Monetising Mobile 5: Sprout
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Monetising Mobile 5: Sprout



Sprout's Ben Williams outlines the history of advertising, concluding with an overview of the current rich media mobile era

Sprout's Ben Williams outlines the history of advertising, concluding with an overview of the current rich media mobile era



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Monetising Mobile 5: Sprout Monetising Mobile 5: Sprout Presentation Transcript

  • The Largest Independent Mobile Ad NetworkThe Past, Present and Future of MobileAdvertising and InnovationBen Williams, Head of Business Development 1
  • History of Advertising2000 BC - Egyptians invented outdooradvertising 750 BC – Greece’s “Ladies of the Night” create the 1st sonic logo 1472 – First Print Ad in England to announce a prayer book for sale 1661 – the first branding is developed for Dentifrice Tooth Gel 1776 – Political ads appear encouraging American Revolution Enlistment Source: INFOLINKS History-of-Advertising 2
  • 1863 – Automobiles give riser to Billboard advertising 1873 – First product placement when transport/shipping companies appear in novels 1882 – First electric sign lit in Times Square 1892 – Start of direct marketing with a Sear’s postcard mail-out1902 – First celebrity endorsement Source: INFOLINKS History-of-Advertising 3
  • 1911 – “Sex Sells” first used at amarketing tactic 1950s – Contests and giveaways become popular 1955 – Psychologists start working to make advertising more effective 1957– Birth of the longest running TV ad Jingle 1963 – modern age of advertising ushered in as: “The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife” Source: INFOLINKS History-of-Advertising 4
  • 1994 – First banner ads from AT&T, Sprint, MCI and Volvo 1994 – PPC keyword advertising debuts and is widely mocked 1997 – First mobile ad is launched. A Finnish News provider offers free news via SMS, sponsored by advertising1995-2000 – Billions invested in onlineads… Source: INFOLINKS History-of-Advertising 5
  • Technology PenetrationYears to reach 50million marketAudience 6
  • Where is Mobile Headed? 7
  • Mobile and InternetMobile andweb arebecomingmoresynonymousas internetaccess frommobiledevicesexpands 8
  • Challenges to Mobile Marketing Challenges Impeding Mobile Marketing Effectiveness According to Marketers Worldwide, June 2011 (% of respondents) Questions about the tangible business contribution of mobile marketing A coherent mobile marketing strategyThe vast number of mobile devices and operating systems 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Source: Aberdeen Group, "Metric-Driven Mobile Marketing”, Aug 2011 9
  • Cross-Media Ad Effectiveness Mobile and Online Advertisings Effect on Brand Metrics in the US, Nov 2007-Dec 2011 30 178% 25 20 200% 15 267% 200% 100% 167% 10 5 0 Ad awareness Message Purchase intent Unaided Aided Brand association awareness awareness favorability Mobile Norms Online NormsIn an April 2012 Nielsen study When compared to TV alone, advertising on TV, iPad and iPhone increased brand recall by 617%, likelihood to recommend by 160% and purchase intent by 72% Source: InsightExpress, "Mobile Advertising Effectiveness Norms," Feb 2012 10
  • InMobi UK Media ConsumptionThe average UK mobileweb user consumes 9hours of media daily.Mobile devices represent28% of this time.Mobile share hasovertaken both TV andOnline Media Source: InMobi & On Device Research, Mobile Media Consumption Research Feb 2012 11
  • 71%of UK consumers multi-task while watching TV 12
  • Mobile is Part of Daily LifeGlobally, mobile web time is “me” time: it’s usually a personal rather than a shared media experience 15% 14% in a 22% Spending Shopping meeting 19% In the or class time with bathroom family 67% Lying in bed 39% While watching TV 47% Waiting 15% social event for something 25% Commuting Sample size: n =11,040 13
  • Device Day-Part Multi-Screen Time Source: /Mobext May 2012 14
  • Tablets Top Media Access Devices Source: /Mobext May 2012 15
  • the Impact of Mobile 16
  • Leading Mobile Website CategoriesHigh daily Visited by UK Smartphone Users, Oct 2011 (% change vs. same period ofweb access prior year)among 100.00%smartphone 90.00% 80.00%users is 70.00%helping push 60.00%mobile 50.00%shopping 40.00%into the 30.00%mainstream 20.00% 10.00% 0.00% Online retail Auction Shopping Classifieds Automotive Travel sites guides services service Source: comScore Inc., Jan 17, 2012 17
  • Source: /Mobext May 2012 18
  • Shopping and Devices Source: /Mobext May 2012 19
  • Smartphone vs Tablet Purchases Products Purchased Frequently via Smartphone vs. Tablet According to US Mobile Wi-Fi Users, Q3 2011 ElectronicsRetail (nonelectronics) Entertainment Entertainment Travel Food/beverage 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Tablet Smartphone Source: JiWire, "Mobile Audience Insights Report: Q3 2011,." Dec 6, 2011 20
  • Levi’s - Interacting with the Brand Consumers can interact with the products and brands and how they are relevant to them as well as be driven to a specific call to action – making a purchase 21
  • Mobile Advertising has Evolved Banner ads Rich media SMS ads Rich media Text News Games Dynamic 2 Data 3 Multimedia & ads Movies Ads1Voice 4 Touchscreen & Sensors Content Technology 22
  • Personalized Targeting Demographics Geo-location Industry Segment Time of DayOS, Device, Carrier Interests User Journey Context 23
  • AUDIENCE Centricadvertising 24
  • Personalized User Experience 25
  • As the Mobile Current and Expected Prevalent Business Models According to Media and Entertainment Executives Worldwide, 2011 (% of respondents)Market Matures,so does Ad supportedConsumer SubscriptionUsage and On demandPreferences Merchandising/physical sales Licensing Paid vs. Ad-Supported App Preferences of US Smartphone Owners, Nov 2011 (% of respondents) Freemium Dontdownload apps Affiliate 16% Prefer paid Other apps 12% Prefer free apps Brokerage 72% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Next two years Current Source: Pontiflex survey conducted by Harris Interactive, Dec 13, 2011 27 Source: Accenture, "Media and Entertainment High Performance Study 2011July 12, 2011
  • Expansion of Mobile Advertising 28
  • Real Time Optimisation Application of Site Serves the AdApplication or Site requests an Ad Ad Server Pinged Information about the for ad, user user pinged back to the information ad Server received 29
  • Real-time Personalized Dynamic Ads In Ad Purchases CALL TO REACH DATA & TECH CREATIVES ACTIONS DYNAMIC ADS View Product VariantsInfluence commerce Drive Commerce Transactional Efficiency View detailed Product Info Drive commerce Improve Discoverability Social Sharing BUY NOW ON WALMART SOCIAL PASSIVE DRIVE TRAFFIC COMMUNICATION SHOPPERS 30
  • Leverage Dual Screen Behavior 31
  • 22% Social Media (e.g. Facebook,The Entertainment Twitter etc.)and, in particular, 19% Entertainmentthe Gaming (music, videos etc.)markets contributeto a large 18% Play Gamesproportion of daily 14% General Infomobile activities (Search, Sports, News etc.) 12% E-mail 7% Local Search 8% Shopping Sample size: n =10,699 32 Source: InMobi & On Device Research, Mobile Media Consumption Research Feb 2012
  • Ford - Gamefication of Experiences Gamefication of Experience: Creating a in-ad gaming experience to drive user engagement and brand awareness 33
  • Samurai Blood – Full App Experience Game preview in Ad Taking Freemium to the next level 34
  • Rapid Growth of MobileContinued development ofUsage BehavioursShift from a Check-in to aCheck-out mindsetCustomer focused usage ofData and AnalyticsEvolution of MobileAdvertising 35
  • Thank youBen Williams, EMEA Head of Business Development 36