that the market may dictate along the way.! Fresh Digital Group
  7. 7. Summary! The Basics! •  Leverage basic marketing principles and Research your audience to outline how you will plan and approach your mobile marketing strategy.! ! Audience Engagement! •  Create meaningful experiences and Consolidate relevant news from traditional sources and social media streams.! Customer Reach! •  Utilize all mobile marketing channels like SMS, mobile web, apps; Build a mobile customer P&L statement to effectively illustrate customer relationships and Do Not Exclude any segments in your audience.! Content! •  Promote your mobile content using multiple marketing methods like location-based services and push notices. Collaborate with partners that will help you push your content and keep costs low.! ! Return on Investment! •  Estimate and Calculate by using a mobile Lifetime Engagement Value to measure what effect your marketing is having on revenue and profitability. Always Track efforts to keep an eye any fluctuations and changes that need to be made.!   Fresh Digital Group
  8. 8. Fresh Digital Group! 111 East 77th Street! New York, NY 10075! !! !!